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Immune System Support

Roots and Herbs

A woman from Germany recommended an old recipe for spiced vinegar as an immune booster if you’re worried about your health.

I also use garlic and black pepper by adding it to meat, eggs and soups, and Cheyenne pepper works well too.

Please see also: Preparations under development

Middle Eastern Spices

And when I make a pound of beans I use at least a cup of spice, usually coriander, cumin and curry, but again with garlic and black pepper, and in this recipe freshed ginger and tomato. Just cook the spices for a minute or two in oil, and then mix the cooked beans in slowly to make a kind of chili that you eat with Nan, the Indian bread. It’s called Dahl if your interested and it’s become an important staple staple in my diet. There's a recipe here (also on YouTube) Dahl

Asian Protien

Recently, I’ve been thriving on Miso and Dashi; something in the Dashi - perhaps powdered Bonita fish is amazingly soothing, and with ramen noodles it makes a complete meal. It’s so nourishing, I didn’t realize what I was missing until I tried it. I’ll send you some links to the products and recipes I’ve used if that’ll help.

Vitamin D and Potassium also turned out to be very useful to me.

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