The Power to Heal and Create


I published some updates on my new Facebook account, and while I realize it's not quite the web, it does have an impact. So I'm going to clarify one of the problems I had by pointing to a YouTube video that covers the problem as well.

We were confronted by violence when the man of the house became a vulnerable suspect due to his own behavior. I could see the paranoia in his eyes, and it was disturbing. But we were living in an eclectic part of our city when it happened - and it was common there. A strange small neighborhood near Dinkytown where we went to Marshall U High.

In our case, when a girl across the alley was photographed in the Gas Station Bathroom by someone she didn't know, they left town to head up north shortly later. I believe it was because they couldn't prove the crime took place. And, when I was a child, I was confronted by similar behavior, but blacked out what happened after I was offended, so I didn't make a very useful witness.

When I moved out west, I was advised to try to capture a reaction shot by digital media advisors to get a better understanding of what happened, and I did, but it cost me dearly. We proved that we were offended, but only by arousing the antipathy of yet another student of life, and the power to create who by way of a powerful curse under his breath reminded me of what I overlooked, and did not understand.

The folks on the inside of Long Term Care facilities who were also bitter made it clear to me that the real problem is the lack of awareness of what's happened, and they demonstrated this by bringing someone to our meeting who's eyes were rolling up into the top of his head.

He had no working knowledge of what had happened to him, and that they believed that to be the real problem. Like the subject on the floor rolling his eyes up into his skull, whenever I returned to reflect upon the scene of a crime I lived with, though not as obvious, I had a similar reaction, a blank spot and there was nothing I could do about it. We can show how media may be used for illicit reasons, there are also legitimate reasons for working with representations of various kinds. Piaget and other psychologists during the 1960's were famous for experimenting with their own children to make way.

Some, who believe there should be an end to the random variations in life may not choose to carry on with those who believe the power to heal or create is good, but wouldn't the curse be removed by making it possible for all?

I believe the real problem today is to learn how to control what we've gathered. Most of us would like to be able to control who we seem to be at the very least, but one of the first lessons I learned from the Natives was to be respectful of the images we make. Pictures of each other are considered to be representations of our very souls, and we ought to be respectful of the gifts that they truly are. When dealing with violent crime, or crime in general, we gather evidence and provide it to the police. I don't believe we're capable of holding, or withholding evidence safely, even if we have been advised to keep things to ourselves - though sometimes we try.

Teddy BearHowever, these preparations led to an escalation of the crime (my recovery and an awareness of the curse that results from this kind of inquiry results in a curse akin to the one in the Garden, the curse of God upon Adam and Eve. A curse intended to damn the concern about His presence there. After all, shouldn't we be grateful for our opportunity to live in paradise with Him?

Some say yes, but our shame says no. I heard you here with me and my wife we say, it seems we do so with shame and fear. A kind of shame that results when can't do anything about this fact of life we just discovered. And there's no escape, so the more disciplined amoung us try to determine where we've gone wrong to be useful and welcome to the creator.

Eve's relationship with the serpent, another manifestation of God's creation after all, and her power to add a rule to God's powers of creation must have left him utterly defeated. While he should have been grateful for his good fortune, he chose to be jealous of the one who made it possible.) Someone may have died in an effort to get them out of harm's way and they have no powers of creation to fall back on. They can't bring anyone back by any means other than by use of 'imaginary friends' and so forth (which some people consider crazy).

Media is in fact a way to create (even film is still considered to a fine art and is revered for its lasting power). And using the Internet to control our image and reach people we hope to impress is an ability to create, but that wasn't an option when we were bound by jurisdictional boundaries. We did move away from our old neighborhood, but by the time I returned unaware of how serious the problem I left behind had become, I was expected to show respect for the fact that they got my friend on a Gurney, a Stretcher, and put him in an ambulance to get him to the Hospital. And that perhaps because he needed to use an ambulance, someone else might've died and so on.

We're re-examining problems like the curse with better illumination and comprenhesion that's resulted from our work, and the light is only going to get brighter. In order to build a better world for ourselves (to dream a new dream) and get beyond the limitations that we began with. After all, it is our own text that got us into this trouble in the first place isn't it? By using this medium, we're better able to become clear about what used to be confusing or distracting by being more honest about our own faults and limitations.

We can consider the meaning of names ad infinitum and only return to the need to add more. Is that better, or does it complicate things? While Luther was writing his objections, Paracelsus was out in the community identifying Toxins. It’s not enough to correct, we need to be able to defend ourselves as well. The Sumerians, who initiated writing by use of Mud Tablets were defeated by Violence, and though their tablets may outlive our own work, they did not survive to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Some think it's arrogant - that we'd be better off keeping it simple. To be reminded of the fact that you're nation - or ancestry caused the holocaust is punished by expecting us to work on the problem of prostitution for example, to add insult to injury, and force upon me the same kind of concentration they used in the camps to fix the ambiguity caused by the fragmentation of language.

But if we use blame to call out the shame of Adam for example, then we publicly embarrass him with his own problem. We belittle him before the one who has the power to fulfill his partners wishes, and he returns to defeat us with his own creation. That is what I believe happened. Someone returned to take the daughter we lost back, because we spurned his son, and sent him back broken and dismayed with us and our vengeance. Yes, God's sons took the daughters of man (perhaps because they were incestuous with their own), and the world was corrupted, but how does removing someones heart and lungs make things right?

Is it right because God condemned the breath of life? No, we think not. When the problem is clarified by actions such as these however, we are returned to our roots in this nation and our constitution. There are limits, and we can say only so much. Capturing the wreckage with modern equipment does not recreate the person who was damaged by it, and scripture doesn't make it right.

But we created a way to define (and redefine) every term - and to draw language by adding character and clarity to the history we live with, and to warn every reader of the consequences of the power of creation, and our power to create. To make it clear that what we believe is just as important as what is, and that by publishing it here with our images, and hyperlinks (the powers of creation reside here) of our own, we actually do create, and recreate what we were given to begin with. We remind others with warnings: as you get close to this button the arrow changes into a finger pointing up. And tell you as you roll over this link where it will go and so forth.

It is a powerful activity, and one that we believe will not soon be forgotten. It may take some time to sink in, but it already has improved our ability to survive the curse, by giving us all the power to create (and control to a certain extent) including those who were left out in the beginning.

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