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Commented on: Žižek Interview on Singularity, China & the Limits of Capital

I found that fresh milk seemed tainted when we arrived from Barbados. We used powdered milk in the Islands, where the garbage was dumped over a cliff into a roiling school of sharks in the sea, so I was comforted when we were able to provide Similac, a fortified milk product to my younger brother. You heat the product up on the stove and put it into a plastic bag - the top of which you thread through a cap with room for a surgical rubber nipple underneath. By wrapping the bag around the nipple before it gets screwed onto the sleeve, you can create a seal tight enough to check the temperature; just sprinkle a little on your wrist to make sure it’s not too hot before feeding time.

Commented on: AK Vs M16 Full Auto Comparison

We’ve come a long way since national boundaries defined our language. So the W3C composes their CSS document without active links, but I had to keep my perimeter with local boundaries and my revisions of W3 CSS provides an indication with a color change, or text decoration that the text will take you somewhere. The new location, written in the browser window below helps us to be clear about potential hazards that may lie ahead and variations of the highlight color indicate the browsers prior visit and previous coverage of the material.

Commented on: The Code

Access to the research I used to write my paper for graduation, like Dr. Marg’s research on Imaging Visual Function of the Human Brain at the U of M may be compromised by the behavior of radicals who protested the use of monkeys for vivisection in Berkeley. I encountered protests the same week that I arrived to enroll for ongoing study on Telegraph Avenue. The monkeys used were rescued and put in a sanctuary in Texas, but isn't it really about the publication of the behavior? Please see also: "Informed Consent: From the Ambivalence of Arato to the Thunder of Thor" (Issues in Law & Medicine, Volume 10, Number 3)

Commented on: Your hair is bubble wrap ASMR

After a long summer of contemplation inside when still a young boy, I finally got outside to sit on the stoop and pop bubble wrap at the end of the summer. It wasn't easy, but I stayed away from others when I was in doubt about things. Even at times like these, it seems like a good discipline to employ. That's actually what doubt does: it separates us from the beliefs of others when we're not convinced of their opinions.

Commented on: ASMR, Magic, Reiki Level 1000 And...

Congratulations Dr. T! It must be time that we've accumulated in the aether, or a lack of it. That's it Doctor! We've run aground upon the core, the very center of the universe, where there is no passage of time whatsoever. I knew it was going to happen and now others know it too. Eternity will come to an end, and so too, the clockwork along with it.

Commented on: Evening walk in English

Yes, the mind is built to solve problems, so when one is solved, it will seek a new one. The key is to avoid becoming the problem. Frank Sinatra put it well: "Do be do be do". Walking (and moving in general) helps me to get back in touch with parts of myself (and others) that were detached. The wild geese do not intend to cast their reflection and the water has no mind to retain their image because for them, it's not a problem. You're very strong and you have a lot of good karma invested right here.

Commented on: 大感謝😭💖YouTube channel reached 100,000 subscribers

You've become a real star!

Commented on: Trancers and Dollman: Tim Thomerson's Science Fiction Masterpieces

Congratulations Terry and thanks for sharing! Another missing episode, where Will encounters a bottomless pit on the series Lost in Space suggests that some things may be hidden simply because they exist, so mystery’s probably okay too. The version of Straw Dogs that I remember that ended with the death of the woman and a trunkful of flowers on her grave and the Sci-Fi movie about a humanoid robot with a chest module both seem to suggest that we’re missing heart. So, I suppose, like the missing footage of Metropolis, the hiding place has to be hidden too.

Commented on: FPB 83 (WIND HORSE), with Sue Grant - Yacht for Sale - Berthon International Yacht Brokers

Wow, I don't remember the interior of the FPBs so nicely finished as this, the very first.

Commented on: The Velvet Underground: Lou Reed's Paradox

Thank you very much for this intimate portrait.

Commented on: I'm back to Youtube now!

Thank you for sharing Eunmi! Your declaration makes it true. You're back to YouTube because you say you are and no one can claim otherwise.

