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The Deathless State

Realizing that death may be a result of words written into script, we return to consider the possibility that we may have heard the Creator wrong.

Basil flowering in a potThe power to draw each letter more carefully - out of reverence for people who’ve taught us, could be gained by pressing down upon what’s normally bled out. To deny characters compromised by letters inconvenient for some, denies us the opportunity to find out what’s really true for all.

Creation is accomplished more easily by allowing the natural tendency to disorder to continue than by exertion. If we’re to accomplish a deathless state of rest, we need to be able to reconcile the conflicting goals. Some with a will to create, others working to gain control, and yet still others who hope to destroy, or prevent creation from continuing at all because they've somehow found the creative process to be offensive may become ruled by yet others still who've found a more natural way for it to happen. Thereby, we provide a way for us all, even children, to get involved with the process of creation - without the need for myths and legends, or the shame that motivates them.

Some, who believe there should be an end to the random variations in life, may choose not to carry on beside those who believe the power to create is good because they have power to do so, but wouldn't the curse be removed by granting the power to create to all?

Perhaps a dipole moment of a photon or photons preventing our sight from assessing normal potentialities result from some strange resonance of cis - trans positions in beta carotene - the detection of which creates the impression that there are no other possibilities.

I do find it difficult to live without my children whatever the reason, but they may still be alive. The Courts, hospitalizations and drugs are expensive, but not as bad as the terrorism that’s been used to condemn them. Others may enjoy a similar kind of infamy by retrieving us from the shock and awe of another parent's exploits.

A sunny afternoon of bravado might’ve snapped me out of it, but the display of his powers of creation blacked me out. And, perhaps due to the extreme pressures we encountered when we were with mom during her foray’s, it needed to be addressed. The boys we encountered wouldn't stand for a problem like that. If your eyes roll up into the top of your head, you’ve failed to comprehend what's going on, and that's not allowed.

Recreating a scene to discover my fault, or to find out what I failed to realize about myself may not be a popular idea, especially when dealing with an event that caused damage, but the damage we suffered from was due to jealousy over the power to make captive the attention of the girl beside me - not envy for the power to destroy. And, it’s repair can be accomplished easily enough by application of similar skills here online, including the power to create, unlike problems caused by the power to destroy.

Teaching the power to create, even if only within this new medium works for me because we didn't have the power to do so when we were offended by those that did. And, it's my hope that by making it possible for us all to enjoy the power to create (and control) ourselves, we'll be able to overcome the trauma and reactionary behavior that leads to problems like these.

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