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The Trusteeship

Healers and teachers that can really help!

Tim Burkett

Guiding Teacher at MN Zen Center

The first time I heard Tim talk, I realized that what he had to share was akin to my need for food. If we're lucky, once in a while we'll find a rare teacher who can share knowledge about joys we thought no one else would ever understand.

Senior Teacher Tim Burkett, MN Zen Center

Dr. Andrew Lucking

Director of the Minnesota Naturopathic Medicine Clinic

Dr Lucking helped me to adapt to challenging circumstances by being honest about weaknesses in my character and how to repair them with strengthening remedies. Schedule at: Present Moment, or call the number below:


Anna Needham

Nationally Board Certified, MN Medical Licensee

Anna helped me to prepare for travel with access to the only healthcare I would be able to obtain abroad: Traditional Chinese Medicine. Her presence alone is healing and the shop is always a comfort to me.

Tao Natural Foods

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