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My Apologies to you

Sherwood TreeBy Dadulinka - Own work. I realized after writing yesterday, that it wasn't fair of me to exclude you from our group. For a period of time, however briefly, you have also worked for us. And, in one case, a client with a tree trimming company by the name of Sherwood Trees got an image of a tree from Sherwood Forest on his website that is a living moniker of the real thing. Though I thought it was fitting, and he paid me well, I didn't really have the right to redistribute the image. Like my first logo, which wasn't really mine, even if I had an artist repaint it and tattoo it on my back, republishing it probably was questionable use of the property.

So, unless cited, all the work published and redistributed now belongs to The Trusteeship IMID. The websites, copy, and images used on them, and all the domains and all the related accounts belong to the Trust. The formality of this is not completed, and is very difficult and time consuming, but is worth of consideration. Any value obstructed or removed from the totality of this endeavor compromises us all. To covet the project for one's self diminishes it's value for all. And, because there are so many sincerely involved, it would not bode well for one to do so anyway.

So, I've been very careful to remove, or replace anything that's was not formally obtained by the corporations that created it (I don't actually have corporate protection anymore). At least one of the corporations that was formed lead to a self supporting income which now pays yearly dividends back to the public trust that provided for it's formation. And, I tend to the entities that remain because names and tax id numbers fragmented and became ambiguous. Ownership of materials - both mine and those of others does not depend upon the web generator I built, which only makes them web ready.

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for myself and others...

The Trust owns redistribution rights of the images, and copyrights used in the projects but, because originators die, fail to pay, or abandon their projects for one reason or another, as Trustee, I keep up their copyrights to fulfill my part of our contract, and I’ve chosen to be specific about the locations where these entities were formed as well, to be precise.

When Network Solutions began registering names in 1979, one of the consequences of the new feature set apart from our landscape was the power to ignore Jurisdictional boundaries - perhaps to obstruct justice and fuel dissent. So I’ve done my level best to represent a client as the person or entity they claim to be, and to refrain from making claims about who they are not.

ICANN, founded in 1998, and new European Initiatives such as Article 13 may be used to challenge fair use of examples like the professors library, but I do believe we've set precedent by challenging the censorship used to deny reports that include genocide, and genocidal tactics. After 20 years of development (1997-2007), and 18 years of publication on the subject (2003-2021), it ought not be surprising to return to the case I know best (that we're completely crazy for trying to do so). The fact that we've also been censored in our effort to advocate for our powers of creation is proof enough for me to conclude that it's really true.


My Inspiration for the Deed:

When I was being treated by my bodyworker, I caught a huge whiff of ether under my nose while lying on her table. And, because I was put under with ether many times as a child, I realized that a lot of things might’ve happened while I was under. I’ve always been a little suspicious of conclusions like these, but I do clearly remember choking on a penny while I was lying in bed, and being rushed to the hospital to have it removed.

I keep two Crypt accounts, and have been living with offending gas emissions in my apartment(s) for quite some time now. So, I decided to invest in Ethereum. A purchase of Platinum or some other precious metal to save, or to build a catalytic converter for my room might give me a chance to find out more about the Gas Fees I've been hearing about. I always believed exhaust in my room to be a personal offense based upon my own history, or lineage, so I wrote about previous efforts to deal with the problems like these.

The fact that I was unable to process the transaction for the Ethereum is the purpose of the following letter:    Sent on the 29th of August

Letter to Ethereum Vender

I've decided to use my P**** Business Card for offshore transactions with foreign entities, and have added the capacity for P***** to handle a much larger number of currencies than were previously available to me at my account. My personal account does not process international transactions, and my banker wouldn't authorize a payment for services outside of the United States.

Thank you for your help, and for your understanding of our limitations.

I've been working on this problem for a long time out of concern for our portion, and, as Trustee of my Trust, I’m responsible for breaches of security - as well as the costs incurred to prevent them, so I've taken a conservative approach to the problem, and worked on public relations to amend relations with those who might have a grievance against me to keep lines of communication open.

By keeping Internet banking information safe and secure, and by networking with my bankers by regular face to face conversations, I hope to address the local problems we've had, learn to contain them, and earn the trust we need to make progress abroad.

I believe that most people here fail to realize how vulnerable our network security really is. And, that most assume standard practice will be sufficient when dealing with extreme circumstances, and that's just not the case. We have to be vigilant by all means, and especially by maintaining relationships with those who expect us to respect fair play and decency.

For a very long time, I separated competitive work and fee based services from charitable projects to keep unwelcome traffic off materials that pay, but I've come to realize that the unwelcome traffic is all that I have left at times, and if I don't keep them welcome, the demand for my material will completely fade away.

It's clear to me, that not only do I have to provide efficient access to their materials, but in this forum, I also need to listen to the questions that are being raised, and the queries that land my material very carefully, or suffer public outrage at my failure to address them.

At this point in time, I can't afford an Accountant, so relying on the numbers we've been shown is a travesty. I believe the bankers have simply balanced the ledgers with 0 to call a complex network of profits and charity judgement proof.

With my regards, thank you for interest and assistance in this matter!

Gas the method of delivery of ETH the currency of Ethereum is needed for every transfer of ETH. And, because my dad was an Executive for Esso Oil, and a Russian Investor tried to invest in a new form of Adaptive Medicine I've been developing online (by referring to it as a Medical Sector IT), I thought I might continue to bring a reasonable amount of pressure to the injustice of the slow transactions we've suffered. My first effort to procure the currency suggests that it might be better to mine it myself, than to exchange it for standard currency, and incur gas fees in the process.

But, it makes sense to investigate the source of the Gas in my room anyway, even if it doesn’t include suspicions about the Crypto-currency Ethereum, and the exchange rates that may be offending me. Purchasing a precious metal, such as the platinum, would be a good investment anyway - even if I don't need to build a catalytic converter to be rid of the fumes I live with. Like Nickel Mining in Norilsk, the pollution created by the plant is so grave that we'll need the nickel to build safer fuel-cell vehicles.

See also: Repressed Memories.


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