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Triple Entente

Triple Entente

If war is sustained by a battle of words,
isn't the power of a Nation State established by the State Surgeon?

Endless War

With an agreement signed on the 4th of September 1914 within which all three parties agree not to conclude a separate peace until all three agree to the terms - at any given time, only one of them has to object.

Unsatisfactory Results

While living with the exploitation of a rival and a medical opinion that describes the conditions as illusory, frustration with an inadequate resolution of the oppression results in suicidal desperation and war. See also Wikipedia, on Triple Entente.

One objection sustained by three

St. Petersburg

While striving to keep bucks from damaging the woodlands as they rub the velvet off their antlers, a plot to secure funds in the east by trading products from the west is discovered by Stateside rivals.

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