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Strenuous use of Language

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Every instance of identity serves all others.

Keep track of what's going on by keeping a log, but be careful not to hurt anyone in the process. Keep names and locations out of the document to stay safe unless it's absolutely necessary or you're sure of the need for it (see also: Privacy Policy) to see if there's a pattern to what's happening that makes sense, or if it's been brought on by our own thoughts, feelings or behavior. If you're getting played, you'll be able to see that after a while. Everyone wants to run the show and sometimes keeping track of what's going on helps to identify the players and make it clear.

Ironically, the State that requires reporting does not really have the power to control what we say, but corporations and individuals may try. I know that more time and energy is spent on that activity in my business than any other, because for an individual or a business, reputation is everything. So keeping a log might include keeping track of the number of drunks, or assaults that result from the environment we live in.

But the use of labels frequently prevents an otherwise gifted individual from earning a living and the opportunities that are normally afforded are compromised by frustration and anger that results from their use. And then, unable to make use of one's talents, we’ve become unable to do what needs to be done, like learning to define a problem in order to do something about it.

Nothing but the Truth

It's our duty to tell the truth, but we're not allowed to advocate for violence or lawlessness by doing so. If our language becomes dangerous, we don't have a right to use it without identifying ourselves and allowing for a safe defense. We all want to have things our way, but by forcing solutions we create conflicts with others seeking the same opportunities.

If your life is in danger, notify the police and do whatever you can to defend yourself. I worked with Crime Prevention instead of trying to prosecute my case because it was about behavior that was required in order to prove that it happened, so it's not really about anyone in particular at all. It's about the harm that prosecution causes and the damage that proof does, so I was able to advocate for community based alternatives based upon health care alternatives.

Keep yourself in check! Is your grievance about something you know to be true because you've seen it in yourself? Please see also: Self Examination.

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