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Terms & Limitations

TalkThe following terms include an estimate of the production time and costs required to accomplish the goals identified above. The items you choose are up to you. Helping you to achieve your priorities as 'the client', or representative of the corporation or aggregate of 'clients' is our primary objective.

Content and artwork will be provided by you, 'the client' and layout, design, mail server and setup services will be provided by IMID by transfer of digital material from you, 'the client' along with instructions for the placing of content by IMID for the target market. You are responsible for approval, or the approval of the corporation (only one company representative please). We cannot stop the delivery of mail that has already been sent. Rates apply as set forth in the General Terms portion of this document.

Due to the nature of web development, graphic design and artistic endeavor - where not all possible conditions can be predetermined, IMID will not be liable for work not outlined in the scope of this bid. Any additional development, artistic, or creative endeavor will need to be defined in another requirements document, or redefined in this one.

You may also choose to write out a Work Order, and we will be glad to provide a line item bid for the new requirements. IMID requires half of the development fees to begin, and the balance to go live. Other terms may be established as needed.

Manage your reputation by migrating to a virtual identity that can be relied upon with your own domain, and your own server. We'll meet for an hour or two to get your requirements clear, and when we've discussed your goals thoroughly, we'll draft a requirements document - such as the example to the right.

Lungs, or breasts?

Sample Bid

1. Template Selection and Development

Content will endeavor to build and represent for you, the character, or archetype you envision for your corporation, or yourself, and will convey nothing that you, or your corporation does not intend. The mail server will host your mail service as an alias of your domain name, and will serve your mail for as long as you need. Because the email is sent by your own domain name, your reputation will depend upon how well you choose to use it. The reliability of your email list is also extremely important, but the number of emails you send will not be limited by your ISP, or host, because we will be serving the data from our own IP. For an example of our work, please see: Promat Direct Marketing, or IMID Direct.

1.1 Landing Page Form and Function:

a) A landing page of your choice will be developed to be the primary destination for the email content's click through, providing a specific response to the campaign, a single call to action with as few distractions as possible to obtain your target market's personal information and allow you to establish a real connection to a new customer.

b) The landing page may be a form, gathering information best suited to filter your new leads, an e-commerce solution to close a sale directly, or an informative video or audio message with a plan b, such new contacts email address, or telephone number.

2. Analytics

2.1 Analytics tracking the traffic from each campaign will be followed with reports developed by using custom URL's built into the links of the campaign emails themselves to determine the relative successes of each. Only visitors resulting from the campaign, and no other sources will be used to evaluate the effectiveness of your campaign.

2.2 Access to Analytics

Tracking will be provided using an analytical tool of your choice.

3. Server Setup and Management

Email campaigns will use network settings to host your mail server by accessing your domain host. In order to establish mail service for the corporate domain name an email account with the same domain name will act as the sending and/or receiving email address. (You may choose to receive these emails directly, or allow IMID to provide the leads when they arrive as a forward.)

Server setup fees will apply for each campaign and installation however, if you are running a permanent installation your ongoing fees are limited to the changes you make to your campaign, and list management.

4. Email Lists

Email lists belong to you, the client and their use will be determined by your requirements. For a population of clients serving the same target market, or an aggregate of clients with similar goals, you may choose to manage the lists and serve the target market as a group by contractual agreement only. Please contact us for more information:

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Consultation Fees

$ 30 per hour
Website Design Strategy
How to Development Content
Problem Solving
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Market Research

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Junior Technician

$ 40 per hour
Template Design
Landing Page Composition
Restructuring HTML
Rewriting CSS
Loading JavaScript

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Senior Technician

$ 50 per hour
Writing JavaScript
Installing Websites
Assigning Domain Names
Tracking Specific Traffic
Establishing E-Commerce

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Network Architecture

$ 60 per hour
Writing Domain Zones
Installing Web Servers
Establishing International Presence
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