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Because we enjoy peace, liberty and the freedom to compose, we're sharing safer strategies for the cohabitation that's resulting online.
Evaluating cortical visual field size by probing the cortex.

Neural Trajectories

Evaluating cortical visual field size (the brains representation of what is seen) by probing the cortex.

Determining the priorities established by each visual pathway (what and where) in the cortex.

Visual Field Size

Determining the priorities (filtering information for what is needed) established by each visual pathway (what and where), in the cortex.

(Images from Zhaoping Courses, Oxford University Press)

Evaluating the size of the visual field processed in the cortex by probing signals originating at various distances from the fovea.

Distance from Gaze Center

Evaluating the size of the visual field at varying distances from the fovea (in the periphery, rather than in focus).

Apothecary Garden in a Castle Keep

We hope this medium will become a safe place, but at times can't tell if a perception is ours, or the machines!

So, we prioritize the health of our people, rather than obstructions that present in our way.

  • We work on the score we've been given and not try not to reinvent the wheel.
  • We make use of what we've been given and pass on what we've learned to those who will follow.
  • We apply our technology to be creative rather than destructive.
  • And we establish security to ensure the safety of all.

Our interface is only representative of ourselves, but is omnipresent with the Internet, so we continue our work in the hope that these various instances of identity represented here will rest transparently in the power that created them. Please see also: Sand Lake Drowning


Continuing to develop tools for a more diverse community by documenting the results of doing what we were told to improve on how we accomplish it.

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