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Historical Treatments

Adaptive Medicine

The Water Treatment

Nightmare in a bottle

Circa 1973

While the 'water treatment' seemed unnecessary, it really put us in our place. We were made to go - and in no uncertain terms - had to. We were also made aware of how powerful a stop-cock can be! And, because flooding the colon adds fluids to the bloodstream, one is made to go not only during the time of treatment, but also as soon as you're relaxed enough to go to sleep. So, not only do we have to go, but we mustn't go here, we must go there and so forth.


This has become the way

What I found painful about forgetfulness in general, was ambiguity, or equivocation directing our attention away from the conscience calling to serve some other purpose, because the time and energy we use up delays us from what we have yet to determine must be done.

And much to my surprise, upon my reflection, a quiet storm was brewing by the time I left my neighborhood; a relentless and unavoidable fate resulted from the use of our names at that location.

Hailing from a broken home in the Johnson yard with an injury that would require new technology; uncle Dibby was rounding up stray cats on the avenue for implants at the lab, uncle Tim was shooting photos at the scene of the crime, and uncle Warren was advocating for me at the church. So the world has changed since then.

And as a Sailor’s son and the friend of a Calypso singer, my focus on the East wasn’t evil! I was a child concerned about conjoined twins in Thailand and the Vietnam war, but we had already been relegated to two other countries to prove that returning home would be required of us perhaps because in some ways, my family name was attended by some forms of obligation.

Religion isn’t welcome to many abroad and the design of my father’s Cutlass was too unstable to land on carriers in the pacific, so I worked with South East Asian refugees on the salience of perspectives normally more peripheral to reflect more carefully upon just what it is that we can’t seem to remember.


Bodywork by Advait School

Dakini Shakti Malan

3 Minutes and 40 seconds into this video, Shakti Malan describes the problem of providing an enema as a form of treatment to a boy. Please see: Treating Trauma [i].

The Limits of Human Intervention

To bemoan the lesson taught by such a practice is to deny the suffering that results from endless postulation, so as soon as I set out to fully realize my potential, I worked on these drafts to prove that our alternatives can be adapted to accomplish our goals without denial, or cover-up, if the healthcare system will simply admit that many of their practices are ill founded.

We are here to become the best at being ourselves. And though our freedom to live may have been curtailed by the suspicions of others, if we had not been afforded the opportunity to continue with what we know to be true, the heroine of this story and the heroines' of many other stories might've never been heard at all.

Please see also: Fascism and Censorship

When the despot dies, his reign ends.
Soren Kierkegaard.
When the martyr dies, his reign begins."


"Since I am incompetent and completely undependable, I speak the truth, and thereby place them in a predicament that only the truth can extricate them from."

~Søren Kierkegaard

A man who for a long time has gone around hiding a secret becomes mentally deranged. His secret must come out despite his derangement, but his soul still sticks to its hideout. He remains present, and his disorder is healed because he believes nothing has been betrayed.

He knows everything that has gone on because he tells God, who by acquaintance with the problem can help him correct his perception to return to be present in the community of his peers without angst. And here, Søren does 'the work' just as we do:

Original Draft: "What I really need is to get clear about what I must do, not what I must know, except insofar as knowledge must precede every act."

(This is considered to be one of the earliest statements of existentialist thought.)

Later variant:

"What I really lack is to be clear in my mind what I am to do, not what I am to know, except insofar as a certain knowledge must precede every action."

True consciousness is mind and spirit in the realm of spirit. And the self becomes separated from itself by opening up to spirit for a long enough period of time to make three: the self reflecting on the self observing a self. Then, because it's clear that mind and body are two, the observer placing the two in relation to each other makes three.

But the object of this exercise is to be at peace with the power to create. "The self in relation to itself rests transparently in the power that created it.". If we can work with the thoughts initiated by the objective point of view we're challenged to face, then we're much more likely to have the power to be creative with it.

To deny God's truth, or even the truth of an objective self, is to avoid, or surrender oneself to the opinion of others. Without confessions in madness (or what others might perceive to be madness), the opinion of others is all that God would really know about us. Without what is clear to others, we would not be able to help ourselves.

Sadly, there is no God apart from His creation, and no forgiveness without His people. To reject life because a mistake has been made by the living is a very serious problem; perhaps even a condemnation of ourselves and life itself - maybe even creation. To reject what God has given us by calling it a failure, is to fail ourselves and the gifts we've been given.

One of the most important things we do at this time is to correct that which has been revealed to us as wrong. Because it's an objective point of view, the only way to resolve it is to do the work required of us to become useful with what we believe has been wrong.

Without the forgiveness of the point of view that challenges us, we can't even flee to regain the joy of living. We must work with the revelation that offends not only to regain our own self respect, but also to uphold the integrity of one who's taken the time to reveal it and the species that stands beyond. To preoccupy ourselves with further forms of distraction is just another way to flee.

We confess our faults to one another so God will know the challenge that's been revealed to us before He concludes that what 'they say' is true.

Paraphrased ~Søren Kierkegaard


1. Dakini Shakti Malan PhD. 2009: 3 Minutes and 40 seconds into this YouTube video, Shakti Malan discusses the problem of treating a young boy with a colonic. Releasing Sexual Trauma

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