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Local Ramifications of Recent Work

We must regain the confidence of the public to ensure the safety of our managing venturers by bringing the truth to bear.

Hate Crime Scene Details

The Trust is developing to sustain us precisely because ventures like these are dangerous, so our property belongs to the Trust. And, we tend them as stewards of the work whenever our confidence in the opportunity to do so is assured, but because an investor was obstructed by lack of faith in the security of our banks, our opportunity to turn the private venture into a professional service failed.

So, I established the Trusteeship domains as a government project instead and we will continue to develop safer ways to transfer media suitable to the application of our identity to every instance that is necessary. (In this case, without the need for licensed web publications technology). And, we may also be able to legitimately gain access to funding to support our efforts to report well.

We don't always remember the mistakes we’ve made so keeping track of what’s been going on is essential to those of us who’ve been obstructed by accusations of ignorance or naivety. So, in order to root out the rationalizations and suspicions of those who were behind the obstructions of this kind, we worked on obtaining and using proof to confront the typical response we encountered, which was that we’re crazy, or delusional; acknowledgement of the circumstances we lived with weren't welcome. Please see also: Child Safety Tips and Child Safety Tips (page 2).

Returning home after my daughter reported what was happening to her reminded me of the problems that surrounded us when my neighbor became the target of someone taking pictures of her. I don’t know if she was with him in the gas station bathroom, or if he was shooting her from across the vacant lot in her own home. What I didn’t realize at the time is that girls sometimes like the attention of men.

I was already under attack for trying to determine the magnitude of the threat we faced from the new man in the house when mom remarried (and the discovery of scar tissue resulting from circumcision), which I reported to the healthcare system before I left, but we were taught by the good people of the First Nation that our image is our own so if someone wants to take a picture of you, they must first ask for permission to do so.

But the confusion about required me to turn the lease back on myself. So with the help of professionals out west, I proceeded to try to find out the exact nature of my wrong. I’ve yet to find out anything about the offender who captured my neighbor, but trying to apprehend offenders like that can be extremely difficult because, least in my case, when I was offended, I couldn't remember what happened next.

So I was probably prevented from the opportunity to prosecute the case I made because I wasn’t completely clear about what I knew to be true. And what I know now after logging the incidents relevant to my case, is that my discovery of scar tissue may have resulted from the need to pay closer attention to injuries in general after my friend Dave was injured by a bat swing that he didn’t see coming.

Another fellow like me had nothing left but a box full of pictures and his pilot's license when he departed for good, so I postulate on my log that the process we're using now may help to provide a better way for us to make way in the long run.

Swiss Physiologist Rudolph Hess, who applied electrical current to assist subjects suffering from sleep deprivation, and Dr. Marg, who mapped the visual cortex in monkeys both helped us to better understand our ability to see. Whether by facilitating a dream state, or determining what each region of the visual pathway actually does, we are much better prepared to be useful to each other than ever before.

Its better to discover a threat before it does harm, but evaluating the capacity of threats cannot be accomplished without examining the threshold of stimulation required to present it and by then, it's too late.

I was advised to capture reaction shots of what happened in order to discover where I went wrong and also because we needed to prove what was happening in order to confront those who had no conscience in the matter, so I used a camera to focus the event leading up to that which I forgot. And what I discovered, is that what's missing from me and my response was a curse muttered under the breath of a disgusted boy, who like me, may have envied the power to create like the men who were stalking my neighbors. Please see also: Video tape evidence, Video tape evidence (page 2), Video tape evidence (page 3).

If I had approached the problem directly, I would’ve only offended others again, but by approaching on the flank, I was able to find out more about my own mistakes to prove that we're not really crazy after all. That these things really do happen in the real world. Had I known how challenging it is to confront the problem, I would not have overlooked other priorities, like the limits of our capacity to share what we’ve learned, but legal teams wanted answers, and I had no choice but to continue to report.

The barbaric practices that result in reactionary sexuality are so far worse than the developments we've achieved as a result of the pioneering work of Rudolph Hess, that we're completely capable of replacing control based upon the trauma that results with treatments with what is commonly known as the Tingling sensation, or ASMR

The power to create is God given and therefor good neither to be treated lightly, or selfishly nor to be despised and loathed", so rather than challenge claims made about the circumstances we live with, or complain about the difficulties we face while reporting on the subject, we think its clear to see that sharing the consequences of taking direction will work best for new students, who by seeing the results we’ve achieved and gaining access to their own opportunities to create, will be better prepared to make their own decisions and create with even more skill and care than we began with.


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