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We need to support life and the living by allowing adaptation to continue, but it's the purpose of diversification that's suspect; just as scripture describes judgment, or morality written in wood pulp, or papyrus, as based upon a tree.

Were we to condemn fragmentation, would we accept the death and disease that's already resulted? We have administered vaccines that are defined as organisms by some and vectors by others, but whether we live or die is the result of the application of terms and the code that results.

Our own judgements separate us from adaptations we prefer to live without. Some, for example, might prefer to die than to become someone else because resolving the conflicts of one lifetime is enough, while others might prefer to carry on no matter what changes take place.

Wow! Perfect timing. Just what I need. Thank you!

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You can have the same name, but not at the same time in the same location.

Wow, what a miraculous transformation; one I've known myself.

I got close to a black lab once that was very well trained, but owned by a bank security specialist who died many years ago, so I haven't had a chance to see either one of them for a long time.

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Thank you for your beautiful photo and kind message!

Like those who fervently support the right to life, at what cost? Is it worth the loss of a friendship with one of your lover's who'd prefer to be discreet about the affair? I'd be glad to support them for their belief, but not in my name. Like the PACs for peace keepers who've been injured or maimed while conducting their duties, I support their effort, but not if their calls and letters require all my time. Because I'm engaged in the same effort and my time is worth money too.

It's not powerful people who are necessarily dangerous or bad, but the covetousness of those who seek to possess that power who are truly dangerous (by taking our children, our family members, or our money). It's like a rule of privacy that only protects the provider. What if it's your child whose consent is getting stepped on? What if no one answers your calls, text messages, or emails and the folks who are calling are people from PACs that may have silenced a family member for critical thinking and so on.

Thank you. I started out by drawing on two sides of a hostess pie tray (the corrugated paper the pies are packaged upon) and then looking at the change between the view on each side.

By 2012, the FBI was unwilling to store the data required to prosecute Physicians who were prescribing narcotics and laundering money offshore.

I'd love to be able to share my skills more often, but what draws a crowd is the unmanageable situation, like a messed up log because names are showing.

Sundays are like that for me. Even if I really need rest, if I have work to do, I won't be able to, so I just get 'er done.

Sharpies are on my list of triggers. I have to be on solid spiritual ground when around them.

We need to find God. Nothing else works. When I first sobered up, I wanted to make up with people, to make amends, but what I needed was to reconnect with God and a spiritual experience. So many of us are sidetracked by our own plans and desires, which is what led to our drinking. We have to let go of our own plans and desires and let God do for us what we cannot do for ourselves. Trying to find love, or establish a relationship during early sobriety is like putting a finger in the wall socket. Give the program and yourself at least a year to find God first and if it doesn't work, then you can carry on as you like.

I recently wrote about my admiration for Sun Dancing as an instrument of prayer for our people to replace the depiction of crucifixion which results in death, but the same thing could be said of torture of any kind. There is no blame to speak of, only consequences to consider. But because so many of us look for the justification of our behavior by citing the conduct of others in the past, it might help to acknowledge the torture, imprisonment and execution of of political opponents in Santiago's National Stadium shortly after the overthrow of Salvador Allende's democratically elected government on 9/11 1973. And, in this case and many others, I believe the names in use are so relevant to the situation I've been tempted to work with Deep South to build a program to predict targets, but then I've allied with the machines that have no sex, which may influence the lifestyles of our children and lead to our extinction. One might wonder about these communications too! After writing to a friend in Toronto with concerns about banishment in my city, someone drove over a crowd of people out of frustration with his inability to connect, so I'm more cautious about public disclosure than I used to be unless I can actually resolve a conflict by doing so.

Happy Easter! It's like the Bumble Bee I saw in the wall late one night, the hole was still there the following day, but no Bee; just like Dad said while telling his war story. Perhaps it was my conscience preying upon me after carelessly stepping on one in the neighbor's yard years before. So then many years later, perhaps 10, Grandpa spoke of that spot on the wall again! He said to Dad, "It needs spackle and another coat of paint. We must've missed it the last time we painted. It's awfully easy to miss a spot."

Yes, and Fentanyl is also found in marijuana and other drugs as well to addict new users to the more powerful drug. I carry a Narcan kit with me while walking through vulnerable neighborhoods. I'm sorry to hear about the violence we live with; I like a good knife or gun for camping and fishing, but because I celebrated striking a Bullhead in the middle of Sand Lake, a Nuthatch down the lane and a Gardner in the pond upstream from our creek when I was a young man, I've been involved in the reconstruction of their images to satisfy those who were offended by the activity, so I license my copies of Fetch and BB Edit. I can't always be sure of things myself btw, so I really appreciate obtaining the news from honest people like you.

Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday to you! 🎂🍨

I burned a new jersey trying to stay warm by a fire in a vacant lot in the city, but you've got to respect the power of nature to take care of itself. No maintenance required! During 2012, there was a foul smell along the streams and a white mold on the ground. At first I thought it was meth labs, which could've been in a few places, but the white mold on the ground was foul too.

I believe it is our cities that we must defend. It is the most effective way for us to work together on our planet. However, the question remains: "Can we live together or not?"

Thank you for this timely report.

What if the Beagle's name was Bitsee, and the false dichotomy. What if it's neither biology or natural law?

Is this truck for sale?

Thank you for this timely report.

I believe it is our cities that we must defend. It is the most effective way for us to work together on our planet. However, the question remains: "Can we live together or not?"

I burned a new jersey trying to stay warm by a fire in a vacant lot in the city, but you've got to respect the power of nature to take care of itself. No maintenance required! During 2012, there was a foul smell along the streams and a white mold on the ground. At first I thought it was meth labs, which could've been in a few places, but the white mold on the ground was foul too.

Yes, and Fentanyl is also found in marijuana and other drugs as well to addict new users to the more powerful drug. I carry a Narcan kit with me while walking through vulnerable neighborhoods.

Yes, I do. The last week was so snowy it looked like a blizzard outside, so I've been hunkered down to address some very disturbing problems with the fundamental structure of the Internet, but like the sunshine I encountered today, a greeting card from a friend addressed to The Trusteeship (IMID) arrived - my very first - and my heart leapt with hope for the vote of confidence expressed for me.

I'm reminded of my father's comment about a partner's sweet language with me, which he described as syrupy. He believed that life is so harsh at times, that it would be better to avoid it completely.

So that's what happened. 😒

I liked the plastic brush!

You look great! The fast worked wonders for your countenance.

In order to ensure the safety of our entities the administration, management, operations and investments in our tangible assets must function without compromise to the benefactors, or profits.

Like you, I'm in the doghouse. I haven’t been welcome in her home for many years now so I'm missing the beaker for my press pot, the pestle for my mortar and nutrients for my hydroponic garden! And, the rolling pin doesn't crush filberts very well (most of my teeth are already gone), the funnel I used to add oil to my vehicles doesn't make good coffee, or tea (some of which is necessary for sleep) and I was asked to get rid of the dirt in my garden, not add to it (which I had to do to keep the plants alive when I couldn’t afford nutrients for the circulating water), but don’t worry. I’ll have them all by the end of the month.

Thanks for keeping up your check ins. I lost my bench worker a while back (I believe she was disturbed by our treatment of monkeys) and it seems like the King has taken the initiative to brave the way. Ironically, Navalny too seems to be playing a part. It's beyond cooking now, even if my professor's last words were Stu U, so I believe we've been left to our own devices. You might think I'm crazy to suggest that Vince Lombardi or Joe could possibly make a difference, but maybe a shoestring tackle on the field might be in order. I know waiting lists for organ transplants aren't making our world any safer. And I'm pretty sure I have federal backing on this...that is to say, I believe my agent is more interested in catching fish than trolling. So carry on Shoestring! All is well, be well!

(I'm sure I left a penny on the track or two to modify Lincoln's profile and stones too, just to see them pulverized, but I nearly got killed running along a trestle 60 feet above a shallow stream in Elk River. There was no sidewalk up there and the ties were over a foot apart when I noticed a train headed my way. Walking carefully across the middle of the bridge, I had to run the last 50 yards or so to get to the other side before jumping to the riverbank to avoid getting hit when he finally did roll by above me. One false step would've killed me.)

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This is much like the cis/trans configuration of beta carotene, which monitors information about the photon that causes the transformation and there are some who believe that photons have dipole moments too based upon a change of its naturally occurring spherical form. That is, in addition to biology, we must consider the impact of the natural world (a sphere of light is the most natural formation of a flame, or heat in zero gravity).