Commented on: Strolling at Hac Sa Long Chau Kok Coastal Trail Part 2

Thank you for taking the time to share with me. The fence line along this trail haunts me.

Commented on: How can we survive? Democracy and Civil Society - Alan Macfarlane

Thank you Alan; I've put in my request for a post nearby (within walking distance) and hope to become familiar enough with the location (a regular) to be competent at it.

Commented on: how I found happiness growing up without friends

When I grew up, working with machines was considered to be a realistic option; like numbers, it's not always about people, but there are other legitimate approaches to life and living.

Commented on: ASMR Sleep Therapist Visit🌙

What a lovely comb!

Commented on: my vintage summer wardrobe got stolen in Rome

And wow, your wearing the colors of Spumoni.

Commented on: Are drug regulators for hire?

Most of us take direction, or follow instructions when making decisions about what to take, which is usually based upon trust, or admiration for a practitioner or standard, so faith may have something to do with the recovery of those who base their decisions upon loyalty and respect for the industry, but if that trust is broken by a lifetime of exploitation, what possible recourse can there be?

Commented on: Winchester 1873 150th Anniversary

Like the inception of a 9,999 year lease in Lathom, Lancashire, where leaseholders elected a Bailiff to collect the profits from the Bailiwick (the agreement known as the Bailiwick of Bicester Market End), the Winchester makes a bold statement about the use of firearms.

Commented on: Surplus Happiness | Slavoj Žižek critiques pleasure

Thank you Slavoj, I found that many of the content providers who've supplied me with documentation I cite in my own work have been compromised. Access may become difficult to obtain due to the compromise of an email address, or a history of prior publication.

Commented on: 리스트 - 탄식 Liszt - Un Sospiro 💜 쇼팽 - 녹턴 Chopin - Nocturne Op.9 No.2

My mother's favorite! Thank you, at a time like this, no one deserves it more.

Commented on: Post


Commented on: How can we survive? Health and longevity - Alan Macfarlane

Thank you for celebrating the brave history of Traditional Chinese Medicine!

Commented on: What not to do when doing your own research

The sale of ice cream cones correlates with the crime rate in the city, but that doesn't mean one causes the other. Rather, they each correlate to yet another phenomenon: the heat in the city.

Commented on: How can we survive? Health and longevity - Alan Macfarlane

Thank you for celebrating the brave history of Traditional Chinese Medicine!

Commented on: Commented on The Lune INNATE's post

I've learned to accept that my files need sound structure to withstand challenges, so there are frequently two revisions for each file. One draft to rebuild the structure without proprietary components and the second to publish the content I intended.

Commented on: the circus of celebrity house tours

Wow, you spelled Froot Loops correctly. That's good; that's difficult! It had to be pointed out to me by a close friend.

Commented on: Sunday Shoot a Round # 190

Recipes too (online) seem to be unreasonably difficult to read or use.

Commented on: my post

It would've been very easy to mistake the top of the furnace for an alien craft from a distance; it looked just like a flying saucer with port holes that I could slide into to get in the fort underneath, but I'd like to add a little more credibility to this story (A popular writer from Fermilab shares my family name) because claims that the children were incompetent then isn't completely true; we just didn't have the tools, or resources that adults had and even if we could get film proof, they were likely to be taken when we started to report on the circumstances.

Commented on: A Mathematician's Lament

One wonders if the Matrix, as conceived of by the Wachowskis served to address confusion surrounding the juxtapositions of numbers, such as 1 and 0 to make ten. Though their proximity suggests that they should be multiplied, the result is 0. And even if we were to add them, the result would still only be one, so presumably the matrix does a better job of defining a function to assign.

Commented on: Subtle Arts Session | Confidence, Prosperity, & Moving Into the Next Level | Leo SZN | Reiki ASMR

Wonderful! Your strength is revealing you're magnificence!

