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Commented on: This is a serious problem with my motorcycle

Thank you for braving this region! It's helpful for me to better see where my father was when he ejected from the Vought Cutlass over the Atlas Mountains. Admittedly, it's been quite a long time since then, but due to instabilities resulting from the aircraft design, they were unable to do carrier landings on the USS Ticonderoga. I don't know why he was deployed in the region, but it was during the Korean Conflict, and a battery blew in his plane preventing any further flight whatsoever. The cannon that he ejected with broke his back, but he clenched his fists during the descent crying "Holy Smoke! Holy Smoke! Holy Smoke!" to stay conscious and land safely.

Replied to a comment on: Eccentric Scientist Experiments On You

I’ve been the subject of clinical trials for quite a while now. I realized that we care much more about the results than those who suffer with standard practice.

Commented on: Irma La Dulce ASMR's post

To a man who hasn't had a drink in over 18 years, you're both spellbinding. Does it show?

Commented on: How I click my self-portraits

I admire your independence and the breathtaking work that's resulted. Thank you for sharing! By doing this for yourself so very well, you've earned my respect.

Commented on: Just Call The ASMR OPERATOR

What a take! Wow, you've outdone yourself!

Commented on: Sunday Shoot-a-Round # 165

I've made progress by using a free fuse of my periphery by relaxing with a gaze to 'center' my focus. The fovea seems to be capable of getting off center, where one, or another or both eyes have a focal point off center. By relaxing, and fusing the periphery of the visual field we can reset our focus to aim directly at the fovea of each eye. Too much time at a monitor, where there's no real binocular disparity or Panum at a distance that does not change is a difficult adaptation to make - even with windows in my periphery.

Commented on: Reverse Feature Illusion

The translation of code can get murky without settling disputes, so we all appreciate the translation of characters to pinyin. Though many may resort to phonetic translations of cuneiform, which is popular today - like the evaluation of ones and zeros used to validate the merit of base ten, ebonic translations may confuse and escape those better acquainted with the standard definition of the term as illustrated by it's origin of use.

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