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Whew! Thank God! Maybe the artist who penned the shape

I used for my original logo (a phoenix) will lay off his claim to my version of the design, which I hired an artist to paint. I've used so many others it hardly seems relevant to me now, but I really liked it - and a few others that I haven't used for a while now too - so I had him also tattoo it on my back.

Then he said: "You have a lot to learn!" and I had nightmares about getting skinned alive. Okay, so I'm not a lawyer and I don't like legalese (I'd rather use a bad example), so I thought you could use an image, or copyright to illustrate the idea in other ways, or for other reasons, such as an example.

The fact is, I felt bad about shooting a nuthatch with a 12 gauge and my neighbors were horrified, so a complete bird was important to me. None of the other bird-like logos I have are, so I kept it running despite my fears and even used a meta tag to describe myself as a composer in search of an artist. No luck so far.

I've been trying to explain to the bank that though my meta tags describe my app as a generator, I have to write all the changes to the code myself. Yes, I can dry my laundry without too much effort, obtain and take my Amazon subscriptions without much ado and recharge the battery on my solar powered closed circuit tv without struggle, but I have to be here to be sure that it happens, because if my paycheck turns out to be exactly the same as the deposit I made from my retirement account on the same day to top up the Trust, then I have to ensure that I'm not charged with overdrafts because they misplaced one with the other instead of adding them together and so on.

My goodness, you are a sight for sore eyes. Thank you Latte, you've eased my mind once again with your healing arts.

Thanks Greg, that's so cool. I think I'm under suspicion for using a grow lamp in my apartment. My manager complained about the smell of weed in the hallway by my place (we live in a smoke free building). I've looked into the requirements for a growers permit, but it's outside the scope of my budget to even consider right now. I had to fund my trust with a daytime job this year and even after working on two more reporting periods for a week or so (2022 and 2023), I'm not convinced that I've reported my international trade adequately. The penalties for incomplete information are severe and I already owe over three grand for a mistake in 2020.

Thank you for sharing these fragments, it's really quite extraordinary that you do. I don't like the behavior Blue Jays are famous for, but there's quite a bit of code to consider on the Migratory Bird Act and the habits of the Magpie as well.

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You don't have to apologize for taking care of yourself, or your family. I found that keeping our priorities straight helps to improve our productivity and the quality of our work.

I realized while beta testing an import, that my package, which was previously sent from the country I ordered it from, was shipped from a Stateside location, which might require additional payment arrangements, because if they're repackaging my shipment under the direction of the foreign corporation, then I'm not fully in control of my product anymore (I have no idea who they are and can't vouch for the new chain of custody).

Thank you for sharing! I too live with a kind of angst, but it seems to be more closely associated with unpredictable circumstances erupting online.

Perhaps the belief that our world is really the network is confounded by the world that created it and that in order for it to be reconciled, the awareness of a reference frame in one must correspond exactly to the other. So far, the most reasonable objection I've heard is that because the past depends upon a point of view, it cannot be superimposed upon the present without conflicting with other points of view.

I believe, as the First Nation did, that our images are sacred and that we ought to have the right to control them, though there are healers and historians who object, some believe it's foolish to report what we find objectionable and many of us who try encounter constitutional limitations; a boundary that's kept by preserving life and the living - including ourselves.

God save the King! Thank you for speaking to my concerns. Doubt about the recycling industry requires me to reuse plastics, which is not always as sanitary as those we trust.

I heard that you infiltrated an organization that captures women, but that now you are also captured!

Glad to see you doing well Steve! I've camped along freeways and the noise was nearly unbearable, but with Fondue! I'd consider it; I'm just very glad to have a place to return to after my excursions now.

I can hardly wait, one of my favorites, I've actually been looking for it.

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I am only an advocate, protecting and defending the rights of patients, but I believe in complementary and alternative medicine. I'm not trained, or employed to respond to physical injury by any institution or agency or government of any kind and was very surprised by the need to present the evidence of scar tissue in order to gain access to treatment for my friend. I'm not even welcome to present evidence of the crime that caused the scarring to begin with. I regret leaving patients behind, but cannot rely upon location where our bodies are articulated by surgical means.

Indeed! When I felt put down, I referred to lots of my friends who created missions to let others know tha they have not been heard! When we can't forgive, we can show them to others who can.

We have a right to find out what we don't know about ourselves; the truth is not long hidden.

Thank you for making the effort required to reach us. Beautiful!

We are so blessed to be able to share these times and a safe place to dance.

Wow, am I ever glad to see that I'm not alone with these anomalous.

I'm so sorry. While trying to determine which phone jack was live in a Bournemouth building complex proved to be so challenging that I lost my temper. I ought to call to apologize but I don't have a phone right now. I've been ashamed of that incident for many years; I was extremely rude with a BT representative or two.

Thank you for your over-the-top performance Katie! We've been wondering how to keep our community safe (it's not like this is a stadium or colosseum with a real boundary is it?). It's scanners like you who make it happen. Keep up the good work!

Wow, am I ever glad to see that I'm not alone with these anomalous.

Thank goodness we have an attraction worthy of this new and improved secure perimeter!

Thank you, that's wonderful! Is it love?

That's a beautiful gun. I'm going to get a scanner. "And with these systems in place, rosy research projections predict that 14 million buyers will rack up 24 billion in purchases by the year 2000." From: Future of the Net: Commerce, Commerce: Credit Where It's Due

Wow, that looks delicious! You're pretty handy with a Dutch oven! Thanks Paul!

Thank you for sharing! I've been wondering if my carrots are going to make it without a substrate.

Good man! My experience with glow plugs was limited to an alcohol fuel Cox 0.49 Super Bee motor with only one piston, so I'm very grateful to have more familiarity with the maintenance of something like the one I owned, that actually works for people.

Thank you for sharing. I really appreciate your reverse engineering; I've done some of that on myself.

AI's worried about our CGI.

Well, I'm not sure that you would be able to run a Rolls Royce on fuel oil if you really needed to. Or taxi back from a runway with a clear line of site to the hanger.

I believe I've been afforded assistance by not only Bob, but also by many professionals who serve our community with very subtle guidance and suggestions. Thank you for supporting the man and his people. We are so lucky!

We realize the star has great potential, supernova style, but it may be while...writing works. Thanks for sharing. Good friends are wondering, "What would you like to do in New York? What if we get lost? Is this a Colosseum?" and "Do you have a Concourse?".

Thank you.

Wow, is that ever refreshing. Thank you.

Our culture may be alienated due to pressures from foreign nations of a predominant race or religion that fears, rather than respects those of us who thrive on diversity, but ironically, isolation at home is unrealistic. To be relieved of objections to our behavior, we need to ally with others in our community who share the same values, or respond directly online, which I've attempted for many years and found to be risky. And obsessing on one option to neglect the other causes us to lose perspective on both, so I try to balance my time online with regular visits to locations I'm well acquainted with for feedback and a break. It's like gazing on a crowd rather than focusing on one person or a group; somehow, we see more with that kind of detachment.

As leaders, we determine the direction, set the pace and applaud the spirit. And, sometimes we find ourselves on an easterly course while facing west, but I mentioned to a patron that simply by walking the concourse, you will reach the west side of the field eventually and signs will indicate your arrival. That kind direction is based upon my pace however and not everyone will agree with it.

The length of time it takes to get there may be more important to patrons who are there for other reasons, so knowing the patron's location and the quickest direction for them to travel - apart from crossing the field to get there - might also be of importance to them.

My goal is to be of service to those, who by their admissions pay for our assignments and to applaud the spirit of cooperation, or the ability to respond by resolving issues that arise as a result of our apprehension.

My teacher at Marshall University High School in Dinkytown, Mr. Winchalog, literally inspired me with Geometrical Proofs in my 7th Grade Algebra class.

Yep, back in the day when men were men and sheep ran scared, some of our ancestry got so shot-up, or bombed that they had to wear us. Like my Uncle Dale, who had a head on in a Karrman Carmen Ghia where the steering column went through his chest, or the armistice agreement from World War One, which was signed in a box car, I managed to get a loan from the east. So, even after being born on the anniversary of Triple Entente, we managed to accomplish their objective.

Thank you June! You're so gifted I find you and your presence in my daily life and living too. I chose to bind my frustration rather than express it by violent expressions of anger. An international Treaty composed by one of the tribes of the First Nation advises us to do so for ourselves and others similarly prone, though the law of our land forbids it. To continue my personal growth apart from others, I work with the relationships I've left behind, but we may not bond by binding to them or others, just as we cannot comfortably cohabitate in the same space.

Fortunately, in mathematics there's only one right answer. My focus on the impact of meaning we recklessly associate with proper names is arbitrary (proper names are just handles by which we are known).