Commented on: Introducing MISHI YACHTS Bluewater Sailing SuperYacht Tour / Liveaboard World Cruiser 46:40

This is the first time I've seen a Yacht that would work for me. I frequently find builds that have features friends and family would appreciate at sea, but the headroom and control panels speak to me. To conclude that electricity flows where it needs to go is a brave assumption based upon a history of metal when it was in the ground. Today, we have so much in orbit, I worry that collisions will block our access to the sun. The value of headroom cannot be underestimated! Global pressures that we live with today are much worse than growing up in a close community with familiar surroundings like our grandparents did and it can't be escaped without knowledge they bring with them. The efforts we’ve made to report adaptations required of us may have made matters worse.

Commented on: I've had enough - here's the truth

Greetings! I believe this medium has radically changed our perception of male and female, like our familiarity with left and right, because a machine that has connections to cameras all over the world doesn't really have sides. Locations are more easily identified with coordinates like latitude and longitude. Strength among primates is respected for the ability to obtain food and that expectation runs deep in our societies as well, so we need to evolve. Like you said, physical strength doesn't always result in success. We need to learn to digest the truth about ourselves. The opportunity to publish and share our beliefs didn't result in clarity, or consensus, but much of our scripture and tradition has become more meaningful. Because law has been nearly completely replaced by agreements, I cite examples written with common usage to clarify legalese, so we might be able to resolve conflicts by addressing boundaries in other jurisdictions, but we're not likely to have any power to enforce them there.

Commented on: Wilderness Cooking - A Classic Moose Dish With Buckwheat And Bannock On Cast Iron Skillet

You look much more comfortable now. Looks like the weather has turned for the better and the bugs have laid off.

Commented on: Awaken to Blessings | Sleep Session | Energy Pull Blockages | Reiki with ASMR

This may be a delayed reaction, but I woke to the blessing of a good dream after taking a nap today. It's been so long, I've almost forgotten what it's like.

Commented on: Bluewhisper's post

Wow, you have such good taste, I love your colors! BTW, I have herbs in the window, a small cypress tree and peppers down at the garden (the spinach died) and my first Burpee catalog to shop with now. It's kind of a treacherous walk to the garden, but then, aren't we all?

Commented on: Response to my video on 'discrimination of Russians', protests in Tbilisi & will I leave Georgia?

I'm a strong advocate of making decisions for ourselves, largely because if others make a mistake with our lives, we get resentful, but because some of us were chosen to evaluate the hazards of living alone, we were unable to have children. The question is, how well can we recreate, or adapt ourselves to an experience online without option?

Commented on: Maritime Throwdown “Get Ready”

Well done! I'm sorry I haven't kept pace.

Commented on: We can't take it anymore!!!

The failure to acknowledge, or apologize for a mistake in my life, may have been misconstrued as malice, or the consequence of harmful intentions harbored for my neighbor. One might've assumed avoidance, or departure to be acknowledgement of guilt, but to admit guilt, or lay blame would've been foolish, perhaps even crazy, so I just forgot about it, which didn't work either.

Commented on: STAY AWAY: This is psychological CANCER

Global communication online led to an urgent need to address the harm that's resulted from our previously unexamined lives and assumptions about them. Leisure and apathy result from the inequity of the distribution of wealth based upon the need to control adaptations that replace it and the fear of discovery.

Commented on: let's talk about the rise of ‘-core’ and ‘girl’ aesthetics

What an insightful presentation Mina! This is difficult music and you do it so well! 🙏 When I began my work, I realized that there may be only a handful of people who shared my life experience in the English speaking world, so I believed the diversification of interest as expressed on the Internet was my only opportunity to overcome feelings of loneliness, but after opening up my concerns with web publications I realized that I was not alone; that there really are no boys in The Wizard of Oz, and that something was wrong with that. 😵‍💫 So supper clubs and soup kitchens, where anyone could show up to take a break from cooking and cleaning, became a more common way for me to field the feedback I needed and, the publication of these meeting places and support services; a reliable way for me to give back to the community that nurtured me, and my developments. 🤗

Commented on: Global WHO digital health certification?

