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Our preoccupation with work has become so all consuming that our lives are compromised by the effort to do so well. Individuals and businesses establishing web presence need our complete attention to develop fully functional archetypes that mirror the lives they lead today.

Throughout history, the truth has been written, spoken, and distributed to educate and enlighten, but for the first time in human history, we are contributing to what is known by finding our own voice online whether others are aware of it or not. The truth, now a chorus or cord of expression comes with verses, emphasis, rhythm and rhyme to be more accurate, reliable, and accessible than ever before.

Each of us contributes our own adaptations to that which can't represent itself, so the selfless medium puts us in relation to each other. Having no self of its own and never being anything other than what you describe it to be creates a truth that is shaped and colored by all to become more meaningful and valuable to us all.

The Trusteeship (IMID)


(A business established in Berkeley California during 1996)

Attenuated by the most disturbing problem the Internet has yet to describe, brings you accurate, verifiable and reliable results for you and your business.



(IMID), Just speak the letters to invoke your opportunity!

Whether you're an investor, a business, or an individual looking for a web identity for yourself, IMID will establish and maintain web presence for years to come.

We develop challenging projects because we value good intentions.

Web Development Helps Us!

Without the participation of others, our knowledge would be incomplete. See hear! An Audience Driven Presentation

No matter which way a point of view tends, we're all entitled to our own.

Using an effect such as dimming the lights in an Opera House before the show begins, or presenting a combination of events that the viewer can control allows us to understand something based on the choices we make rather than being shown, or told what to think. Interactive media provides us a framework within which we can think that cannot be accomplished by an author-controlled, author-driven presentation.

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