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Current Events (the last half of September 2023)

Network Strategy

Network security has proven to be the most important problem I've had to work on. Threats to our credibility result when our work is corrupted and sometimes it takes the form of hatred, or word salads which are equally as harmful. (Here's a summary of the last two weeks of September 2023).

  • Reset passwords that I use frequently that seemed vulnerable, or compromised after waiting for a prudent amount of time to do so discreetly.
  • Removed a Chat GPT account that was established with my old email address
  • Removed all work of a political nature from my websites after establishing an independant version of a site that's been running on its own for about a year now.
  • Rewrote articles to support things from childhood I could not remember because at that time, language like, the use of the term "missing checks" was used to deny circumstances my family couldn't admit to.
  • Mailed a tear-off back to the IRS to confirm my contact information and address.
  • Rewrote Header Meta Tags to be more clear about the page content on Index, Sand Lake Drowning, Space Time Craft and others.
  • Removed some of the comments and edited a few others at YouTube that might've been misunderstood.
  • Edited posts on my Community page at YouTube to keep the content fresh.
  • Removed the YouTube Comments page from two old YouTube channels to keep it fresh on a new channel.
  • Replaced the tabs Javascript that went missing from revisions of Space Time Craft.
  • Rewrote much of Cloud Index, to add references to the One Letter change and other new material that's been developed since it was written and am well pleased, but not finished (4th week of september).
  • Uploaded the changes to a secure server with a secure connection.
  • Rewrote each of 5 CSS documents for 3 servers to display the CSS entities I described with HTML.
  • Found a line break version of my css with color changes that did not include the colors I defined for descriptions of the work we do.
  • Removed a YouTube Channel that was established with an old email address to focus on new work, though links to old videos had to be removed as a result.
  • Unsubscribed from mail servers that sent mail to the address that was compromised.
  • Found an old copy in the locked Documents folder that needed updating. Also found a row of statements from the website delivery page missing.
  • Revised the corporate details on the google admin panel to remove a handful of alternatives that were used for testing and add a new functional email address.
  • Found the copyright statement redundant and rewrote the statement before putting it back on the YouTube channels and websites.
  • Toned down the home page by linking Space Time Craft to my friend's concern and the precedent of Sand Lake Drowning (I can't do anything about a problem I don't know about).

Current Events (the last half of September 2023)

Bell tower KnightWhile I'd really like to work on style changes to be clear, I've been required to tone down work that's considered to be 'trouble'. So in addition to purchasing a new computer, I've replaced old cable and put all my network equipment on battery backups. I've removed old groups and accounts that were established with old email addresses that were compromised by bounced email and network mail server warnings. And I will be upgrading to a competitive monitor with the capacity to load an entire page of text at a glance to keep an eye on the entire document I'm editing soon. I change passwords regularly and discreetly and make them carefully to keep them safe.

I spell check my content, rewrite complex passages for simpler language to keep it brief. And describe the content in meta tags with keywords and more accurate descriptions of the content specific to each page so it can be more easily found, but not all of these edits can be accomplished at once (Changes to the content of any given page may take three or four edits just to determine where it needs to be and where it goes will it affect the meta tags and style changes that I intend to organize by subject too).

The Character for loveRequired by my work to guard public venues, I also listen to the feedback I hear there, online and in person to take action whenever necessary and address concerns that might be raised by these opportunities. And though I'd rather work on the development of new logos (perhaps without carved features) for more recent content, I also realize that there's a reason for keeping a subject anonymous. To define people by the meaning of their names may become an unrealistic expectation. The English language does not apply meaning to proper names by definition, they’re only handles by which we are called that refer to who we are independent of our names even if the mind assigns meaning to them nevertheless. So like the sacredness of our image, which we ought to be able to share as we see fit, we're free to do what we will with our names too. Even if it means something to somebody, it ought not define who we are, or who we're meant to be. It's only a handle by which we are called.


The Trusteeship Incorporations

The Trusteeship (IMID Ltd)

The Trusteeship (IMID Ltd), is the current life form of a business established at Berkeley California in 1996 called, The Media Development Group.

IMID Ltd, the Grantor of the Trust that began with The Media Development Group, was founded in Minneapolis Minnesota during 2001 as, Web Dissemination and later as Interactive Multimedia Information Dissemination, Inc., or IMID, asks the question: "Who do you say I am?"

And The Trusteeship (IMID), Copyright (c) 2016-2023, is a holding company for the liquidated assets granted by IMID Limited, IMID Limited LLC, or IMID Ltd, Copyright (c) 2012-2016, which was also known as IMID Inc, or Interactive Multimedia Information Dissemination, Inc., Copyright (c) 2001-2012 was a subchapter s corporation with 1000 shares. All Rights Reserved.

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