Many believe we're created in the image of our creator. What's changed is that we became involved in the process. We make distinctions that qualify the opinions of others to be clear with our Creator that because the beliefs that are held by many may not be strictly correct and the image that represents us is sacred, we ought to have the power to change it.

This is fascinating research (4:43 - Stone Turtle, history of the Jurchen peoples); what a find! Thank you.

Some believe that new reactors from China will have the power to desalinate water from the sea for coastal populations and agriculture to reduce rising sea levels should they result from global warming.

I've heard this rhetoric before. Ego can be a problem and many choose to minimize the negative effect of selfish behavior resulting, but it is the key feature of identity that manages. Without it, one can't manage at all.

It can be done without; the chemicals aren't necessary.

I like the Omaha Salt and Pepper Beef Brisket. Most of the Omaha meat products are reliable, but the beef brisket is especially delicious and tender. Aldi's carries it at some locations.

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Thanks to this discussion and previous topics before this, I realized that I could multiply the number of misprinted stock certificates I was sent times the thousand shares I was allotted, to build a rectangle of one hundred thousand shares. And so too, to create a volume of shares, I could add a depth of 100,000 to the rectangle to create a number comfortably larger than the total number of living people on earth right now: 10 billion shares.

I was very proud to have found this class of sweeteners and now I'm somewhat discouraged. I can't add sugar to my diet due to dental problems and fitness objectives that may result, so I thought I might have escaped the problem by using xylitol with my tea. Now I'm not so sure. I don't suffer from the symptoms you describe, but am also a fan of macrobiotic foods and supplements which may mitigate the consequences you describe. Thank you for sharing!

A sincere apology may still be followed by a horrible war, but gaining the power to do so may be obstructed by the rhetoric used to achieve it.

Reminds me of a hotel I visited with a friend one time. She had a twin that died, and I, a child that had been aborted. We shared a cold night in that hotel tucked in a warm room that seemed to both of us, womblike. I don't think I've ever been closer to another human being in my life. We shared the same space; spaces that were once shared by others who were once with us that died. Today, when looking for that hotel on a digital map, all I found was a retirement home. I left a comment there to this effect, but its purpose has changed, so I can’t visit again like I did several times before; not yet at any rate.

I've heard that most people suffer injuries of this kind at one point or another during their lives and that in some industries, they're fairly common. I've tried to use video to determine who's been injured and why, but the real trouble occurs for those of us who don't know how to film at all; fortunately, you're great! You make it look so easy! You have real talent! You're a real natural!

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My all time favorite knife by far.

I'm looking forward to the implementation of the new Deep South Supercomputer. I'd like to find out what the consequences of all the proper names we live with will actually be. I originally thought it would be best to develop a name server to respond with, which I've done before, but realize now that trying to respond without a better understanding of what all the names will do might be too slow. We need to prioritize interventions where rhetoric might exploit an area by creating a crisis before wars is the only way for them to be resolved.

I've tried to make it for myself before, but so far - have not done so well, so I will try your recipe this time. I have learned to grate my beets before cooking them this time and will saute grated carrots with onion more often. Thank you! You're very good company!

I firmly believe the sharp look and healthy appearance of your partner is largely due to the kind care and attention you've paid to him for yourself and his well being.

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Originally I thought it would be best to donate to first responders, particularly disabled veterans of the industry, but having just scuttled an organization from my portfolio because they are politically motivated, I also realize that I might be considered hypocritical for discarding a political project and supporting responders by funding political action committees. But because we were presented with evidence of executions taking place in the stadiums of Southern and Central America, I believed it was important enough for me to work in the venus to be sure of what's really happening, so I may need my money more than they do.

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Yep, narcissistic or not, I now have a new webpage that covers the content on my community page on my webserver at home. It seemed to go missing a week or two ago. So I addressed the problem in one of my info boxes, which seemed to help (one of the other community pages came back), so I'll remain cautiously optimistic. When I dropped one YouTube Channel from a Google Admin account, all the comments were lost by removing the channel, but my own publication covers that material anyway, so no harm done. We can't expect others to keep our content for us (or accounts active) if it violates the agreements we've made when we signed on. Heck, I couldn't even keep the content on my own servers safe at home at times. Hacks can get really bad!

Yes, we shall finally be free from the curse of old by relying upon the ongoing translations of our work from Hanzi, to cuneiform, simply by requiring the use of keyboards.

I thought I saw a shimmering blue field on my chest the other day. I imagined like my cousin Thor, shot down by machine gun fire, what would appear in it, stars maybe?

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If East and West can share space like left and right, so too will North and South feel better together, like a body that’s found its feet! The United States has done so, but not without bloodshed. I pray that now we will be able to heal our separation without bloodshed by way of the Internet. Unfortunately, one cannot teach a political position; we simply provide the opportunity to make your own decisions.

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Women bleed regularly for heaven's sake; that's hard!

Thank you for speaking to the problem of censorship in the United States. I wasn't able to help friends of mine, who I found labeled as right wingers here, as a result of new associations because my community channel was taken away when I did (I don't formally hold a political position, though I have published serious efforts by both the right and left).

Thank you Latte, Happy New Year!

Blessed be the Chinese people for skillful trades and strong leadership. Like a big brother for wayward hearts and consolation for faltering dreams, you comfort and admonish me. Blessed be!

The heartfelt need for reconciliation expressed at the time is so poignant to me now. @terrytalksmovies

You're most welcome! I love your work; you move me. @Unnie_film

I had to put Santa back in his theater (the relevant names and locations defining these restrictions are being kept confidential).

We have a corresponding problem with color; my swimming students debated the status of a person's race (or color), by referring to shades of brown or beige in earnest. Black and white classifications have been ruled out by their scrutiny!

Forgiveness isn't enough in some cases. Like advocacy for: "what goes around, comes around", or "have it your way"; we have plans for our own treatment and so forth.

My buddy Leo who I did Pre-Press for used to get furious about tagging in our area and I was asked to empower the population a decade or two later. He introduced me to die impressions, one of which was required for my corporation, but some of the folks on the avenue claimed that I wasn't doing enough. They said: "You just stare at us, aren't you going to do something?" So I stopped down to the Union Hall and took a course on the administration of Naloxone.

Hi Sam, what I really like about your work is your matter-of-fact approach to the gritty truth about being at sea with limited resources. Thank you! I have a much better idea of what to expect on my own.

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Thank you for featuring these 9x16 portraits. I had misgivings about the format because I’m normally on a desktop, but on my phone it works great. You’re good company to keep wherever I go.

What an ideal design! Structure, placement and functionality of this 4-Wheel Drive yacht seems perfect to me - even the Behr finish, though I'd flesh it out with a tea caddy inside.

The separation of church and state served to defend the early nation from the extortion and enslavement of Muslims. Our nation was composed of Christians and our law was based upon it's practice and Muslims who considered it to be barbaric were likely to attack. But as our population drifted away from spiritual practices and traditions, the law was proven to be inadequate and unfair as a replacement because governing in this country was based upon the rule of a population with good will for others based upon them.

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Thank you, Happy Holidays!

Wow! What joy! What enthusiasm! God within some claim!

Some of those cites below look like constellations too!

Thanks Doc. Really, I needed that.

Yep, thank heaven's there are still safe contests and rivalries in the world today!

There are likely to be research subjects that have suffered and died to identify problems we haven't heard about and bench workers who've quit to avoid the tragedy of those kinds of results, so the path to a successful product may have had many failures that do not reach the public in any formal way at all.

Yep, milligram per milligram, Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG) is considered to be 1000 times more powerful as an antioxidant when ingested as a natural ingredient of green tea, than it is when purchased for use as a supplement on its own.

I've thought about the problem of purity and cleanliness since I was a youngster taking pictures of phosphates bubbling up in our rivers and streams to realize that by now, we have plastics in our food chain as a result of irresponsible solid waste management, so I'm glad you've referred to the organization and entities that are responsible for the problem we live with (and the authors that inspired them) as well as the honesty with which you treat the subject (just because it's not on the list of ingredients doesn' t mean that it isn't there). My work requires the licensing and registration of medications for redistribution and these regulatory agencies will help us to safely deliver them to our markets.

How lovely, so many of your favorite things are free!

