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When challenged by banishment, or the welcoming committee what can we do?

The most important suggestion for almost all of these exercises is to write down our concerns. Especially if we're emotionally distraught. We need to get past our anger to problem solve at all. Please see Problem Solving Training, or Step Primer for a more complete description of how to do so, including worksheets you can use in the safety of your home or shelter.

  • We could file charges if we believe we know who's responsible for violating our Human Rights.
  • We could try to rebuild our good character by being open with our lives as in a political or marketing play by being transparent. Please see: Public Relations Campaigns
  • We can work with the angry parties themselves by reaching out to address their concerns before the grievance becomes a personal problem or a public issue by using: Self Advocacy (Ironic terms aren't they?) Beware of this option if you have not fully understood the Nature of Your Wrongs, or if the parties are violently angry. Seek Professional Advice if necessary.
  • Before abandoning hope, and perhaps as the best option, try: Self Examination, Problem Solving, or a tried and true solution like the 12 Step Program Steps to be sure of what you're doing before using blame at all, but the point here is to get good at both self-examination, and working for change.

You might not think you're guilty of a crime, but others might. The lack of assistance and abandonment we sometimes face may be based upon blame we are unaware of. Matter of fact, crimes I've tried to get something done about may have led criminals to cast doubt upon me well enough to shift blame, show motive, or avoid accountability based upon my own judgements, or lack thereof. And when we're open about what we resent, we can be easily manipulated by our own anger.

Though you might not think you've lost your cool about the situation, the frustration and anger that result from blame are in fact a form of insanity, and though you may actually have a case....tactics of denial may lead to labels that indicate that you're not competent with the truth. An example of how sinister that can become can be seen by this example: Depressed people are usually more accurate about reality than happy people are! Happy people are more often deluded, or at a minimum, unrealistically optimistic than the depressed and worse!

Try this yourself!

It's easy to see when you keep a log. Take a good look at your complaints. Let them sit for a few days, and then look at them again. Almost invariably, we find later that we had something to do with the injury ourselves, and that by trying to blame others, we made matters worse.

Even if someone else is to blame, can we realistically expect them to change for us? How easy was it for you to, for example, quit using foul language etc? So many people fall into this trap I developed this Mission to try to help people to deal with it. It can be literally humiliating.

An example of the results of public complaints can be found here: Log

Adaptation in the Digital Age

During the Dark Ages, shortly after the fall of Rome, many believed the period to be dark because keeping records was abandoned while others claim that to call the Early Middle Ages dark is unfair; after all, the Renaissance resulted. But we live with problems like Fake News, and a breach of security on our networks that results in theft or misrepresentation that has cost us dearly.

Here's an example of a video that's harshly critical of some, in order to defend many others who suffered with the cruelty they describe. The question here isn't really fair play, it's about whether reporting like this level can be accomplished at all. In this case, the publication of this video is banned in the country where the complaint took place.

Many of us are confronted by various forms of obstruction and harassment while making claims online, and most of us have learned to identify who we are and where we live just to be able to field the complaints to resolve the matter.

What can we do?

So while we may complain about professional intervention, by hiding behind legalese, or statistical analysis, a case becomes so obscure and meaningless that the injustice will be completely overlooked, but because no one has been offended, they get away with it.

Right to Confrontation

(To be condemned without an accuser and accusation, where we can provide a defense is a violation of our Constitutional Rights in the United States.)

And, our Constitutional Law was established as a result of careful evaluation of the Biblical Account of the Lynching of Christ:

When Jesus was brought before the High Priest and questioned he said:
"I spake openly to the worlde secret I have said nothing....Why askt thou Me?...beholde, they know what I said."

When denied confrontation before the Roman Governor he said:
"Saist thou that of thy self, or did other tel it thee of Me." ...and before the Sanhedrin:

"If I tell you, ye will not believe me. And if also I aske you, ye will not answer Me, nor let Me go."

Paraphrased from: ~The Founders Bible

We aren't able to predict how what we have conceived of will appear when made manifest, but when propagated in the light, the true meaning of our idea becomes vulnerable to the evaluating mind once again, and we're forced to reword or recast our construct to become more harmonious with the music that's already being played.

We cannot isolate with our machines without showing up to field criticism; We have the right to speak freely, but so do others. And if the expression of our truth becomes life threatening to others, then we must be prepared to go to work yet again.

As Kierkegaard put it: "It is true, it was voluntary, and yet, it was bondage, because it was not truly voluntary, they had not entirely made up their minds, they were not happy to be there, were not free, and yet they did not have the bold confidence to stop or to leave and become free. Everything had become works. And just like unhealthy growths on trees, so also were these works corrupted by unhealthy growths, thus were often only hypocrisy, the conceitedness of merit, idleness. The error was precisely there and not so much in the works."

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