The Trusteeship IMID  Bodywork

CrystalsA physical problem can't be changed by thoughts about it, so talk therapy is not likely to do much good. The mind cannot:

  • Connect to a muscle memory or a trigger point that is isolated by a toxic chemical environment.
  • Reach tissue unavailable to innervation.
  • Command muscle or tissue without nutrients and fuel, such as those found in our blood supply.
  • Address inflammation that results from emotional imbalance.

We need an alternative form of treatment that can only be provided by a physical practice and a treatment setting designed to address these issues. Please see Treatment Plans, and/or a health care provider of your choice. Here are a few of my favorite local practitioners: Referrals.

When I found myself and my brothers threatened and scarred, I tried to determine where our wounds came from to determine exactly what kind of threat we were dealing with. And as I grew up, I was expected to account for my investigations. Because I didn't understand how we were conditioned or controlled, I believed that the reactionary environment I was born into resulted from my own behavior. So my first admission to myself was that I did not understand. I had to face the fact that though I had been granted various powers at different times in my life, these powers were not really mine, they were God's.

And while advocating for those who charge practices and procedures (which are often provided without consent) by finding fault with the practitioners, I found that there’s a lot we can do on our own. Being open and honest about our own misgivings was useful to others and instructive to me. I’ve been disparaged as a trouble maker, and my judgement has been called out by madmen pointing out the folly of failing to take control of threatening situations. What I already knew however, is that it was my effort to apprehend the threat that gave rise to it, and, my own children needed help to deal with the consequences of suspicions about me, and rash judgements used against us to silence the concern about our discoveries, and put an end to the healing practices we developed to treat ourselves.

So we write more carefully about problems like these with the new technology in the hope that we will be able to keep our boundaries better in this medium with screens, mice and keyboards rather than script. By augmenting our text with hypertext, to resolve confusion about ambiguous terms, or to provide context for the content such as dates, times and locations, we can clarify the motivation behind a collection of incidents that otherwise might be construed as only one. The Internet helps us to determine how our conflicts arose much more effectively, and provides a safer - choice driven environment to defuse the reactivity, and improve the responses we encounter along the way.

Please see: Aveda Arts and Sciences Institutes - Massage Therapy