Okay, so assumptions about pandemic, or the clarity that’s resulted from reporting online, led to hazardous prevention methods by the healthcare system. So, is that effort being used to regain control over the propagation of the alternative that we developed that we know is safe? And, the status of those of us who participated in the healthcare measures, or those who complied, has been recorded. So is the alternative we’ve been working with online, the Internet, being replaced by database technology, which we know isn't safe or secure?

Commented on: Before We Head Out On The Tank

I mentioned your channel while shopping for new tarpaulin; the selection I encountered left me bespoken for more, so I'm very grateful for the suggestions you've provided.

Commented on: Nordship 420 DS - Full Tour

I feel right at home! Like an extension of my workstation, but with much better comprehension of space, it feels like overhead I could live with.

Commented on: My Post

(There's a clear line of sight from the left bank of these signal generator all the way up the river to my place.)

Commented on: Reiki ASMR Sounds Healing For Activation| Lion’s Gate Portal 🦁

Thank you June, for this relieving session. The guidance to tap into the infinity light and sound of your instrument pouring is magical for me. □ Trauma from an incident with these visual cues has tension and pressure built up around it.

Commented on: DarkWing Bird (Demo)

Wow, this is beautiful. My sentiments precisely.

Commented on: Why Are Asian Youths More Academically Advanced? | School Swap: Korea Style | Real Families

Thank you for this enlightening presentation. I believe the integration of diversity in the United States has challenged most of us to re-evaluate what's meant by the truth. Covid restrictions imposed restraints upon freedom of assembly that I was already accustomed to simply because misunderstanding about my life was already well established and what I knew to be true about my own life had never been heard.

Commented on: asmr library roleplay :)

When I tried to check out A Dream of Red Mansions, they said the book needed binding, so I left without, but when I checked my account a few months later I had a late fee.

Commented on: Inside the World's Largest Science Experiment

I liked the definition of mass as an intersection of energy and gravity, for example.

Commented on: I took all these personality tests. What does that tell me?

The value of the Myers-Briggs indicator was the large sample used to determine the validity of the variations. Very few tests prior to theirs had access to a large sample. And today, databases are susceptible to hacks and manipulations, so we can't really rely on big data either (I was found to be INFJ). Admittedly, I use a database to keep my passwords as there seems to be no other safe way to manage them, but it's nearly always off-line and unavailable.

Commented on: Inside the World's Largest Science Experiment

I liked the definition of mass as an intersection of energy and gravity, for example.

Commented on: Adverse reactions and under reporting

Thank you John, I've been struggling to clarify the circumstances surrounding an outbreak of Cellulitis in my Apartment Complex which occurred a few hours after the administration of a Tetanus III vaccine. Perhaps, I will be able to accomplish this by way of the links you've provided. Curiously, even people on the street showed up to ask me what to do about their Cellulitis. One was apparently driven to a street corner to meet with me on my way home from work and driven back to wherever she stayed shortly after I left. Upon reflection, I realize this preoccupation may have had something to do with the acronym I use, since it also refers to IMIDs, or Immuno(M)odulary Imide Drugs, like Thalidomide.

Commented on: How to Maintain Presence among Unconscious People

Some circumstances require boundaries. Shows requiring tickets and bag checks, for example, use conventions like these that are respected because the shows require them, but the Internet challenged all of these, as those of us who believe we have a right to publish our own shows, revisit the reasons for the customs that were previously kept.

Commented on: Dealing with subjects like human trafficking...

Integrating billions of years of life's evolution isn't enough! We have to build too, not just design. We could build one aspect of our lives more carefully if given the opportunity, but then how do we reintegrate that part of our lives if it has become someone else?

Like the visitation of our fathers sins upon us, the punishment is a form of slavery; someone takes advantage of our children after taking advantage of us. Like the theft of the microchips from one side of our country for the benefit of the other.

