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Reactionary Sexuality

Fawn-Doe-RosaUnless a threat is posited as real, it has the power to manifest.

Because our healthcare system serves itself by burdening patients with the need to report crime that leads to injury and proof of questionable circumstances, and because the spiritual tradition I grew up with doesn't allow free discussion of the covenants that ally with them, I've brought up the suspicions I live with here. So my shame about incidents that may have required the hospitalization of my friend, like moving doe slowly through a river, may also lead to a more thorough investigation of the behavior that followed.

But rival healthcare representatives still operate freely in our community while we've been banished by use of Covid sanctions with financial freedoms we don't have, and counterclaims they use to force compliance, so we continue to develop alternatives online, and like a thief who stole your wallet, sometimes they return to help us. When we were children, we didn’t realize that much of the behavior we lived with was the result of healthcare systems practices and that reports required by the healthcare professionals to fund their work are not only fielded by them, but also not likely to remain private.

And our Courts, forced to use their obscure language deny incriminating testimony from our opportunity to go the way of the scalpel. To allow complaints to garner public appeal would expose the radical control they've gained by approaching on the flank with familiar methods by which the problem is caused, like a Marshall Artist who eats a potato with a switchblade to confront his guest. Would we use a scalpel to skin the focus of our meal, or a sword to filet a fish? Or does his demonstration point to our dire need for a better tool.

Though we've been taught to log and report, to gather and keep evidence - and our important papers with us, the reasons for doing so were well known before we began. Defeated by the media in the 1960’s; the digital revolution we developed to share our side of the story seems to have rendered it all useless because it's so easy to manipulate.

Claims about needle stick threats resulted in a defense we call defamation, but isn't that a hypocrisy for a rule that condones the use of a procedure that claims to ensure our safety by doing so? Whether by vaccine, circumcision, or the sound judgment of honorable men, like Judge Frank Johnson, we ought to have faith like the marchers from Montgomery to Selma to ensure the safety of our children too.

So our agency keeps up reports about the use of Seclusion and Restraints in Hospitals because it resulted in the death of patients, but most of us choose to forget the horrors of institutions and practices like those found in Africa and many other countries during the not so distant past, such as: patients chained up to abandoned transmissions in empty fields; disregarded because nobody understands the problem.

And I took a road I was told to drive very carefully to encounter an even more challenging use of the surgical strike....perhaps even evidence of an artistic warrior who’s precedent was likely established by the effort to defend good people of this Country from our framers. Another friend by the name of Dave gave me his military compass before I left and I choose to focus on the crime scene I encountered to be clear about the lesson we learn when trying to share that which cannot be said; in this case, the articulation of a body (or bodies - including mine) that become speechless.

It's a very difficult problem to face. I’ve written Sheriffs from every relevant County with all the detail I can muster. Events leading up to, during and after the encounter of that scene to be clear about all I know to be true, by backing it up with all the evidence that remains. We have to do all we can to help! Though some might claim this to be rhetoric about a threat that's not clear, or present anymore, at least one Officer who heard our children screaming at the local venue recently asked: "Why aren't there more Officers at this gate today?" It's clear! We're confronted with the power to destroy. We need larger crews to ensure the safety of our people!

Evidence of dead bodies on shower room floors, or the coverage of armed conflict with super 8 film was convincing all by itself. Now, it's lack of faith in each other and the need for convincing evidence that forces us to see for ourselves what's really at stake. Please see also: Redefining a Sexual Reference

My friend Davy has every right to wonder why he was injured. And those of us from the Judeo-Christian tradition, who may believe it to be an example of assault on reason (or proof of our need for God), might also claim that much of our work today is just translation for:

  • many who can’t see,
  • the confrontation of those who won't see,
  • still others who do not yet see,

what’s truly being said.


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