Remarkable Discoveries on YouTube

Segment 1

I found clips from movies and shows so specific to my life that I'm surprised I didn't see the resemblance before.


For example: Many of people I know in real life seem to be the producers (or talent) of my favorite YouTube Channels:

  • A friend of mine is the splitting image of Mr. Carlson, at Mr. Carlson's Lab.

  • Another friend of mine who helped me get around when I wasn't driving is very similar to an English Actor who shares stories about narrowboating Canals in the UK. And, at various times, I've developed strategies to simplify the navigation of pages and sites, and how to safely navigate the locks along my stretch of the river (Inspiration), but there is so much more terrain to describe.

Avatars continued

  • One of my swimming students looked so much like the author's daughter in Peter Greenway's 'The Pillow Book' and her father - like the author who was belittled by the publisher in that film, that I wonder if it isn't a problem that still needs our attention. In this clip the author names his daughter by writing his upon her, while the publisher was denied the father's creative talent by focusing on the darker side of humanity.

  • Another swimming student helped me to resolve the problem of identifying differing points of view by way of cortical cues (as in dreams, or visions).

  • And my friend Ray, who suffered with painful injuries before he died and was a good friend to many, probably saved more lives than anyone I've ever met. In this animation he seems to have shown up as a character to bring a young virgin to a mountain top.

Perhaps because our region seems to be engaged with 'Pedophilia Light' a report about the death of a child (a desecration I encountered in another State) is perceived to be a vehicle used to allow for the continuation of the crime, but I assure you, our requirement to report crimes that lead to death and injury is not intended to prevent the truth from being told, but to warn others of the conseqences of required reporting and the burden we bear when people carry on without regard for others.


  • The story of Carthage, who's practice of ritual child sacrifice was presumed to be for mundane reasons, allowed for just a glimpse of the true story because their history and culture was so completely wiped out by the resulting Roman holocaust.

  • And because many still seem to be avoiding the consequences of efforts to take comfort with the women of South East Asia and the like, we've become unable to rule out what many see as the only retreat left to our culture - our own children - as a source of comfort and solace. I advocate for the use of machines, but its unrealistic for the average person to accept an adaptation like that at this time.
    Please see: Cloud Index.

  • Death may not be the end, but I can't ally with those who side with it. So while working on the consequences of reporting the hate crime scene I encountered, when I encountered people like Geoff Lawton, who are solving technical problems, such as keeping a roadside pond fertile through the fire season, I considered it to be of value for other reasons, like providing a better way to treat a crime scene.

Segment 2

Even my own life is depicted at YouTube, with no effort on my part at all! Details of which are so shocking to me, that I report them here with some dismay!

Resemblance of Self

  • I wrote about the discovery of the problem of Haptics on my Self Examination page, but a horrible depiction of the consequences of the problem are also dramatized in a scene from Once Upon A Time in The West.

  • And when I saw my family name in use by a Nazi I got upset! In this case, its not only suspicion at play, but a very real concern about the intent of a producer to do so. Perhaps because we hired a concentration camp survivor when I was a child (I relieved her of her duties when I got home from school) our intentions were misunderstood.

  1. We were taught to own our behavior, and I do my best to be accountable, but Scandinavian descent, like any other, may be thought to possess characteristics we don't always have, so I made my plea here: Open Letter.lungs

Resemblance Continued

  • When Pugsley joined the Scouts, the Adams Family got concerned, and when they found him with a catcher's mitt, they called the Psychiatrist. Apparently, it was our manors that were at fault! We couldn't twirl spagetti onto a fork and eat it neatly, it had to be cut, or slurped.

  • So the first line of Neuromancer set off alarms in my head: “The sky over the port was the color of television tuned to a dead channel.” Why? What had I missed? What have I overlooked? I knew something was wrong when I left home, but I didn't study the problem thoroughly enough!

  • So when confronted by the severity of life, and realizing how many have died and are dying while trying to be helpful, I had to ask myself: "Have they died in vein?" 3 Minutes and 40 seconds into the video linked below, Shakti Malan describes the problem of treating a young boy with a colonic. She died in 2017 pursuing allegations at a camp in Brazil with John of God. I wrote more specifically about this problem at: Retrospectives

Responders & Intervention

  • I couldn't return to be at peace with my family, or freely assemble with my community while surrounded by death and suspicion, so I went to work more vigorously on online. But the Internet has international scope, and therefor also had to address problems that resulted from my father's behavior, and his father's. Flying a Corsair off the USS Ticonderoga during the Korean Conflict was not how to win friends and influence people in Korea, and his father wasn't welcome with his christian mission in China, so try to work on the misunderstandings in our culture (largely born of ignorance) at: Investigations.

  • So I carry on by writing others with similar problems, and those that can help. Some, like the late great Karl Lagerfeld, and Liliane Bettencourt who've died, have already made their way. But those of us who advocate for the truth must also learn to face it. Even if we get hurt working to achieve it, we'll learn to carry on by artistic endeavor in spite of the damages we suffered to represent it well.