Some of us fall for this trap by assigning different roles to our children with different names.

And naturally, obstructions like these are then used to disenfranchise the parents by use of more professional intervention. What do these professionals really gain when it becomes clear that their labels are only used to deny the reality of our children?

See also trailer here: The Sound of Freedom

Commented on: the cult of celebrity relationships

Most people believe having a good relationship is the key to true happiness and your sincerity is moving. It's very difficult to use this medium to identify these characteristics because we’re still bewildered by the androgyny of our medium, but it works very well to keep the focus on the stars. Writing about sexuality here has to be treated like left, or right with an identity that only has a single point of reference; one can only be described by being put in right relation to some other identity, or reference because without dimension, there is no left, right, or position of any kind to be described.

Commented on: STOP using Symbolism like THIS - advice from Stephen King

Today we need to both look and see to write. Like using a gaze to size up an audience, an author puts what's thought to better see what needs to be done, and the forum really matters. In my opinion, an edit is a hack to someone's work who has every right to rewrite what he wrote regardless of roles assigned or assumed. It is precisely for that reason that I provided html translations of key pdf documents that needed repair for my professor's library which can be edited and indexed online, because the repairs needed may justify the hacks.

Commented on: Time Ran Slower in Early Universe, New Study Finds

I just removed an unsightly shine from my living room, which needed a coat of satin rather than semi gloss because my touch ups showed up like big primer patches on the infrared security camera. I'd like to be able to take credit for being able to see in the dark, but then I would've needed to be at my old location, the Cameron which, like many of my other old locations, may have succumbed to the unauthorized operation of my business.

Commented on: Celebrating His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s 88th Birthday

Happy Birthday! What an auspicious day! Like the arrival of my friend, who went missing 10 years ago and returned on your birthday, you inspire compassion and hope on this day in the same thoughtful caring manner we were able to share just a few 10 years ago. What a miracle! What a gift! A child with no need for change; blessed and perfect, in good form and with good purpose, helping us to find the way and prove life is good, despite the hardship and suffering that’s transformed us and the separations we endure from age to age.

Commented on: Steve Wallis' Post

I remember working in the basement of our new house to solder the copper pipes together and supply our new house with hot water, but upon reflection, to have stayed in the city would've been worse. We need to do is make progress with each step, so I usually start by making the structural change needed to be secure before moving toward meaning. Choose to live. Depressed people are usually right; it's the happy who are deluded.

Commented on: the idol is the worst show of the year

Thanks! Even after I was required to remove my fiance from my apartment, her open attitude about my previous love interests, including my wife, made separation difficult and seeing her in her long underwear on the avenue really hurt; I should've left her boots and furs alone.

Commented on: A Sappers Brutal Day Of Searching

I thought they ruled out tourniquets during the 70's, but naturally, that would only apply if you have a better option. I follow the broken arrow incidents, and my father's aircraft carrier was involved in the loss of a nuclear weapon off the coast of Japan, but the water is so deep we're not likely to be able to retrieve it. The Vought design was too unstable to fly off the Ticonderoga, so he crashed over the Atlas Mountains in Morocco instead.

Commented on: Viral vaccine paper, Dr Vibeke Manniche

We have struggled for so long on our own that we've lost our bench workers and genetic engineers to ethical concerns (the use of lab animals in particular). And currently, I can't afford to get my teeth repaired for public presentations because I was considered a bad candidate for the prosthodontics department. And a referral to the local insurer pointed me back to a site that would not provide me an account. One might ask: "Does this have anything to do with my publications?" Yes it does, but the publications I host and maintain for them that describe the problems receive well over 20 times more traffic than ours do!

Commented on: The Impact of Web 3.0 with Sir Tim Berners-Lee & John Bruce | WIRED Smarter

Thank you John, your point is well taken. Early in my development career I decided to keep only one resume on my own server, which I still do, because it's far too dangerous to try to keep half a dozen or more on various servers that I'm no longer sure I can access.

