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My Apologies to you

Sherwood TreeBy Dadulinka - Own work. I realized after writing yesterday, that it wasn't fair of me to exclude you from our group. For a period of time, however briefly, we have also worked with you and in one case, a client with a tree trimming company called Sherwood Trees had a living moniker of the real thing on his website. Though I thought it was fitting at the time, and he paid me well, I didn't really have a right to redistribute it’s image. Like my first logo, which wasn't really mine either, even after paying an artist to repaint it and tattoo it on my back, my rights to the image were not properly established.

So now, unless an author or illustrator is cited, all the work published here and redistributed online belongs to The Trusteeship; the websites, the text, and all the images on them, the domains and all related accounts that host and redistribute the property belonging to The Trusteeship (IMID). The formality of this is not yet completed; it's a very difficult and time consuming task, but well worth the effort because any value taken from the totality of this endeavor devalues the property of all. Were we to covet the project for ourselves, the value of the diversity afforded by the rest of us would diminish by the limitations of our very selfishness. And it seems, there are so many people sincerely involved now, that it simply would not do for any one of us to insist on possessing the entirety. The Internet is huge, so we can always go somewhere else to have things our way.

And, since realizing the error of my ways, I've been very careful to remove, or replace anything that has not been formally obtained by the corporations that placed them (because quite frankly, I don't have the protection of the original corporations anymore). The self-supporting income I earned to replace support from a public trust is now gone, so I tend to the entities that remain because the only relevant information remaining to consider was mine.

for myself and others...

Mic Check

When our hosting company began registering names in 1979, a new feature of our landscape included the power to reach across jurisdictional boundaries - not to obstruct justice and fuel dissent, but to avoid the kind of disruption to our lives caused by problems that were unresolved due to borders or distance. I do my level best to represent clients and entities as they truly are and to refrain from the use of any claims that they do not intend. So ICANN, founded in 1998, or a recent European Initiative, such as Article 13 may not be used to challenge our fair use examples of content like the professors library. It would be unfair to prevent those we hope to empower by denying them access to their advocacy!


My motivation for the work:

Because I was under the influence of ether many times as a child, when I inhaled a whiff of ether while on my bodyworker’s table, I realized that much of the trouble I was there to treat may have resulted from periods of time that I could not fully remember. I’ve always been a little suspicious of conclusions like these, because there are other explanations for missing information, like shock, or trauma, but I’ve been sure to identify just what led to the loss of memory if it does happen to me (in this case, I clearly remember choking on a penny while I was lying in bed, and being rushed to the hospital to have it removed).

So I keep three Crypto accounts to trade Bitcoins and Ethereum, despite the offending gas emissions that may result, to purchase enough Platinum for a catalytic converter in the apartment despite the gas fees I may incur by doing so because. I’ve always considered the exhaust in my room to be based upon my father’s history, or lineage, which I wrote about here.

A Russian investor, with a similar background as my father’s, was interested in a form of Adaptive Medicine that I developed online. He referred to it as a Medical Sector IT, so I thought I might continue to bring pressure to the injustice of the slow transactions we suffer with by pointing to another fact of our lives: Even our micro scale circuitry is subject to the breakdown of gasses as a result of miniaturization. Follow ongoing research at: J. Appl. Phys. 7 December 2020; 128 (21): 210903.

It makes sense to investigate the source of the gaseous emissions in my room anyway, even if I rule out suspicions about the consequences of Ethereum transfers, but I admit, it may not only be the exchange rates that are offending. It’s clear that we're being called out for more than our behavior with petroleum products by this time, so I pray to minimize the consequences of my initiatives as well.

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