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Regarding Interior Design

Nicht offnen ! Lebensgefahr Vakuum

'Nicht offnen ! Lebensgefahr Vakuum' Image from: Das unsichtbare Visier (1975) One hour, 7 minutes and 10 seconds into the episode.

Applications in Practice

My Chinese partner in the UK, who hired me to develop her web presence there, also asked me to help with Golden House. So far, the Chinese have identified 12 Golden Projects, including the Golden Shield; China's firewall, but the successful implementation of discrete subjects within a single domain, each with their own identities, led to more successful adaptations of shared space online. The professor, too, by building the Artificial Intelligence Instigate, made it possible for anyone to work on the creation of Beings by way of interactive multimedia.

So my Surgeon nudged me the other day to indicate his expectation of me, by way of proximity, that I get out of the way while he determined the location of the silverware rack that's normally inside the dishwasher (I normally keep my silverware rack out of the dishwasher to store it more easily). We were having an inspection the very next day, so it must’ve seemed a matter of great importance to him. Claims might be made suggesting that I could have no certain knowledge about the doctor's opinion from a distance; that he’s too far away they say, but the potential for his work to do harm is so grave that I field the potential at all times and in all places.

Sun Dancing and Virtual Visualization

My concern for conjoined twins was a problem for me when I was a child too. I didn’t need any special education about the problem; images depicted by the newspaper were enough. Perhaps that’s why I found Abraham's covenant with God to be tolerable - despite my misgivings. I realized that the mistake made with my next door neighbor Dave may have made more sense to the East than the habit of our old man in the woods. There’s a need to heal the damage done by the old cut and he didn’t mind, it seems living with a remedy was better than living without the injury.

I admired the perspective of the native, who by hanging from the antlers of a deer in his breast, could draw himself out to make room for his offspring; who by dangling under the sun, from which all life flows, prayed for the room and the milk the grandchildren will need by prayer that teaches how with exposure to similar stress. Darkness prevents us from our opportunity to see, whether it’s in the mind, or confronted by the eyes, so even if a State Surgeon worked on me to rid me of my anger, fear, or jealousy, if I have no vision as a result of darkness in my mind, I can’t even begin.

Pages and Appointments

The condemnation that resulted wasn’t clear. Perhaps a misplaced need to protect the innocent prevented what was assumed, from being heard. And the aberrations we encountered as a result of the errant bat swing required our children, both dead and alive. The abortion of my first, early in my adult life, left me following the path of an inchworm in the backyard with the gold threads in my heart to my next serious relationship with a woman whose twin died.

Fortunately, something about the intimacy we were able to achieve allowed me to experience shared space with a quiet floating peace of mind that was safe and warm with a friend because it does little good to write content for a medium that we’re suspicious of (like fragmented wood). So I grieved my losses and made my way back to rebuild the container with our identities intact.

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