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MEP Publications Book List

Georg Lukàcs and Organizing Class Consciousness

by Robert Lanning, 2009, 209 pages.

Awakening of Geometrical Thought in Early Culture

by Paulus Gerdes, 2003, 200 pages.    Now online in HTML, the first chapter of the book: Mathematicians on the Origin of Elementary Geometrical Concepts

James Connolly and the Reconquest of Ireland

by Priscilla Metscher, 2002, 256 pages.   Now online in HTML, the first chapter of the book: The Re-Conquest of Ireland

Organizing in the Depression South: A Communist's Memoir

by James S. Allen, 2001, 155 pages. Now online in HTML, the first chapter of the book: The 'Negro Question'

Dialectics of the U.S. Constitution: Selected Writings of Mitchell Franklin

edited by James M. Lawler, 2000, 200 pages.

African American History and Radical Historiography: Essays in Honor of Herbert Aptheker

Now in HTML, the Publisher's Preface, and Editor's Introduction to the book: African American History & Radical Historiography

edited by Herbert Shapiro, 1998, 368 pages.

Reds, Racial Justice, and Civil Liberties: Michigan Communists during the Cold War

by Edward C. Pintzuk, 1997, 225 pages.

The Downfall and Future of Socialism

by Hans Heinz Holz, 1992, 128 pages.

Crisis Consciousness in Contemporary Philosophy

by Andràs Gedő, 1982, 290 pages.

From the Masses, to the Masses: Third World Literary Literature and Revolutions

edited by E. San Juan Jr., 1994, 200 pages.

Mind in the World: The Marxist Psychology of Self-Actualization

by David Lethbridge, 1992, 196 pages.

The Philippine Left at the End of World War II

by James S. Allen, 1990, 150 pages.

Ideology and Independence in the Americas

edited by April Ane Knutson, 1989, 236 pages.

The Social and Cultural Roots of Linear Perspective

by Leonard Goldstein, 1988, 181 pages.

How Much Truth Do We Tell the Children?

edited by Betty Bacon, 1988, 257 pages.

International Perspectives on Marxist Anthropology

edited by Carolyn Fluehr-Lobban, 1989, 119 pages.

El Salvador at War: A Collage Epic

edited by Marc Zimmerman, 1988, 306 pages.

Strategy of an Empire in Decline: Cold War II

by Harry R. Targ, 1986, 274 pages.

Development of Capitalism in the Navajo Nation: A Political-Economic History

by Lawrence David Weiss, 180 pages, 1984.

Dissent on Trial: The Story of a Political Life

by William Schneiderman, 1987, 250 pages.

Racism, Imperialism, and Peace: Selected Essays by Herbert Aptheker

edited by Marvin J. Berlowitz and Carol E. Morgan, 1987, 210 pages.

Militarism and Organized Labor, 1900–1914

by Philip S. Foner, 1987, 210 pages.

Anti-Communism: The Politics of Manipulation

edited by Judith Joël and Gerald Erickson, 1987, 194 pages.

Marx Demystifies Calculus

by Paulus Gerdes, 1985, 139 pages.

Nicaragua in Reconstruction & at War: The People Speak

edited and translated by Marc Zimmmerman with Richard Grossman, Rose Spaulding et al., 1985, 314 pages.

The Workingmen's Party of the United States

by Philip S Foner, 1984, 145 pages.

Racism and the Denial of Human Rights: Beyond Ethnicity

edited by Marvin J. Berlowitz and Ronald S. Edari, 1984, 136 pages.

Progressive Education: A Marxist Interpretation

by Gilbert Gonzalez, 1982, 200 pages.

Nicaragua in Revolution: The Poets Speak

Nicaragua en Revolutión: Los Poetas Hablan

A Bilingual Collage edited by Bridget Aldaraca, Edward Baker, Ileana Rodríguez, and Marc Zimmerman, 1980, 300 pages.

Dialectical Contradictions: Contemporary Marxist Discussions

edited by Erwin Marquit, Philip Moran, and Willis H. Truitt, 1982.

Studies in Labor Theory and Practice

edited by William L. Rowe, 1982, 105 pages.

The Philosophy of Marxism

by John Somerville, 1981, 200 pages. Available without charge online. click here

Philosophical Problems in Physical Science

by Herbert Hörz, Hans-Dieter Pölz, Heinrich Parthey, Ulrich Röseberg, and Karl-Friedrich Wessel, 1980, 190 pages.   Available without charge online. Click here

United States in Crisis: Marxist Analyses

edited by Lajos Biro and Marc C. Cohn, 1979, 105 pages.

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