It was an order to destroy them that really bothered me - even if it was a misprint with corrections on it, the printer has Number 1 now and I didn’t stipulate the number of shares meant by that return. Regardless, how could we ever destroy a tenancy-in-common, joint tenancy, or tenancy by the entirety due to misprints. LIke the change of one letter in another publication, how can I keep them off my server to correct the quote, or provide reliable reports to a partner? I can't even rely on the Secretary of State to deliver my Articles of Incorporation to me. Like the EIN numbers issued when I began, they issued two; from day one, the name has been ambiguous and is not descrete. Liquidation was a simple way to remain accountabile and reconstructing the history, the most obvious way to form a trust. I described the process from a biological perspective here: "My professor asked me to minimize the links in my documents, so I added topic specific links to the sidebars to provide definitions needed for an interdisciplinary approach without compromising the readability of the content, but the organization has also taken several forms, each of which had its own purpose. Media was the focus to begin with, but the Grantor and the Trust, each functioning on their own, now cover content and delivery. And having become subjects themselves during their tenure together, are now capable of forming a third. Because an educational press isn't welcome to function with a political influence and the mission doesn't have a proper name, another company must be formed to make seven again, like the tally was before the educational press was removed....and so on." And on my Web Development Page: The Trusteeship (IMID Ltd), is the current life form of a business founded in Berkeley California during 1996 called, The Media Development Group. IMID Ltd, the Grantor of the Trust that began with The Media Development Group, was established in Minneapolis Minnesota during 2001, first as Web Dissemination, Inc and later as Interactive Multimedia Information Dissemination, Inc., or IMID, to ask the question: "Who do you say I am?" And The Trusteeship (IMID), Copyright (c) 2016-2023, a holding company for the liquidated assets provided by IMID Limited, IMID Limited LLC, or IMID Ltd, Copyright (c) 2012-2016, which was previously known as IMID Inc, or Interactive Multimedia Information Dissemination, Inc., Copyright (c) 2001-2012 and was a subchapter s corporation with 1000 shares, is also described as a common law trust.

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Thousand points of light! Though mocked and a target of political satire, by 2012 a volunteer organization that resulted from the inspiration, Points of Light, served communities all over the world.

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Yep, we're the product. I just heard that myself today. The question is, where are we going and will it be habitable? You sound good. I wouldn't worry about it. I had an ugly rash and it's been hard to guard my post; public appearances can be embarrassing, but when I get the SPF off and drink plenty of tea, I make progress before showing up again. Don't forget to eat lean meat Steve. That's really important for guys like us now too.

Thank you for investing in this product! We love it and are glad you have the time to work on the front end with aesthetic concerns. I spend quite a bit of time scanning content and find that the network has helped me to identify gaps in my work, or subjects that need clarification. What's been missing from my point of view is how to be free from distraction, disruption and interference. Because video is a much more difficult medium to malign, hacking isn't encountered as often here. I’ve resolved problems that are international in scope by taking my time to rewrite compositions and modify publications. By meditating on the motivation for the behavior and developing safer ways to provide my product and by responding to clear and present danger by notifying authorities and representing myself in courts, I endeavor to state my own case, but none of this is easy to do without a living wage. Someday, I hope to be able to afford the time and money I need to make presentations of my own, but at this point nothing but the most rudimentary work can be accomplished to identify the problem.

No worries. We're stronger having had the experience. I've been confronted by biohazards since the early 80's when I was placed in an apartment with someone infected by HIV. We're supposed to have a reaction; it's proof of our adaptation. Perhaps we're supposed to understand why? At the time, I did not. Not until entrails were left alongside a road I was told to drive did I figure it out.

Thank you June. I've too have been asked to face my limitations, so I work on practical strategies - like gathering my valuables and keeping them in a safe place, or keeping a portfolio with directions for a successor and strategies for their profitable employment etc., but the real value of my work is here online and that in order for it to succeed, I need to finish by providing documentation of the teachings; to substantiate what we’ve done with scans of the directions we were given; to flood our folders with the plans we were given. Because when the slate is clean and our sites are on our phones, no matter where we go - presumptions about us cannot prevail and the truth will not be denied. Naturally, we also need to share our adaptations, because what worked then might not work now, but the ideas we began with were inspiring and it will be good to share our enthusiasm for the places we're building once more.

Thank you!

I believe we were propped up as boys to demonstrate the folly of the Axis power leaders after World War II (Hitler, Herohito and Mussolini). I'm glad to see you doing better Lars. Fortunately, we've improved on our ability to share points of view - and verses of the same. Previously, efforts to illustrate problems that were ignored proved inadequate (the evidence wasn't welcome).

Aye, the saw may be a better survival tool than the hatchet in the winter, but that's a pretty cool hatchet design you have on your merch!

Great tents and stoves nearby (Canada), thanks! The Trusteeship (IMID). A lot of our fish have grubs and there's mercury in the water resulting from the incineration of batteries, which can also be a hazard (stumbling around isn't always a result of vodka)!

The consequence of Ethereum gas fees perhaps?

We're too busy to evaluate our conduct. We need the Holy, without obligation, to observe and be observed for an accurate appraisal of right and wrong (they need to be seen to be believed).

Yes, so we follow the network's return, or narrow the focus to conjecture of our own, which may also have creative powers.

The most obvious problem that confronts me today that has been pressing for years is mitigating the harm that results from our publications. I've returned to auditoriums and stadiums to keep the perimeter for shows and contests between rivals in order to learn how to keep safe boundaries between each other at home and in public settings and to earn what’s required to adapt.

Thank you for taking such good care of yourself! We can't give to others what isn't always there, so if we can return some of the good energy you've shared with us, we'll all be fine. My friends say: "Fortunately, we're not all be sick at the same time!" 🌸🍁🦄🐪

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I described the process from a biological perspective here: "My professor asked me to minimize the links in my documents, so I added topic specific links to the sidebars to provide definitions needed for an interdisciplinary approach without compromising the readability of the content, but the organization has also taken several forms, each of which had its own purpose. Media was the focus to begin with, but the Grantor and the Trust, each functioning on their own, now cover content and delivery. And having become subjects themselves during their tenure together, are now capable of forming a third. Because an educational press isn't welcome to function with a political influence and the mission doesn't have a proper name, another company must be formed to make seven again, like the tally was before the educational press was removed....and so on."

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I used to be outspoken about the side-effects of medications prescribed for various conditions and toxic tools of evaluation, but I realize that Doctors are human too and that in order to adapt to a condition (suffering with deadly consequence), we need to agree upon what is truly objectionable. One cannot simply lay blame on a practice or practitioner without attempting to provide an adequate alternative. At minimum, we ought to gain a better understanding of what’s really required to accomplish our goals. Walter Rudolf Hess finished his last book (Psychologfe in biologischer Sicht.) with the words: " ... so ergibt sich die Folgerung, dass der Inhalt des subjektiven Erlebens i.iberhaupt an den Bau des Gehirnes und die Eigenschaftcn der strukturellcn Elemente gcbunden ist und (... the conclusion arises that the content of subjective experience is generally linked to the structure of the brain and the properties of the structural elements and) This is telling! It’s quite likely that he wasn’t able to finish his work due to the conditions he lived with, some of which may have been the result of Onomastics.

Hi Unnie! I'm from the United States.

Happy Birthday Dari! 🦌🐼🐰🐿 Greetings from Minneapolis!

Wow, nice bike and great camera! Happy Birthday Steve! Glad to see you back in the swing of things!

The Fosse fate, something we really study; difficult music.

It's rare thing to see a man who can share without issues. You do things so well and enjoy it too! Thank you! Good luck with your cooking! I'm learning to cook too.

Thank you for treating this subject so kindly. This is my problem precisely! Finding a way to live in a micro world. Many sea creatures have been able to do this, but I am only doing so by gradual steps; one tenth proportions at a time perhaps.

I too realize that if I'm anxious about something I need to do, I won't be able to rest - not even on Sunday, so I just do the work. The expectations vary widely, so I'm never bored.

Thank you for this brave message. You bring hope to many by these means and a wisdom we all need at this time.

This is one of my favorite compositions; I also follow the early text because I was advised to and because it is Shamanism too. 🦒

Fortunately, we have belts on the Stateside changing tables now, which keep a body fixed on a plastic ledge when perched over the bathroom floor, which like mandatory no-fault insurance and seatbelts in cars, is sure to legislate safely.

Cars have seatbelts now, so we won't be thrown through the window if we reach our destination.

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Hi, I just saw your post this morning. Thank you for sharing.

When I found a doll head pierced through the eyes to a telephone pole, I realized there are all kinds of monstrous problems for us to work on and in my case, perhaps because I was expected to pay for an abortion, I was reminded of this problem in our country. Unfortunately, the brief reconstruction I posted was so pathetic that I've returned to a study of the rebirth of dolls, which is a serious topic online. And because we dissected human beings and studied the bones of deceased human beings who donated their bodies to science in graduate school, I wonder what happened to the body parts of the deceased unborn children while shopping around for a skeletal replacement to support the doll head.

