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Hipaa Privacy Rule is well defined and Google's Privacy Policy, which was relevant to the content of these pages while using their tracking devices may no longer apply, but we remain respectful of the leadership established by both. However, policy established here addresses the consequences of limiting the use of names, jurisdictions, nations and business identities, including the complete lack of regard for the meaning of names as outlined by the study of Onomastics and the need to make use of (or break free from) the consequences of their implied meaning whether intended or not.

While removing names from these documents is necessary to ensure the safety of those involved, by doing so, the lessons taught by the resolution of problems they create are nearly lost. Though we've been taught to disregard the use of meaning as implied by the connotation of names as defined by the rules of our language that claim a proper name is only a handle and any meaning implied by their use is irrelevant, the fact is that names and their associated meanings - even by way of connotation have such an impact on most of us that to ignore that feature of our lives would deny a major aspect of building character.

We’re not asked to be a good example of Jesus Christ, or any other figure exalted from history, we've been asked to be the best example of the person we truly are, by fully realizing the potential of the opportunity we've been afforded, including the use of our names and other gifts and circumstances. So if a name happens to be associated with a figure, or concept that's relevant to our lives, take full advantage of the opportunity it affords without shame. God needs our help! And there's no escape from the private confrontation that identifies the help He needs from you. To partner with a creative force is far better than being condemned by the destructive forces that result from problems we’d rather be rid of.

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