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The Broken Pitcher

IMID Commentary

When I was a boy, someone asked to use my goggles.

Hearing the question without being able to see - or locate him, I wondered how to answer with proper English (in particular, whether to use the word lend or borrow).

And, by the time I grew up, I found myself returning to his question armed with information from my field of study. At the age of 4 or 5, it might make sense to ignore one focus for another; to get good at one thing, such as hearing, before you try another. According to scripture, men were barred from the garden (and innocence in general), so to trust that boundary to a cherub might make sense.

Now Beta Carotene, reflecting on the uncertainty of its position, called for a meeting between Cis and Trans to get their story straight. Whereupon Ganglia, by trying to determine the position of Beta when asked, found that Trans was heavily favored! And since our perspective is largely determined by transmissions to Ganglia, we might also be influenced by the heavily favored Trans position.

In my case, my daughter is using Testosterone to become male, so his position is also likely to be much stronger as a result of the use of that hormone. Why? I wonder. What for? Perhaps because when we've been shot through the eyes and ears it's more important to find out who pulled the trigger than it is to get along with others.

And how do we answer for the 60 years of persistent enquiry that's resulted?

Was my friend really interested in my point of view, or was he just asking for goggles so he could go for a swim? And if he was after my point of view, how do you answer for nearly an entire lifetime experience?

Claims about our competence may be based upon our ability to distinguish between ourselves and the influence of others like the gentleman who posed the question of me while apart (he was nowhere to be found). Bub because an invokation is very hard to escape, one cannot evade the inquisitor, or answer without facing the accusation of being insane, or delusional.

Working as an advocate to address issues like these aren't welcome in Hospitals. Professionals, who named me as a respondent to concerns about issues that are raised there may have used these efforts to respond to voice their objections by altering my work here as well, making even my writing difficult to digest, like this modification of my old draft of Articles.

Starting with commitment proceedings themselves, it seems that some can and do negatively influence the interpretation of our behavior and what seems to be true. So when Churches forbade discussion about the issues that result in hospitalizations, I chose to minimize my contact with both parties to focus on my delivery here.

But commitment proceedings are intended to teach us to have faith in the concept of 'the whole world in his hands' and if our loved one's are trying to obscure their own behavior, then we're most likely to be stuck with it wherever we may go.

Fortunately, we're being relieved by the pandemic that resulted from those retreating to use this strategy, so we're no longer alone. After 30 years of effort to replace the jaron with what I know to be true with my electronic alternatives, I have nothing to confess but my language and gender:

“I’m sorry, I’m only male (x,y), and limited to strings of hexadecimal and ASCII text for the migration of good character. Our Champion (The One who spoke our world into being), must be broke! (perhaps due to the curse we attributed to Him!) (The Broken Pitcher.)

Riding on an injured back

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