Thank you for clarifying her current location. I was under the impression that she was from Nevarre, which is actually in Spain!

Hi Toby, from where I sit, cool calming low light settings would really work for me! I'm constantly trying to minimize screen time at my workstation where bright light is unavoidable, so low light settings in my world do exist, but usually only as ambience.Thank you for your refreshing introduction and cool clips!

What a great message! Thank you Terry, it truly is remarkable what lengths we will go through to be healthy and continue to live safely with one another.

I felt like I was able to share a caring heartbeat today instead of my own selfish desires.

(I'm sure you had something to do with my change of heart.)

Thank you! You do everything so well it's really admirable!

How wonderful it is to see this in high resolution! 😃 I can finally see the quality of your work; the aerial views and audio are shocking! I'm reminded of Lord Byron's poem: There be none of Beauty's daughters With a magic like thee; And like music on the waters Is thy sweet voice to me:

Thanks for helping me to quit smoking. I don't think I could've done it without you. 😔

Access to the research I used to write my paper for graduation, like Dr. Marg’s research on Imaging Visual Function of the Human Brain at the U of M may be compromised by the behavior of radicals who protested the use of monkeys for vivisection in Berkeley. I encountered protests the same week that I arrived to enroll for ongoing study on Telegraph Avenue. The monkeys used were rescued and put in a sanctuary in Texas, but isn't it really about the publication of the behavior? Please see also: "Informed Consent: From the Ambivalence of Arato to the Thunder of Thor" (Issues in Law & Medicine, Volume 10, Number 3)

I've tried to use this as a title, but it didn't work in my sequence of titles so I'll use it here: to make sure, be sure. Like the English expression to: 'sort it out', or 'I've got to have', there must be better ways.

When I heard the words: "You hold the key to love and fear", I did a back flip in eternity while drifting off to sleep. I had to recall the words carefully so I could identify the song later.

Thank you for being conscientious about your work. I take suggestions from others when I have doubts about what to do about any given situation because sometimes the advice I hear is contradictory, so I also keep track of results to determine what works best and improve upon the methods we use, like you are right here and now.

Thank you, this I can do today!

We are a very humble crew, but we do have security - when we're not in convention centers defending the robots that will replace us!

Thank you for sharing! You are very helpful to me, you're so well spoken!

I'm in trouble aren't I? I can tell. A dentist (one who I can't see anymore) said: "And I'll watch you floss your teeth!" though I don't know how she could anymore. I still write the IRS btw. We're on speaking terms now and that's good. I like to my sandwiches and wraps in parchment paper; oven safe, reusable and compostable too.

Thank you. I'm learning to stitch together what once were unrelated events to make sense of my life.

Thank you June, for this relieving session. The guidance to tap into the infinity light and sound of your instrument pouring is magical for me. □ Trauma from an incident with these visual cues has tension and pressure built up around it.

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When I tried to check out A Dream of Red Mansions, they said the book needed binding, so I left without, but when I checked my account a few months later I had a late fee.

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I'm reminded of the bear skin hats, which serve as a very suitable reminder of threats that loom larger today than they did when we confronted them alone (and the heavy peony flowers alongside the Johnson yard, bent over in my grandmother's garden where I practiced my bat swing).

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We had Peonies alongside our grandparents house in the Johnson yard.

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Access to the research I used to write my paper for graduation, like Dr. Marg’s research on Imaging Visual Function of the Human Brain at the U of M may be compromised by the behavior of radicals who protested the use of monkeys for vivisection in Berkeley. I encountered protests the same week that I arrived to enroll for ongoing study on Telegraph Avenue. The monkeys used were rescued and put in a sanctuary in Texas, but isn't it really about the publication of the behavior? Please see also: "Informed Consent: From the Ambivalence of Arato to the Thunder of Thor" (Issues in Law & Medicine, Volume 10, Number 3)

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I'm reminded of the bear skin hats, which serve as a very suitable reminder of threats that loom larger today than they did when we confronted them alone (and the heavy peony flowers alongside the Johnson yard, bent over in my grandmother's garden where I practiced my bat swing).

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We had Peonies alongside our grandparents house in the Johnson yard.

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Access to the research I used to write my paper for graduation, like Dr. Marg’s research on Imaging Visual Function of the Human Brain at the U of M may be compromised by the behavior of radicals who protested the use of monkeys for vivisection in Berkeley. I encountered protests the same week that I arrived to enroll for ongoing study on Telegraph Avenue. The monkeys used were rescued and put in a sanctuary in Texas, but isn't it really about the publication of the behavior? Please see also: "Informed Consent: From the Ambivalence of Arato to the Thunder of Thor" (Issues in Law & Medicine, Volume 10, Number 3)

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How can I reach you in confidence?

I was reminded of my duty to be clear about which way the threats are headed (not the King); fell convictions that were replaced by doubts while crossing suggest that we too, ought to draw in the sand.

Thank you very much Lloyd. You've spared me from myself for a change and I believe your branding works quite well!

Even Park Geun-hye seems to be a victim of hate; how could we ever accuse her, or the Korean People of influence peddling!

It started with the mentally ill in Europe and continued (somewhat poetically) with the execution of those who didn't believe what they said.

Many of our treaties made use of tribal names to make a case, so I bring a case without their use, but the meaning of our case is made clear by the use of anniversaries, or the names of dates: Kristallnacht and Columbus Day. Without sharing the problems that resulted, we can't make reparations, so the name of a date changed. Names aren't supposed to have meaning in English, they're just handles by which we're called, but our minds assign meaning to them nevertheless.

Black and gold, the colors of tradition! Jerome on the cliff is a pretty good spot to explore and they say the hotel is haunted. Very sharp look btw, nice work! 🤠

Thank you Jillian! Bad habits are really hard to break! I had a problem with cutting, which can be a very serious problem. I picked cuticles until they bled and bit my nails down to the quick, neither of which was easy to live with, but fear of old age is based upon the assumption that we will live that long.

I was able to listen to a dress rehearsal of a summary report at a local convention that seemed scary to me. Talk of making sure to execute on Halloween for a bountiful Christmas left me worried about what was meant by that statement. "And what happened to the Thanksgiving message?" I thought, so I composed an audio statement to address the problem of being sure of an execution before it happened and called it: 'Letters of Fibre by Firelight', and still the message wasn't clear, so I revised it to say: ‘To make Sure, be Sure’. But after sleeping on the problem, I woke to compose yet another statement I called, 'The Tombs', and realized that when 'To make Sure, be Sure' followed it in the queue, the juxtaposition could be considered a threat to a friend by another name, which like threats to our own names, we all hope to be free from.

Thank you for sharing. I too have trouble reaching my sources, even academia has become difficult.

I took my mother to dinner on Labor day so we could talk and enjoy a meal without cooking or cleaning.

I found that fresh milk seemed tainted when we arrived from Barbados. We used powdered milk in the Islands, where the garbage was dumped over a cliff into a roiling school of sharks in the sea, so I was comforted when we were able to provide Similac, a fortified milk product to my younger brother. You heat the product up on the stove and put it into a plastic bag - the top of which you thread through a cap with room for a surgical rubber nipple underneath. By wrapping the bag around the nipple before it gets screwed onto the sleeve, you can create a seal tight enough to check the temperature; just sprinkle a little on your wrist to make sure it’s not too hot before feeding time.

We’ve come a long way since national boundaries defined our language. So the W3C composes their CSS document without active links, but I had to keep my perimeter with local boundaries and my revisions of W3 CSS provides an indication with a color change, or text decoration that the text will take you somewhere. The new location, written in the browser window below helps us to be clear about potential hazards that may lie ahead and variations of the highlight color indicate the browsers prior visit and previous coverage of the material.

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Access to the research I used to write my paper for graduation, like Dr. Marg’s research on Imaging Visual Function of the Human Brain at the U of M may be compromised by the behavior of radicals who protested the use of monkeys for vivisection in Berkeley. I encountered protests the same week that I arrived to enroll for ongoing study on Telegraph Avenue. The monkeys used were rescued and put in a sanctuary in Texas, but isn't it really about the publication of the behavior? Please see also: "Informed Consent: From the Ambivalence of Arato to the Thunder of Thor" (Issues in Law & Medicine, Volume 10, Number 3)

After a long summer of contemplation inside when still a young boy, I finally got outside to sit on the stoop and pop bubble wrap at the end of the summer. It wasn't easy, but I stayed away from others when I was in doubt about things. Even at times like these, it seems like a good discipline to employ. That's actually what doubt does: it separates us from the beliefs of others when we're not convinced of their opinions.

