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Modern Medicine

Treatment is indicated when someone is harmed, but if your only options are toxic, or hazardous based upon the Doctor's opinion, isn't the treatment hopeless too? If you, or your loved ones were considered hopeless, would you agree to treatment from those that believe it?

Medical Model

How can we possibly consent to treatment for a problem caused by their practice? The healthcare system as we know it can't provide it! Instead, we turn to bodyworkers to help us recover from the punitive practices of the medical model.

How does the healthcare system really treat the problem they caused? They refer to the patient who consents as incompetent. We can't even begin to discuss, evaluate, or ask for the correction of a condition that they cause; instead, we're referred to C.O.R.E. RICO personnel trolling for targets and players.

Doctor: "That's an awfully painful version of reality don't you think?"
Patient: "No doctor, I'd rather live with the truth, but if that's a problem for you, I'll promise not to tell. Do you think that would be okay?"
Doctor: "Well, I hope you understand that some of these statements you've been making could be harmful. How can we have your assurance of this agreement?"
Patient: "I take Cash, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express."

Anonymous Fellowships and the like, are where those of us who blame professionally end up! The last stop on life's journey. Patsies, Finks, Cops, Criminals, Federales, Bounty Hunters, Advocates and Collectors all without ID. Addiction is one way to cope with the anger that results when the risks we take to solve problems we're otherwise forced to live with are disrespected. Rather than taking comfort in our achievements, we get really good at blaming the guidance we’ve been given by citing the disastrous results of resentment.

Wouldn't it be better to make our own decisions and correct our own mistakes so we can learn our own lessons? At least we won't be resentful of those who've been making our decisions for us and we'll be much easier to get along with when we don't need to drink.

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