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Sabotage to Efficiencies

Summary of Examples

Business As Usual

  • Fail to produce the information needed to implement a plan like the PayPal API for an e commerce solution, or the Domain Name registration required to reroute a completed project, and delay the second payment indefinitely.
  • Ask me to republish other peoples materials with your name. (Just copy that!)

Please see copyright law: Copyright Law, and our Work-Order.pdf

  • Ask for a bid to get the requirements clear and do it yourself with the information I provide.

Please see: Direct Marketing

  • Provide your 200 pages of copy as sheets of paper that need to be retyped.
  • Use two agents for approval. If one likes it, the other is sure not to!

Only one representative gets to decide! Its a part of our agreement! (Please see: Hosting-Agreement.pdf)

  • Provide copy that is clearly useless (and get edits and ideas for free!).

Just ask for a bid, I'm a start-up specialist!
I can help you research your field of endeavor, and reach your target market with a meaningful and strategic approach with pay!

  • Pay someone to hack your website on my server to prove it isn't secure, or by use of another form of malware.....reroute all our traffic to your ED website.

Please see: Wire Fraud is normally punishable by a 20-year sentence.

  • ...or pay a rival to build a new version, and get a new version from me for free!

(You won't find a more reliable and trustworthy service for less in this country!)

Steamed Machine

Sabotage is defined as: a deliberate action aimed at weakening another entity through subversion, obstruction, disruption, or destruction. In a workplace setting, sabotage is the conscious withdrawal of efficiency generally directed at causing some change in workplace conditions.

Sabotage exists. Hate and greed exist. These two human attributes motivate businesses to innovate and adapt, and the result drives the economy.

We have agreements to build reasonable expectations, and we write these agreements - not only to protect ourselves, but to protect you, our clients as well....and to help you to recognize the very real threats we all face in the free market today.

Please see: Hosting-Agreement.pdf

Here are a few examples of this business under attack!

  • Ask for a start-up without a mission, a corporate name, or incorporation....or contract a website without materials. For Example: Ask me to make pea soup: "All I need is some boiling water and dried peas....well, maybe some onion would be nice, or kale...and geese, I guess it just wouldn't do without a hoc of ham, etc."

(Walking on water and meeting requirements are equally easy if both are frozen.)

  • Have your Sister-in-law in Nevada provide instructions to you over the phone in a noisy coffee shop and tell me what she's saying while your looking over my shoulder at code you don't understand. (That way neither one of us will ever have to be accountable for the result, and there will be no evidence of the idiocy when the day is done.)
  • Ask me to add, or edit material that doesn't make sense, or publish content that displays without a consistent look and feel, write copy without effective communication skills, (publish without validity, accuracy, or integrity of some other kind, and you'll ruin both of our reputations).
  • Take months to provide authorizations and reviews, until the project is abandoned due to unreasonable maintenance fees, and delay the second payment indefinitely.

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