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Presenting multiple subjects in one domain to illustrate how each may, by subtle use of color, logo, header, or footer change, still preserve unique characteristics normally distinguished by domain change.

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The Trusteeship

The Trusteeship

This trust has been formed to safeguard the assets of each entity until operations, management, administration, or investments can be accomplished without compromise to their profits, or beneficiaries.

Safe Delivery

First Responding

Web Identity Technology

Identity Technology

Archived Docs

Archived Docs

Unless I have an order, or written permission from the author, the presentation of an author's work online is bound by the copyright of the author's working copy. A copyright may also be used to present its content by other means - such as in a movie, video, or screenplay - but modification of these documents must be accomplished by modification of the final draft of an author's working copy to make it web ready, along with permission to go live.

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