Congratulations Dr. T! It must be time that we've accumulated in the aether, or a lack of it. That's it Doctor! We've run aground upon the core, the very center of the universe, where there is no passage of time whatsoever. I knew it was going to happen and now others know it too. Eternity will come to an end, and so too, the clockwork along with it.

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Yes, the mind is built to solve problems, so when one is solved, it will seek a new one. The key is to avoid becoming the problem. Frank Sinatra put it well: "Do be do be do". Walking (and moving in general) helps me to get back in touch with parts of myself (and others) that were detached. The wild geese do not intend to cast their reflection and the water has no mind to retain their image because for them, it's not a problem. You're very strong and you have a lot of good karma invested right here.

You've become a real star!

Congratulations Terry and thanks for sharing! Another missing episode, where Will encounters a bottomless pit on the series Lost in Space suggests that some things may be hidden simply because they exist, so mystery’s probably okay too. The version of Straw Dogs that I remember that ended with the death of the woman and a trunkful of flowers on her grave and the Sci-Fi movie about a humanoid robot with a chest module both seem to suggest that we’re missing heart. So, I suppose, like the missing footage of Metropolis, the hiding place has to be hidden too.

Wow, I don't remember the interior of the FPBs so nicely finished as this, the very first.

Thank you very much for this intimate portrait.

Thank you for sharing Eunmi! Your declaration makes it true. You're back to YouTube because you say you are and no one can claim otherwise.

Thank you for taking the time to share with me. The fence line along this trail haunts me.

Thank you Alan; I've put in my request for a post nearby (within walking distance) and hope to become familiar enough with the location (a regular) to be competent at it.

When I grew up, working with machines was considered to be a realistic option; like numbers, it's not always about people, but there are other legitimate approaches to life and living.

What a lovely comb!

And wow, your wearing the colors of Spumoni.

Most of us take direction, or follow instructions when making decisions about what to take, which is usually based upon trust, or admiration for a practitioner or standard, so faith may have something to do with the recovery of those who base their decisions upon loyalty and respect for the industry, but if that trust is broken by a lifetime of exploitation, what possible recourse can there be?

Like the inception of a 9,999 year lease in Lathom, Lancashire, where leaseholders elected a Bailiff to collect the profits from the Bailiwick (the agreement known as the Bailiwick of Bicester Market End), the Winchester makes a bold statement about the use of firearms.

Thank you Slavoj, I found that I can't even sign in to the agency that stores one of the documents I used to write my thesis. If it were the government research that cited the value of inducing polyploidy in Cannabis Sativa I would understand, but the material I used covered current (at the time of my composition) discoveries about the imaging functions of the human brain. I keep up an entire library published by my University without compensation for reasons like this. The material cannot be found in our major libraries at all.

My mother's favorite! Thank you, at a time like this, no one deserves it more.

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Thank you for celebrating the brave history of Traditional Chinese Medicine!

The sale of ice cream cones correlates with the crime rate in the city, but that doesn't mean one causes the other. Rather, they each correlate to yet another phenomenon: the heat in the city.

I've learned to accept that my files need sound structure to withstand challenges, so there are frequently two revisions for each file. One draft to rebuild the structure without proprietary components and the second to publish the content I intended.

Wow, you spelled Froot Loops correctly. That's good; that's difficult! It had to be pointed out to me by a close friend.

Recipes too (online) seem to be unreasonably difficult to read or use.

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It would've been very easy to mistake the top of the furnace for an alien craft from a distance; it looked just like a flying saucer with port holes that I could slide into to get in the fort underneath, but I'd like to add a little more credibility to this story (A popular writer from Fermilab shares my family name) because claims that the children were incompetent then isn't completely true; we just didn't have the tools, or resources that adults had and even if we could get film proof, they were likely to be taken when we started to report on the circumstances.

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One wonders if the Matrix, as conceived of by the Wachowskis served to address confusion surrounding the juxtapositions of numbers, such as 1 and 0 to make ten. Though their proximity suggests that they should be multiplied, the result is 0. And even if we were to add them, the result would still only be one, so presumably the matrix does a better job of defining a function to assign.

Wonderful! Your strength is revealing you're magnificence!

This is the first time I've seen a Yacht that would work for me. I frequently find builds that have features friends and family would appreciate at sea, but the headroom and control panels speak to me. To conclude that electricity flows where it needs to go is a brave assumption based upon a history of metal when it was in the ground. Today, we have so much in orbit, I worry that collisions will block our access to the sun. The value of headroom cannot be underestimated! Global pressures that we live with today are much worse than growing up in a close community with familiar surroundings like our grandparents did and it can't be escaped without knowledge they bring with them. The efforts we’ve made to report adaptations required of us may have made matters worse.

Greetings! I believe this medium has radically changed our perception of male and female, like our familiarity with left and right, because a machine that has connections to cameras all over the world doesn't really have sides. Locations are more easily identified with coordinates like latitude and longitude. Strength among primates is respected for the ability to obtain food and that expectation runs deep in our societies as well, so we need to evolve. Like you said, physical strength doesn't always result in success. We need to learn to digest the truth about ourselves. The opportunity to publish and share our beliefs didn't result in clarity, or consensus, but much of our scripture and tradition has become more meaningful. Because law has been nearly completely replaced by agreements, I cite examples written with common usage to clarify legalese, so we might be able to resolve conflicts by addressing boundaries in other jurisdictions, but we're not likely to have any power to enforce them there.

You look much more comfortable now. Looks like the weather has turned for the better and the bugs have laid off.

This may be a delayed reaction, but I woke to the blessing of a good dream after taking a nap today. It's been so long, I've almost forgotten what it's like.

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Wow, you have such good taste, I love your colors! BTW, I have herbs in the window, a small cypress tree and peppers down at the garden (the spinach died) and my first Burpee catalog to shop with now. It's kind of a treacherous walk to the garden, but then, aren't we all?

I'm a strong advocate of making decisions for ourselves, largely because if others make a mistake with our lives, we get resentful, but because some of us were chosen to evaluate the hazards of living alone, we were unable to have children. The question is, how well can we recreate, or adapt ourselves to an experience online without option?

Well done! I'm sorry I haven't kept pace.

The failure to acknowledge, or apologize for a mistake in my life, may have been misconstrued as malice, or the consequence of harmful intentions harbored for my neighbor. One might've assumed avoidance, or departure to be acknowledgement of guilt, but to admit guilt, or lay blame would've been foolish, perhaps even crazy, so I just forgot about it, which didn't work either.

Global communication online led to an urgent need to address the harm that's resulted from our previously unexamined lives and assumptions about them. Leisure and apathy result from the inequity of the distribution of wealth based upon the need to control adaptations that replace it and the fear of discovery.

What an insightful presentation Mina! This is difficult music and you do it so well! 🙏 When I began my work, I realized that there may be only a handful of people who shared my life experience in the English speaking world, so I believed the diversification of interest as expressed on the Internet was my only opportunity to overcome feelings of loneliness, but after opening up my concerns with web publications I realized that I was not alone; that there really are no boys in The Wizard of Oz, and that something was wrong with that. 😵‍💫 So supper clubs and soup kitchens, where anyone could show up to take a break from cooking and cleaning, became a more common way for me to field the feedback I needed and, the publication of these meeting places and support services; a reliable way for me to give back to the community that nurtured me, and my developments. 🤗

Okay, so assumptions about pandemic, or the clarity that’s resulted from reporting online, led to hazardous prevention methods by the healthcare system. So, is that effort being used to regain control over the propagation of the alternative that we developed that we know is safe? And, the status of those of us who participated in the healthcare measures, or those who complied, has been recorded. So is the alternative we’ve been working with online, the Internet, being replaced by database technology, which we know isn't safe or secure?

I mentioned your channel while shopping for new tarpaulin; the selection I encountered left me bespoken for more, so I'm very grateful for the suggestions you've provided.

I feel right at home! Like an extension of my workstation, but with much better comprehension of space, it feels like overhead I could live with.

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(There's a clear line of sight from the left bank of these signal generator all the way up the river to my place.)

Thank you June, for this relieving session. The guidance to tap into the infinity light and sound of your instrument pouring is magical for me. □ Trauma from an incident with these visual cues has tension and pressure built up around it.

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Wow, this is beautiful. My sentiments precisely.

Thank you for this enlightening presentation. I believe the integration of diversity in the United States has challenged most of us to re-evaluate what's meant by the truth. Covid restrictions imposed restraints upon freedom of assembly that I was already accustomed to simply because misunderstanding about my life was already well established and what I knew to be true about my own life had never been heard.

