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In-house Material Evaluation

(Medical Sector IT)

Importing Hyaluronic Acid may not seem like a wise decision during these uncertain times (as opposed to injecting sanctioned Rooster Combs from the United States) - for various reasons, but smoothing out the deep injections into scar tissue has been very rewarding.

Journaling an Expedition


The needle gauge needed expanding as a typical delivery of product only included two, so we're including a box-full of wider gauge needles for multiple application and easier handling.

However, obstruction in the delivery tube may be due to the higher viscosity of liquid resulting from airmail delivery and the unpredictable cabin pressures found there.


This is a high risk venture, much like others we've already handled, such as the clinical trial of imported Growth Hormone. The risk of encountering (CJD) a potentially catastrophic illness with a very short fuse made procurement of the product difficult, so the delivery of our product was accompanied by military personnel and the USPS requested that I contact the sender to begin an investigation.


Trauma resulting from procedures intended to control our coming and going has for years inspired critics of the barbaric practices of western medicine to prepare a suitable alternative, Yea to consider every possible option! And radical efforts including the use of mutagens, such as colchicine, have fostered optimism for a more reliable delivery by seafaring vessel of a more appealing option made possible by letter of credit between the banks.

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