Commented on: Happy 4th of July to All My Fellow Americans From All Of Us Here on the Farm Just Off Orwell Lane.

Thank you. That's very refreshing.

Commented on: 【The Ultimate Shadow Vessel Walk Through

What a marvelous start.

Commented on: On Green energy

Hydrogen production has not fared too well by other means. More than 95% of Hydrogen production has been accomplished by fossil fuels that amount to 2% of the global emissions, or 830 tons of carbon dioxide per year, which is about the same amount that's generated by air traffic.

Commented on: 【Reiki ASMR】Healing The Dysfunctional Relationships With Yourself And Others

Thank you for this immersion. I was spotted in a garden with a kitchen knife today while guests were coming out of the restaurant. The owner, who saw me standing at the edge of his lot, let me finish planting before I notified him of his staff’s permission to be there; it's a natural activity – not accursed.

Commented on: From Tree to Boat, Watch me Float

The Iguana is my spirit guide (you asked). And this is an amazing guide for a project I'm working on too. Unfortunately, I was asked to leave before I could make much progress, so the next time I have a chance to work on my return, I'll better see how you built yours to quicker build mine.

Commented on: 【Reiki ASMR】Healing The Dysfunctional Relationships With Yourself And Others

Thank you for this immersion. I was spotted in a garden with a kitchen knife today while guests were coming out of the restaurant. The owner, who saw me standing at the edge of his lot, let me finish planting before I notified him of his staff’s permission to be there; it's a natural activity – not accursed.

Commented on: Les Ribineurs de la Rade - cruising in company on remote rivers and creeks

I'm struck by how much of geography is defined by terms from anatomy - not because we define earth by use of our own build, but because we’re both described by constants like the golden ratio similarly.

Commented on: Spa for the Spy | ASMR | ⋔

I love your work and admire your effort to reach other cultures with this brilliant theme. Thank you.

Commented on: ASMR| Ear cleaning role play after a long time

Thank you Masayoshi, you look very nice today.

Commented on: Party time

Isn't this an example of what Wagner referred to when writing about The Artwork of the Future; the sad use of public venues for trivial, or egotistical purposes by serving themselves rather than humanity? I'm sure most would prefer to remain in the audience after facing the challenge to artists of his day: "Build a theater that will truly captivates us by dying well on stage!" Or are we conspiring to enjoy the spoils of some monstrous victory?

Commented on: 🔭 A Million Thanks! 🥳

Congratulations! No one deserves it more!

Commented on: Why the HondaJet is Outstanding

Very nice; glad you have a transcontinental option.

Commented on: how do rich people actually dress?

I would add eccentric to your list of elusive adaptations, but the term also means off center, which is not sane. One must not only be centered, but also able to navigate and coordinate from that locus, like a clock or a compass.

Commented on: Hardcore Mosquito Survival Camp | No Food | Self-Made Survival Bag Overnight In The Forest

It's always nice to sleep by a fire. I've burned clothing doing so, but I still loved it.

Commented on: Government Counter Disinformation Unit

I agree that we should not be the arbiter of decisions that are best made by individuals with his or her creator, but I admire the contributors to publications provided by the National Health Service in particular. The definitions of Alternative and Complementary Health care and language used to draft safety rules and regulations that might apply to international trade has really enlightened me and I'm inspired by careful thought on difficult subjects like these. Admittedly, there are many who would much rather reject law based upon familiarity or lack of familiarity with the subject outright, but haven't we all worshiped one thing or another at one time or another? Are we to presume that we can't pursue the truth or rule out what we know not to be true in general? And what kind of justice makes truth the exclusive privilege of courts - many of which are adversarial - where two parties argue extreme positions simply intended to rule the other out?

Commented on: Most Important When Choosing A Survival | Tactical | Outdoors | Knife

Thank you Lars! I realize some people may find my childhood fascination with knives to be a problem and by the time I had a bullhead on the end of the blade while fishing underwater, I was proud of my prowess. but the plan as I see it now was to replace them; you can't hunt worms with a knife for example. What I really needed was something like current in the ground to drive the worms out for fishing.