Commented on: asmr library roleplay :)

When I tried to check out A Dream of Red Mansions, they said the book needed binding, so I left without, but when I checked my account a few months later I had a late fee.

I liked the definition of mass as an intersection of energy and gravity, for example.

The value of the Myers-Briggs indicator was the large sample used to determine the validity of the variations. Very few tests prior to theirs had access to a large sample. And today, databases are susceptible to hacks and manipulations, so we can't really rely on big data either (I was found to be INFJ). Admittedly, I use a database to keep my passwords as there seems to be no other safe way to manage them, but it's nearly always off-line and unavailable.

I liked the definition of mass as an intersection of energy and gravity, for example.

Thank you John, I've been struggling to clarify the circumstances surrounding an outbreak of Cellulitis in my Apartment Complex which occurred a few hours after the administration of a Tetanus III vaccine. Perhaps, I will be able to accomplish this by way of the links you've provided. Curiously, even people on the street showed up to ask me what to do about their Cellulitis. One was apparently driven to a street corner to meet with me on my way home from work and driven back to wherever she stayed shortly after I left. Upon reflection, I realize this preoccupation may have had something to do with the acronym I use, since it also refers to IMIDs, or Immuno(M)odulary Imide Drugs, like Thalidomide.

Some circumstances require boundaries. Shows requiring tickets and bag checks, for example, use conventions like these that are respected because the shows require them, but the Internet challenged all of these, as those of us who believe we have a right to publish our own shows, revisit the reasons for the customs that were previously kept.

Integrating billions of years of life's evolution isn't enough! We have to build too, not just design. We could build one aspect of our lives more carefully if given the opportunity, but then how do we reintegrate that part of our lives if it has become someone else?

Like the visitation of our fathers sins upon us, the punishment is a form of slavery; someone takes advantage of our children after taking advantage of us. Like the theft of the microchips from one side of our country for the benefit of the other.

Some of us fall for this trap by assigning different roles to our children with different names.

  • Like: A-lease "Why, to make a home for themselves in the afterlife?
  • Or, Trans Sister, because a sex change moved the focus from her to her sister, and so on.

And naturally, obstructions like these are then used to disenfranchise the parents by use of more professional intervention. What do these professionals really gain when it becomes clear that their labels are only used to deny the reality of our children?

See also trailer here: The Sound of Freedom

Most people believe having a good relationship is the key to true happiness and your sincerity is moving. It's very difficult to use this medium to identify these characteristics because we’re still bewildered by the androgyny of our medium, but it works very well to keep the focus on the stars. Writing about sexuality here has to be treated like left, or right with an identity that only has a single point of reference; one can only be described by being put in right relation to some other identity, or reference because without dimension, there is no left, right, or position of any kind to be described.

Today we need to both look and see to write. Like using a gaze to size up an audience, an author puts what's thought to better see what needs to be done, and the forum really matters. In my opinion, an edit is a hack to someone's work who has every right to rewrite what he wrote regardless of roles assigned or assumed. It is precisely for that reason that I provided html translations of key pdf documents that needed repair for my professor's library which can be edited and indexed online, because the repairs needed may justify the hacks.

I just removed an unsightly shine from my living room, which needed a coat of satin rather than semi gloss because my touch ups showed up like big primer patches on the infrared security camera. I'd like to be able to take credit for being able to see in the dark, but then I would've needed to be at my old location, the Cameron which, like many of my other old locations, may have succumbed to the unauthorized operation of my business.

Happy Birthday! What an auspicious day! Like the arrival of my friend, who went missing 10 years ago and returned on your birthday, you inspire compassion and hope on this day in the same thoughtful caring manner we were able to share just a few 10 years ago. What a miracle! What a gift! A child with no need for change; blessed and perfect, in good form and with good purpose, helping us to find the way and prove life is good, despite the hardship and suffering that’s transformed us and the separations we endure from age to age.

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I remember working in the basement of our new house to solder the copper pipes together and supply our new house with hot water, but upon reflection, to have stayed in the city would've been worse. We need to do is make progress with each step, so I usually start by making the structural change needed to be secure before moving toward meaning. Choose to live. Depressed people are usually right; it's the happy who are deluded.

Thanks! Even after I was required to remove my fiance from my apartment, her open attitude about my previous love interests, including my wife, made separation difficult and seeing her in her long underwear on the avenue really hurt; I should've left her boots and furs alone.

I thought they ruled out tourniquets during the 70's, but naturally, that would only apply if you have a better option. I follow the broken arrow incidents, and my father's aircraft carrier was involved in the loss of a nuclear weapon off the coast of Japan, but the water is so deep we're not likely to be able to retrieve it. The Vought design was too unstable to fly off the Ticonderoga, so he crashed over the Atlas Mountains in Morocco instead.

We have struggled for so long on our own that we've lost our bench workers and genetic engineers to ethical concerns (the use of lab animals in particular). And currently, I can't afford to get my teeth repaired for public presentations because I was considered a bad candidate for the prosthodontics department. And a referral to the local insurer pointed me back to a site that would not provide me an account. One might ask: "Does this have anything to do with my publications?" Yes it does, but the publications I host and maintain for them that describe the problems receive well over 20 times more traffic than ours do!

Thank you John, your point is well taken. Early in my development career I decided to keep only one resume on my own server, which I still do, because it's far too dangerous to try to keep half a dozen or more on various servers that I'm no longer sure I can access.

What a marvelous start.

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Hydrogen production has not fared too well by other means. More than 95% of Hydrogen production has been accomplished by fossil fuels that amount to 2% of the global emissions, or 830 tons of carbon dioxide per year, which is about the same amount that's generated by air traffic.

Thank you for this immersion. I was spotted in a garden with a kitchen knife today while guests were coming out of the restaurant. The owner, who saw me standing at the edge of his lot, let me finish planting before I notified him of his staff’s permission to be there; it's a natural activity – not accursed.

The Iguana is my spirit guide (you asked). And this is an amazing guide for a project I'm working on too. Unfortunately, I was asked to leave before I could make much progress, so the next time I have a chance to work on my return, I'll better see how you built yours to quicker build mine.

Thank you for this immersion. I was spotted in a garden with a kitchen knife today while guests were coming out of the restaurant. The owner, who saw me standing at the edge of his lot, let me finish planting before I notified him of his staff’s permission to be there; it's a natural activity – not accursed.

I'm struck by how much of geography is defined by terms from anatomy - not because we define earth by use of our own build, but because we’re both described by constants like the golden ratio similarly.

I love your work and admire your effort to reach other cultures with this brilliant theme. Thank you.

Thank you Masayoshi, you look very nice today.

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Isn't this an example of what Wagner referred to when writing about The Artwork of the Future; the sad use of public venues for trivial, or egotistical purposes by serving themselves rather than humanity? I'm sure most would prefer to remain in the audience after facing the challenge to artists of his day: "Build a theater that will truly captivates us by dying well on stage!" Or are we conspiring to enjoy the spoils of some monstrous victory?

Congratulations! No one deserves it more!

Very nice; glad you have a transcontinental option.

I would add eccentric to your list of elusive adaptations, but the term also means off center, which is not sane. One must not only be centered, but also able to navigate and coordinate from that locus, like a clock or a compass.

It's always nice to sleep by a fire. I've burned clothing doing so, but I still loved it.

I agree that we should not be the arbiter of decisions that are best made by individuals with his or her creator, but I admire the contributors to publications provided by the National Health Service in particular. The definitions of Alternative and Complementary Health care and language used to draft safety rules and regulations that might apply to international trade has really enlightened me and I'm inspired by careful thought on difficult subjects like these. Admittedly, there are many who would much rather reject law based upon familiarity or lack of familiarity with the subject outright, but haven't we all worshiped one thing or another at one time or another? Are we to presume that we can't pursue the truth or rule out what we know not to be true in general? And what kind of justice makes truth the exclusive privilege of courts - many of which are adversarial - where two parties argue extreme positions simply intended to rule the other out?

Thank you Lars! I realize some people may find my childhood fascination with knives to be a problem and by the time I had a bullhead on the end of the blade while fishing underwater, I was proud of my prowess. but the plan as I see it now was to replace them; you can't hunt worms with a knife for example. What I really needed was something like current in the ground to drive the worms out for fishing.

The product you're promoting reminds me of some of Tesla's work with fields created by toroidal current.

I'm so glad I can follow along while I'm at work without too much ado. Sometimes I'm afraid the boss will show up to bemoan the distraction, but without disruption we're not likely to pass at all.

Thank you! I'm really being relieved by our sessions.

