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Rode work ahead

In a contest between a Judge and a Doctor, who wins?

Practices used to fund the healthcare system could easily be found to be causing the injuries they treat, so patients ought to be made well aware of alternatives in jurisdictions that support them.

We all have opinions!

If a partner claims you're too big for her, where do you turn? To a physician who prescribes pills for your head?

Naturally, we'd all love to please our partners, so we're likely to seek a more radical solution from the biotech industry, but doesn't the healthcare system proceed by way of the scalpel?

Please see: Redefining a Sexual Reference

Who do you trust?

We need to be realistic about the problems that result from separation, and the methods used by the healthcare industry to accomplish them.

The doctor's opinion, including the use of labels like: 'hopeless' can create an impression that will completely disenfranchise us from our opportunities in life and completely rule out the physician as a competent provider.

Please see also: Medical Model

We have the right to develop treatment plans for ourselves when conditions we live with result from a doctor's practice, or opinion. Beware! To seek treatment from a physician who believes we're hopeless could be used to prove we're incompetent.

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