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Website Design

Whether you're introducing yourself, or developing a product, you won't find a better resource for preparation than IMID. We are fully prepared to develop presentations sure to be convincing.

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Content Development

If your new publishing, you can rely upon IMID to help you reach your audience. We're a better demonstration of the diversity operating online than we've ever been!

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Marketing and Consulting

Starting with the experience of our clients, we became a directory for those to come; a bridge for those who aren't with us anymore, and a portal for us to make way.

Our Services

Consultation Fees

$ 30 per hour
Website Design Strategy
How to Development Content
Problem Solving
Bids (One-hour Free)
Market Research

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Junior Technician

$ 40 per hour
Template Design
Landing Page Composition
Restructuring HTML
Rewriting CSS
Loading JavaScript

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Senior Technician

$ 50 per hour
Writing JavaScript
Installing Websites
Assigning Domain Names
Tracking Specific Traffic
Establishing E-Commerce

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Network Architecture

$ 60 per hour
Writing Domain Zones
Installing Web Servers
Establishing International Presence
Domain Management and Name Servers
(Creating an Identity Online)

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Because we enjoy peace, liberty and the freedom to compose, we can share adaptations, ideas for public policy, and survival strategies that have worked for us.

Apothecary Garden in a Castle Keep

We hope this medium will become a safe place, but at times we tell if a perception is ours, or the machines!

So, we're prioritizing the health of our people, rather than obstructions that stand in our way.

Our interface is only representative of ourselves, but it's ubiquitous to the Internet. There are no bounds here, so we hope that our various instances of identity will be at rest transparently in the power that created them.


Developing tools for the recovery of a more diverse community by documenting the results of doing what we were told and improving upon how we accomplish it.

The Media Development Group

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