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Thy Name is my Healing

Consider how thine heart is cheered, thy soul delighted by the spirit of the love of God....When the thirst grows the bounty of the cloud becomes agreeable to the taste of man. This is the mystery of supplication and the wisdom of stating one’s wants.
From A Gift of Prayers

Epigenetic research and the study of adaptations made by a tiny person in a micro lab.This isn't a script for a movie, like the Wizard of Oz, but I did get a letter from Dorothy Story indicating that she had no record of a name that I believe belonged to a Lakota girl in the area. So I carry on by keeping up this document and a Directory for local missions where the Elders can voice their concerns. Because the rhetoric used to separate me from my children was divisive, I wrote out my objections years ago, but they may have been moved out of the area for those very reasons so it was largely unavoidable.

And in this case, doubt about my own devices, like a Lion Server I used before going live with my work on an Apple's server (Apple's last), may have confounded my efforts to get the job done well. After all, most of my documents are served from places like Council Bluffs and my own writing comes from an part of the riverbank known as Father Hennepin Bluffs. Our community has a very convoluted history of problems like these.

When I was a child, there were many important things that I didn't remember until I was reminded of them by the admonition of others, or my own focus on the problem. To begin with, beliefs held by the First Nation and others were beyond my scope, but Black Elk's vision resonated with me as a prophecy of these times. The vulnerability of the red sapling he spoke of reminded me of efforts to convey my own experience online.

It’s typical in our area to encounter difficulties when we try to describe our childhood and it’s already understood that I grieve the loss of someone who's passing affected me very deeply. That these efforts coincided with a huge offer from a foreign investor shortly later and that my business has become little more than a resource for others who may die trying to do much the same, suggests to me that the reporting required of us may actually be the cause of the problem.

Current Events

Our early efforts to cover everything we could muster were tolerated, but what we're living with now are the consequences of our effort to do so well. Efforts to defend my daughter already provided ample motivation for the task. By publishing concerns I raised with healthcare personnel during my youth as something accomplished by my daughter, I was given the opportunity to honor one who died to teach us the limits of our freedom of expression by suffering the articulations accomplished by an artistic murderer.

I recruited the mother of the child who's name wasn't found by the county to help with my publications and I provided a smoky quartz crystal to her (reputed to help with confusion and addiction), but the crystal went missing and when I asked where it went, she said very quietly under her breath: "I gave it to a mouse in the city." (So every desktop mouse in the city has a crystal now and it's pretty hard to know who the benefactor really is!)

Regarding the Use of Names

My son, a transgender person, has a sister, the child I returned to defend. I do not need to refer to her as a trans-sister, but to make use of the ambiguity of our language can be useful. I use this example out of respect for the young girl's clever use of a term to establish an anonymous reference. And, the fact is, I've allied with these machines by use of a computer mouse, and we're pretty good friends after all. It's not wrong for me to have respect for useful things either, so I've made room for at least two possible meanings of the term: 'a mouse in the city'. (for another example of the limits of language, please see: An Audience Driven Presentation)

The Need to Forgive

Because I had to face the fact that I might be dealing with a gangland scheme to gain access to my person or property, I learned to forgive my mother for the lies of omission we grew up with during the 1960's. The interracial relationship we lived with then was a part of our history that I found very difficult to accept, but her evasiveness on the subject was directly related to the very real danger associated with her behavior. I believe my mother expected me to understand, but forgetfulness would have been a better fate than the hatred we encountered. Today, her affair might be considered a kind of treatment for new mothers (to heal from the damages of giving birth), or a new religion (for the big baby that caused the problem). By facing this crisis, I could finally see how important it was to play it cool, and mind my manners. Please see: Self Examination for more details.

When I was a young man, I was probably considered a hat-sitter. Referred to as number one son, I was not welcome to call-out our traditions or health care professionals for cutting on young boys without their consent.

Some might even say I became excessively preoccupied with scars and missing erectile tissue, so I left to make my way in a more forgiving land, and returned by way of a hate crime scene to become a capped hat sitter. And, I've faced the fact that I may have to live with my charges without relief.

Unfinished Business

A complete failure to understand The Ten Commandments and preoccupation with my own inadequacies manifested the very thing I had hoped to prevent! My effort to make use of forbidden knowledge resulted in an encounter with the means by which it is accomplished. So by pointing to retaliation I considered offensive, the injustice became clear. What's tolerable for a boy to investigate cannot be repaired by a girl; it may falls to her for repair, but only a fertile woman was capable of adapting to God's power to create, so jealousy and envy took root in those left behind and the power to destroy was all they had to rival the dominion.

The hazards of my effort to help my daughter wasn't apparent to me before I left. Even sending my partner's wedding ring didn't seem wrong to me because it was the only thing of value we had to help her and her mother deal with the recurrence of the problem. I knew using the Internet to report was the plan by then, and I did my best to follow through with it, but the precautions we were advised to use to stay safe, such as limiting the use of names and locations seems to rob us of our context. We're not supposed to apply meaning to a proper name, they're just handles, but empty and meaningless articulations result unless we're willing and able to follow through with the facts that make this a meaningful experience.

