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A physical problem can't be changed by thoughts about it, so talk therapy is not likely to do much good. The mind cannot:

  • Connect to a muscle memory or a trigger point that is isolated by a toxic chemical environment.
  • Reach tissue inaccessible by innervation.
  • Command muscle or tissue without nutrients and fuel found in our blood supply.
  • Or treat inflammation that results from emotional imbalance.

In each case, we need an alternative form of treatment that can be obtained by treating the source of the disfunction rather than reminding a patient of the trauma that caused it; a physical practice in a treatment setting designed to address each particular issues. Please see Treatment Plans, and/or Epigenesis.

When I found my brothers and me threatened and scared, I tried to determine where our wounds came from and why we had them to determine how we had become so reactionary. Perhaps, the oversight of my best friend's injury resulted in overcompensation, but as I grew, I was expected to account for the outcome of my evaluation. The energy that I encountered while using the child's pose to meditate helped me to regain my self respect and hope for a better life.

I knew I had made a mistake, but my repentance was thorough, not covered up. Forgotten, I did not understand why I remained a suspect in my community. So I followed through with the guidance I was afforded to realize that though I did not understand God's plan as I carried out my instructions, I was able to accomplish exactly what I needed to do with my life anyway.

We can write more carefully about problems like these with haptics (touch sensitive controls) - and hypertext, which is extremely well adapted to gathering and developing the kind of content that results from highly stressed conditions unequivocally and anchor text, or links to clarifications allowed me to be unambiguous.

I grew up with ambiguity and equivocation that stalled and stagnated my life. But by speaking in a general way with others and writing out the details with visual cues online, I could warn users of the kind of reactivity we encountered while investigating scar tissue in our environment online. By using an opacity change on a rollover, or a hover change on an image to inform our users of what an active link will do; where it will go, or even whether we've been there before or not I could also write out the exactly what I meant to say by the using any given term. Typewriters weren't fast enough to capture what I needed to say, so despite the urgency of my work, much of my thought lay dormant until I could articulate it well.

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