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The Power to Heal and Create


We were confronted by violence when the man of the house became a vulnerable suspect - I could see the fear in his eyes; it was disturbing, but we were from an eclectic neighborhood close to Marshall U High.

So when a girl across the alley complained about being photographed by someone in the Gas Station Bathroom shortly later, we left town and headed up north. I was confronted by a similar problem, but I blacked out what happened and didn't make a very useful witness, so I chose to employ the very problem she described to solve the problem.

We were being accused of insanity by the time I moved out west so I ended up working on the inside of a Long Term Care facility where many of the patients were bitter about the difficulty of release. They made it clear to me that the real problem we have is a lack of awareness (or concern) about what's taking place. They demonstrated by bringing a fellow patient into the weekly meeting who's eyes were rolling up into the top of his head.

He had no functional ability to articulate an understanding of what was troubling him which is precisely the problem I had. Like the subject on the floor rolling his eyes up into his skull, whenever I returned to reflect upon the scene of a crime I lived with, though not as obvious, I had a similar reaction, a blank spot and there was nothing I could do about it. Media may be used for illicit reasons, but there are also legitimate reasons for recording the world we live with to better understand what we’ve been missing. Piaget and other psychologists during the 1960's were famous for experimenting with their own children to make way.

So I continued to work on my own solution and was advised to try to capture a reaction shot by a videographer who had a couple decks I thought I might use to get a better understanding of what offended me. And in one daring move on a dark evening while drunk and high, I managed a take with my family to discover that a powerful curse lay under the breath of my blind side and that surely, is what I overlooked and did not understand about myself.

Most of us would like to be able to control who we seem to be at the very least. One of the first, and most important lessons I learned from the First Nation was to respect the image of a person sincerely enough to first ask permission of them before making any presumptions about them. Pictures of ourselves were considered to be a representation of our very soul at the time it was taken, so we ought to have permission to do so before taking the picture at all. We may also gather and keep evidence, but we aren't likely to be capable of holding, or withholding it safely enough if it will compromise somebody else by doing so.

Teddy Bear
Some, who believe there should be an end to the random variations in life may not choose to carry on with those who believe the power to heal or create is good, but wouldn't the curse be removed by making it possible for all?

The curse of God upon Adam and Eve itself may have been the result of the jealousy, or envy caused by Adam’s awareness of His presence with them, but shouldn't we be grateful for the gift of God’s presence among us? Doesn't God need to be seen by His people to be fully known and loved by His people too? It isn’t enough for us to be preoccupied with our activity. We also need to be aware of God’s ever present knowledge and love for us to be good at what we do. We haven't had the time to analyze the creative powers He knows best.

Eve's relationship with the serpent, another manifestation of God's creation after all, and her power to add a rule to God's powers of creation must have left him utterly defeated. While he should have been grateful for his good fortune, he chose to be jealous of the one who made it possible.) Someone may have died in an effort to get them out of harm's way and they have no powers of creation to fall back on. They can't bring anyone back by any means other than by use of 'imaginary friends' and so forth (which some people consider crazy).

Media is in fact a way to create and film may be one of the most enduring art forms of our time. And using the Internet to reach people has the power to create, but that wasn't an option when we were bound and drugged in hospitals for trying to do something about the problem. We moved away to find a solution for the denial and returned to find that the real motivation for these exercises was the need to get an injured friend to the Hospital; that all our rehearsing was really intended to get someone on a Gurney, a Stretcher, or into an ambulance.

We can re-examine problems like the curse with better comprehension now, but that's resulted from very high risk activities. So the light is going to get brighter, but we need to get beyond the limitations that we began with. After all, it is our own text that got us into this trouble in the first place isn't it? Writing up God's word to be a curse is like admitting to the worship of Satan. If on the other hand we use this medium to become clear about our own faults and limitations, we're much more likely to find God to be a loving power in Creation, worthy of our attention and respect.

The meaning of names only returned with a need to add more. Is that better, or does it make things worse? While Luther was writing his objections, Paracelsus was out in the community with little more than a Bible doing constructive work by identifying Toxins. We're not even capable of complaints and corrections until we are able to see the fault in ourselves and do something constructive about it. We need to be able to defend ourselves as well. The Sumerians, who initiated writing by use of Mud Tablets were defeated by the violence that resulted, but even if their tablets outlive our work, they haven’t been able to enjoy the fruits of their labor either.

Some think it's arrogant to address equivocation or ambiguity, but it worked for my parents to do so. While no direct accusations were made, we were completely defeated by meanings that were inferred or reminded. I can't accuse anyone of blaming my ancestry for the Holocaust because someone celebrated her birthday on the anniversary of its beginning, and I can't fault the neighbor below me for claiming I flooded her apartment on Columbus Day with a name like The Trusteeship for my business. To add insult to injury forces the same kind of concentration used in camps where no one was accused of anything. You can plead your case before the warden, but you may never know what claim put you there in the first place.

If we call out Adam, for example, by belittling him, then how can we blame him for returning to defeat us with his own creation. That’s what I believe has happened. Someone took our daughter because we sent His son back broken and dismayed. Like the flood, which dealt summarily with the history of the men of renown, where we work to aright one person at a time.

Is it right because God condemned the breath of life? No, we return to our roots in this nation and our constitution. There are limits to what we can say and modern equipment will not change those limits much. We still can't recreate the person who was damaged by desecration and that person had a right to trial before any punishment could be levied.

What we created was a better way to define our terms - to be clear about a history that was muddled by ambiguity and equivocation and warn every reader of the power to destroy. The power to create is good, though jealousy and envy attend it's every move. To make clear what we know is true and provide warnings in our hypertext that show when you close on a button by changing an arrow into a finger pointing up that you'll go to this link and so forth and so on might help.

It is a powerful activity, and one that we believe will not soon be forgotten. It may take some time to sink in, but it already has improved our ability to survive the curse, by giving us all the power to create (and control to a certain extent) including those who were left out in the beginning.

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