The heartbreaking tragedy of the first nation's case is that what's being hidden is the innocence of the parties. I used to get a lot of mileage out of reporting crime, but the result of our effort to do so online has destroyed the credibility of our tools, so new structures online like CERN have become very important to us. Like those who used photography to provide evidence of genocide, we have to face the fact that in order to prove that crime is taking place, another kind of crime replaces it e.g., morbid fascination with the reality of the problem. Claims made by the first nation cannot be confirmed by any other party, so once again, proof is required and I ruled nothing out to accomplish this goal because there was no recovery possible by this avenue of approach when we began.

We're required to secure the income for professionals by reporting the crime that results in injury but we weren't aware of the consequences of our reports. We met the requirements for their income while they invalidated our statements with professional opinions (and drugs) to create a safe environment for the suspects, who may be enslaved to subsidize the relief. So our plan was to use media to prove what we said was true. In my case, the media I provided was lost by the professionals who I entrusted with the proof, and for many others, it's being censored.

No Longer Negotiable

Assumptions like the idea that we've become the components of a machine are not unlike the idea that we can migrate disenfranchised workers by use of the 'M' Machine (Molock) in the film Metropolis. Though many have tried by various means to find a suitable vehicle for eternal life, we're not likely to rival the strengths of digital technology anytime soon. The virtual presence of our icons and archetypes are already a fact of life. The web is the best technology ever built for this purpose, but I believe the goal is to be at rest in the power that created us, rather than entangled in an endless struggle to control the ongoing creation. And to lose control of our development to those who cut on us to begin with because they don't tolerate our reporting is a crime.

Forbidden Knowledge

If our work really is nothing but a cover-up, then why haven't we committed more of our time to an argument for the technology of privacy, or control of our work? Why is the focus on disclosure, as in Confessions, or Results? Why is it so difficult for honest people to accept the fact that nothing is so seriously wrong that it can't be amended by telling the truth to set matters straight? After all this is a 'did-you-tell' revolution, is it not? The problem is that many honest people die trying to do so, and that very few are competently said. We've got to do everything we can to help each other achieve these goals. So we wrote out our concerns, asked for help and prayed for mercy to find that an important precedent exists! International Treaties written to prevent violence from continuing as a result of problems like these was also accomplished by the use of names, so I'll cite one case here: Choctaw and Chickasaw 1866

The use of names to describe a problem isn't an English way, but biblical passages cover these problems too by similar means, so we ought not be offended. The Courts accept The Commandments and the Bible as a basis for law in this country despite the fact that God introduced forgiveness through Christ, perhaps because not all people do so even here. Even God's sons were accused of offending the children of men, and in (Genesis 6) the Bible says He flooded the entire planet to be rid of the corruption, so it shouldn't be wrong to call out one person at a time for similar suspicions.

The problem was that our patients were dying in Long Term Care facilities while restraints were used to do so - even children. Please see also: Abusive Seclusion and Restraint Practices. Perhaps because we still suffer from an inability to evaluate these circumstances, or are awestruck or stunned. I was even rendered unconscious by my witness of questionable situations, and the evidence of the same may be hidden, or censored from our opportunity to bear out of concern for these reactions. To return to the rules of creative endeavor when we're failing isn't wrong, but we do have to accept the fact that a curse followed the work, and we're separated by it. It seems to me that we've only progressed as far as Babel and are still abiding before the altar at AI because we've been so harassed and disrupted that only a few hours of our day can be used to make progress. How much more will be required before we heal from the trauma and catch-up and serve Him well?


We're mired in ancient problems by complexities that we're not likely to solve without Artificial Intelligence. Even with our best computing we cannot predict what life will do to adapt. Even extremes of male intelligence are not as well prepared to build as any given normal female. Add to that the compound disenfranchisement resulting from human judgment and hate, and we'll be completely denied any opportunity to work with the truth at all. Fair trials are challenged because the courts can't tolerate the contempt, and victims can't defend themselves by saying what happened or why.

Like those who live under suspicion, or are banished, or disabled, life goes on by accepting the hatred that exists without confrontation - and - without the blessings of freedom and opportunity that are afforded by more traditional means because we're considered to be deserving of our fate. People who have more to offer are no better or worse than we are, but because they have the power to give, their characters are considered to be better. The fact is that anyone with the power to give would enjoy the same benefits - even a person without merit. It's merely the power to give that counts, not the good character that actually creates it, and when we have nothing left, we become worthless again.

These tools were developed to solve problems, and the Internet has become our 'higher court'. Well meaning guidance has resulted in sanctions and suspicions that lead to a poverty of our own making, and efforts to protect and defend us with reserves mismanaged and abused disrupt our persons and places needed to publish the solutions. The real risk takers had to do so without pay because no one else had the time to do so, but the denial of the most basic needs, like clean air and water, peace and quiet, and rest enough to heal for another day requires our problem solving abilities everyday. It's hard to believe there could be any problem solving more important than a serious commitment to the removal of interference to this endeavor.

God used the skies to separate waters in the heavens from waters on earth, and to gather lands on earth, but mists rising will rain down from clouds once again over all the lands, and the thirst of man will increase as the vessels enlarge.


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