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Adaptive Medicine

Clients for the services of IMID may present from any circumstance and/or location, though it is our experience that direct communication is more effective, and that regular updates and meetings are necessary to become fully immersed in a clients project with what s/he intends and/or does not intend. While this is possible for paid projects, much of the Virtual Service is dedicated to the health and vitality of our community at large, so it is not always possible to be focused on an individual problem.

Translating the benefits of our work to the next generation by normal reproductive means with characteristics sought out by the wealthy few, positions our industry to avoid the endless need to write and rewrite genetic information for ourselves and others, and prevents treating human beings as either products or commodities. We hope to provide an evolutionary adaptation, rather than an isolated incident of correction or improvement. [i]

G-Protien-Coupled Receptors

The most sincere pursuit of radical solutions is most likely be found within the community of those facing terminal illness and their loved ones, or families seeking solutions out of desperation. There are those among us who would rather survive by means of useful transformations than to cope with the brain death of toxic remedies. To begin the process of applying what we've learned to make functional changes - in Vivo please consider: G-protien-coupled receptors, for Structure Determination and Analysis.


The reality of this technology is that it can and already is being driven by our will to do so and that we need to use discretion when implementation our will at the level of an unstoppable machine.

At the University of Minnesota Biotech Department, EEG has been used to control a computer by monitoring intention. Real time monitoring of brain signals resulting from our intentions can be used to control a cursor, or mouse on screen. The same technology can be used to interpret MRI and conceptual language we describe as words and pictures to print to machines, or the Internet.

An Unfailing Practice

Flying a helicopter is a difficult task, but with the same principles we used to operate a computer, we can control a remote to fly in one direction or another.

Please see the following article at: IOP, Institute of Physics

The human genome and our own particular adaptation is a global resource so common to each of us, that motivation for progress and positive change drives our ambition naturally.

An Asset in Common

Steampunk Goggles and Hat

The Uruguay Round of the GATT agreements (circa 1996), which allows for the international exchange of Intellectual Property across borders, makes it possible for us to share genetic diversity without the disease or contagion that's normally associated with it; to exclude populations because they're rare, or isolated would be disadvantageous to us and our objectives.[ii]

Human behavior and reproduction are driven by traits that optimally support life to begin with. To try to duplicate that aspect of evolution would be redundant. It is more relevant to focus on cost-effective corrections to aberrations in individuals and society that result from the toxic threats we can become, by establishing ourselves with what we've already learned and confirmed, and passing it on to our children as a birthright, or adaptation within the world and themselves. However bio-mechanical these solutions may become, cloud delivery of our adaptations will continue to serve as a persistent remedy extending, and improving our lives, and the quality of life.


1. Žižek S. YouTube publication 2014: 28 minutes into this talk, in less than 5 minutes, Žižek describes how we do Genetic Engineering by using language as an example. Žižek on The Hegelian Wound

2. Chu Van Cap Nature Society and Thought vol. 15, no. 2 (2002). Marx and Engels on Economic Globalization

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