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Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual awakenings don't occur without good reason, one of which is our deep need for God.

We're bound in a material realm and molded by manifestations of shame and fear so convoluted that they rule our lives!

In order to access the spiritual realm, something has to give. A tingle, or score of music during a period of self examination brought me to my knees in a shower stall.

Gated Access

How I fell mattered. I was awakened by a consciousness larger than my own and fell through a state of grace that was euphoric back to a former state of shame. A break from myself that most people don't encounter, followed by many more similar experiences to set me free. We need serious motivation to follow through with the teachings of the program. It's challenging work, but if you've experienced any kind of relief while doing so, it's a pretty good indication that you're on the right path.

Like a gap in an approaching storm we can ride through the approaching cloud bank to settle down on the lee side before taking our rest for another day, but share your experienced whenever you can to keep the memory fresh in your mind. The stress we live with that causes these abberations to occur can and does return and failing to make use of our knowledge may prevent us from relieving the frustration of others who may also be suffering.

Opening up about shame based behavior and sharing what I knew resulted in more information about my behavior that I did not recall, such as my failure to respond to my friends injury. Ironically, the shame that resulted was the result of examining scar tissue I could not fathom, like what seemed like stitches in my perineum (My next door neighbor on the other side of our house Mary suggested ruling out curses and binding opposition.)

The Laundry List

The spiritual recovery that I realized in my 20s was based upon circumstances that I completely forgot about as a result of interventions.

Defects of Character

Assets, Accomplishments

The guidance of my friend Mary, who helped me search for a four leaf clover in the grass also taught me to whistle with one blade of it.

A Day of Growth and Thanksgiving

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