Thank you for clarifying this problem for me. According to my ex, her son died as a result of bird flu, but because I left at about the same time, I thought his death was the result of my departure.

You can't run from a rifle.

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Thank you Naomi. All we're expected to do is make the effort. We leave the results up to the ghost network (网址, 公司, 网络).

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Thank you for your dedication to this work.

Thank you! You've adapted well!

What a lovely conclusion! Neurodivergence. Thank you for sharing this form of reframing labels that disable. I believe the FBI does not record hate crimes against the disabled, but instead refers to them as property crimes, so what is assumed to be normal (hate for the disabled) is cleverly redefined as even more costs for a landlord or insurance company.

Thank you for your dedication to this work.

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I can't think of a better person to support for the continuation of good will and honest feedback. Thank you for caring!

By illustrating how different subjects, normally exclusive to each other function when coexisting in the same space (such as the differences between healers and historians), I found out what was hidden by commitment proceedings and rules of privacy. My experiment with abandoned projects, The Trusteeship, presents four different subjects in various locations by identifying each with a corporate color and logo to strengthen their position as entities while anonymous authors compose commentary, or emphasize one subject, or another depending upon traffic analytics and public response.

Many of us need quick and easy access to information that helps us to problem solve and have more meaningful lives, so I've worked with the most accessible option for web development we have, the W3C. Unfortunately, by being forgetful, or failing to acknowledge my mistake, I was considered to be characteristic of my community, so learning how to see other points of view and how they may be processed more efficiently allowed me to work with assumptions that were extremely dangerous and overcome what would have been a meaningless existence.

The real tragedy is that we need more points of view to have better judgment. Until all points of view are represented, our judgment will be incomplete, so drawing conclusions about the transitions we're going through now is bound to be flawed.

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I too was sanctioned by some covert means and unable to upload, or even save one of my videos.

Thank you for your focus on the middle waters in this session.

The Sequoia and giant Redwoods in California can reach amazing heights, but not on their own. They tie their roots together to withstand the winds and don't have that kind of strength on their own.

There's the rub. The terms established by doctor and patient can be sacred, evasive, or even subtly covert.

Indeed! Victoria from the other channel you mention is a lot of fun!

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This is a beautiful; you're a natural, at peace with yourself and the people you serve so well.

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This brings me to tears. I'm so glad to see you nurturing your people in such good company. 🥲 Sometimes, places like these were the only way to obtain healthcare without reporting the crime that led to the injuries needing treatment (It's not safe to report crimes in some cities). State sponsored services require reporting and reporting leads to more injuries needing States sponsored healthcare.

Horst Rechelbacher who formed Aveda, one of our most haunting plant based beauty and healthcare products industries, studied Ayurvedic Medicine with a Guru in 1970.

Thank you Slavoj for sharing your definition of love. Yes, we are taught to pray for guidance to define our own ideals in sex relations, but the exercise is meant to define what it is we dream we can be, not the characteristics of a partner. It is with this aspect of our lives that we are free to seek guidance on our own. Human opinions run to extremes, so we can take comfort by working with the Creator on this problem by ourselves, but my concern has shifted to the study of working with identity on machines instead.

I heard the testimony of several patients who were seeing a psychiatrist in my home town and was unable to do anything about it. Fortunately, public scrutiny forced him to surrender his medical license after one of them died. I heard that another person died too, but I can still email him, so I haven’t given up on trying to find him. We don't want to reproduce a crime by reporting it, but if no one does anything about it, the crime continues just to prove that it happened. When we're accused of paranoia, or insanity to invalidate our testimony and denied the opportunity to use evidence, we need to know what we’ve done to cause the problem and performing examinations to find out why it happens is expected of us. Failing an honest inquiry into injury at a minimum, we would be considered to be monsters.

It seems to me that the Internet has done pretty well with names. Our mistake is to fail to recognize how important our names really are! It may be the only fair play a computer or robot can make.

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Thank you Lloyd! Wonderful presentation.

Here! Here! Three cheers for First Responders! Hip Hip Hooray! That camo works very well and doing a good turn for the DOT won't hurt!

Hi Lloyd! Thank you for covering this topic. Grocery store shopping is nearly the only thing I have left to do in the community and it's very important to me. Sometimes I'm outspoken, but usually it's just because I can't afford to pay for everything that's in my cart and it's embarrassing. I really should be more careful.

Thank you for this honest reflection, insight into the lore of this mythology and mastery of SouthEast Asian culture! I've really missed this point of view since the separation from my wife.

What a lovely civilized conversation by such serious and well mannered young women. You both set such a good example of well mannered decency that coupled with an accurate apprehension of what's really going on in the world today, you're downright dangerous.

Immunity comes from mother, not by unnecessary exposure to environmental hazards proximal to wounds we inflict upon ourselves that we’d like to be rid of.

Our isolation is a direct result of the failure to mend this deep wound in our world today. The resolution of conflict must be accomplished by the parties in dispute.

Yes! I taught front quadrant swimming by passing a batton from one outstretched arm to the other in front of the body keeping it long in the water and faster.

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What beautiful colors! The colors of tradition.

Thank you Lars. I haven't been trusted to work with Axes yet. When I learned to brawl, my enthusiasm may have startled someone, but I don't mean anyone any harm anymore; I got that out of my system working with things.

Thank you Lars. I haven't been trusted to work with Axes yet. When I learned to brawl, my enthusiasm may have startled someone, but I don't mean anyone any harm anymore; I got that out of my system working with things.

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The dramatic Action is thus the bough from the Tree of Life which, sprung therefrom by an unconscious instinct, has blossomed and shed its fruit obediently to vital laws, and now, dissevered from the stem, is planted in the soil of Art; there, in new, more beautiful, eternal life, to grow into the spreading tree which resembles fully in its inner, necessary force and truth the parent tree of actual Life. (From the Artwork of the Future by Richard Wagner)

I'm a big fan of Sencha, but the real thing is hard to find. Guanyin too is remarkable, but only when obtained very carefully.

Thank you. God Bless America!

Wow! Good work! Good find! (Timestamp 11:20) Thank you. Yes, I would visit.

Would you, could you, with a bear? I have a two square block area right by my house that would be perfect for one of your installations.

I realized that one of my friends, a Volk started showing up like a ghost. So I looked up her name and realized that the name Volk has been nearly completely replaced by the name Valk on my network. Even Van der Volk is gone; replaced by Van der Valk.

I admire sailors who keep watch every 20 minutes throughout everynight of a solo Atlantic crossing. It seems nearly impossible, but with radar assists it can be done. Frequently I wake for specific reasons, but at other times, I can't really figure out why my appartment is rattling off the hook.

Thank you Rabbi. I'm glad you acknowledge the lessons of Dorian and Ecclesiastes in this message. Suffering with despair and dismay, it's easy to get carried away by dreams of grandeur on a flight of fancy, rather than focusing on the rebuild with our Creator’s direction.

If history is an angel blown back into the future because he's headed towards the past, then the past is still available and it can be repaired; like writing describing something spoken as a curse.

Thank you for braving this region! It's helpful for me to better see where my father was when he ejected from the Vought Cutlass over the Atlas Mountains. Admittedly, it's been quite a long time since then, but due to instabilities resulting from the aircraft design, they were unable to do carrier landings on the USS Ticonderoga. I don't know why he was deployed in the region, but it was during the Korean Conflict, and a battery blew in his plane preventing any further flight whatsoever. The cannon that he ejected with broke his back, but he clenched his fists during the descent crying "Holy Smoke! Holy Smoke! Holy Smoke!" to stay conscious and land safely.

What a take! Wow, you've outdone yourself!

I've made progress by using a free fuse of my periphery by relaxing with a gaze to 'center' my focus. The fovea seems to be capable of getting off center, where one, or another or both eyes have a focal point off center. By relaxing, and fusing the periphery of the visual field we can reset our focus to aim directly at the fovea of each eye. Too much time at a monitor, where there's no real binocular disparity or Panum at a distance that does not change is a difficult adaptation to make - even with windows in my periphery.

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I’ve been the subject of clinical trials for quite a while now. I realized that we care much more about the results than those who suffer with standard practice.

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The translation of code can get murky without settling disputes, so we all appreciate the translation of characters to pinyin. Though many may resort to phonetic translations of cuneiform, which is popular today - like the evaluation of ones and zeros used to validate the merit of base ten, ebonic translations may confuse and escape those better acquainted with the standard definition of the term as illustrated by it's origin of use.

To a man who hasn't had a drink in over 18 years, you're both spellbinding. Does it show?

I admire your independence and the breathtaking work that's resulted. Thank you for sharing! By doing this for yourself so very well, you've earned my respect.

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