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How Best to Ensure Your Happiness

Eating Healthy Food

There is nothing that will ensure your happiness more reliably than an investment in good food. Organic foods develop chemical defenses to predatory influences that are beneficial to us all, and sustainable practices will help us survive our limitations. Soil today has been so compromised by heavy equipment and industrial farming that we're working on the development of more sustainable practices to replace what has become a broken system. Please see: Permaculture for more information about one of the most successful adaptations.

The most persistent threat to our health is inflammation, or the burning-up sensation that results from stress and the oxidation we do to generate energy. Stress and toxins can be greatly reduced by eating a diet rich in anti-inflammatory foods and antioxidants, but health is measured by our ability to adapt. If we become too comfortable, we're not likely to be adapting enough.

Mix things up! Change your diet every two months or so, and exercise in new ways. Cross training was developed to help athletes to avoid injury, but the strength gained is based upon the body's ability to adapt. So start with Good Food! A great source of information on this subject can be found here:

Anti-Inflammatory Food Pyramid

For several years now, I've been using various forms of tea, or tisanes (herbal tea), and natural reinforcements such as the diversity of color and flavor in my food. Camomile Tea rather than expensive drugs or supplements works wonders. Turmeric and some of the remedies my Grandparents were fond of work too, but if you need guidance in the matter, please find a healthcare professional, or complementary medicine specialist to help you. Here are a few of the people I've worked with: Referrals

The decline of hormone levels however is a more difficult problem to solve, and can seriously compromise our health as we age, so I keep a strategy online that I update whenever necessary to help maintain normal hormone levels for those of us who are experiencing midlife crisis.

To stave-off geriatric conditions, and continue to stay fit, heal well, and to continue to thrive, I supplement my diet with a good source of protein, and natural remedies that increase free testosterone in my system. Natural methods of doing so will allow our bodies to produce these substances without drug dependency, toxic reactions, or unnatural adaptations and byproducts in our system. Women may also find remedies prescribed by the medical system to be helpful, such as Estrogen and Progesterone.


Obedience to the Unenforceable:

Where there is no law which determines our course of action, yet we know we are not free to choose to do as we would. When taking action, or refraining from harmful activity stems from our conscience nearly as strongly as law and is assumed as a duty, or a personal commitment.

Or, "the domain of obedience to that which one is not forced to obey; one is the enforcer of the law upon oneself."

~Paraphrased from an Old English definition.

If we go where we need to be aright, we won't need a rite to write what we already wrote.


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