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The Endless Flowing River

The door is open, the way is clear.


The Trusteeship, AKA IMID Ltd

(A Common Law Trust)

PO Box 13001
Dinkytown MN 55414

Tel: (612) 562 5890

Safe Delivery of Every Packet

When we began, we had no idea how dangerous our work would become! Today, I find that:

  • Under duress, we confessed the sins of our captors!
  • Our prayers have been spoken by others unintentionally.
  • And our behavior is inextricably bound to our environment.

Sound Containers

This vehicle may be the only way to resolve the conflicts in our lives and gain credibility. It's already proven to be a sound appeal to what some consider to be the death sentence that resulted from previous efforts to write scripture. We may die due to testimony that's not welcome, or copy left unattended because proof's been denied. And those moving to this safer place may be doing so just to prove what we say is true.

If our new location doesn't work out, we might find that we're not trusted with our content at all.

Please see also: Proposal, to problem solve the phenomenon of likenesses, or Visual Badge to show recognition for bravery during the commission of this risky endeavor with medals, or insignias.

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