Commented on: Oxytocin | Feel Good Triggers | Balancing | Reiki ASMR | PEMF

The product you're promoting reminds me of some of Tesla's work with fields created by toroidal current.

Commented on: Dead and Company | Phoenix, AZ

I'm so glad I can follow along while I'm at work without too much ado. Sometimes I'm afraid the boss will show up to bemoan the distraction, but without disruption we're not likely to pass at all.

Commented on: Reiki ASMR For Authentic Self Expression | Remove The Blockages | Unintentional

Thank you! I'm really being relieved by our sessions.

Commented on: I looked at the recent bird flu data, and now I'm really scared.

Thank you for clarifying this problem for me. According to my ex, her son died as a result of bird flu, but because I left at about the same time, I thought his death was the result of my departure.

Commented on: How to turn a NO into a YES

You can't run from a rifle.

Commented on: They defunded me

Thank you Naomi. All we're expected to do is make the effort. We leave the results up to the ghost network (网址, 公司, 网络).

Commented on: They defunded me

Thank you for your dedication to this work.


Thank you! You've adapted well!

Commented on: Why is everyone suddenly neurodivergent?

What a lovely conclusion! Neurodivergence. Thank you for sharing this form of reframing labels that disable. I believe the FBI does not record hate crimes against the disabled, but instead refers to them as property crimes, so what is assumed to be normal (hate for the disabled) is cleverly redefined as even more costs for a landlord or insurance company.

Commented on: Born Free Primate Sancturary

Thank you for your dedication to this work.

Commented on: Whisper's Red's Post

I can't think of a better person to support for the continuation of good will and honest feedback. Thank you for caring!

Commented on: Tim Berners Lee on How to fix the Web

By illustrating how different subjects, normally exclusive to each other function when coexisting in the same space (such as the differences between healers and historians), I found out what was hidden by commitment proceedings and rules of privacy. My experiment with abandoned projects, The Trusteeship, presents four different subjects in various locations by identifying each with a corporate color and logo to strengthen their position as entities while anonymous authors compose commentary, or emphasize one subject, or another depending upon traffic analytics and public response.

Many of us need quick and easy access to information that helps us to problem solve and have more meaningful lives, so I've worked with the most accessible option for web development we have, the W3C. Unfortunately, by being forgetful, or failing to acknowledge my mistake, I was considered to be characteristic of my community, so learning how to see other points of view and how they may be processed more efficiently allowed me to work with assumptions that were extremely dangerous and overcome what would have been a meaningless existence.

The real tragedy is that we need more points of view to have better judgment. Until all points of view are represented, our judgment will be incomplete, so drawing conclusions about the transitions we're going through now is bound to be flawed.

Commented on: Just off Orwell Lane

I too was sanctioned by some covert means and unable to upload, or even save one of my videos.

Commented on: Ignite your creative power.

Thank you for your focus on the middle waters in this session.

Commented on: Surprise Progress on Topological Quantum Computing

The Sequoia and giant Redwoods in California can reach amazing heights, but not on their own. They tie their roots together to withstand the winds and don't have that kind of strength on their own.

Commented on: International Health Regulations

There's the rub. The terms established by doctor and patient can be sacred, evasive, or even subtly covert.

Commented on: Three Yachts you can run as a couple.

Indeed! Victoria from the other channel you mention is a lot of fun!

Commented on: Stronghold | Castle Jam


Commented on: No Hair Hairdresser - No Talking

This is a beautiful; you're a natural, at peace with yourself and the people you serve so well.

Commented on: Visiting a free Canteen

This brings me to tears. I'm so glad to see you nurturing your people in such good company. 🥲 Sometimes, places like these were the only way to obtain healthcare without reporting the crime that led to the injuries needing treatment (It's not safe to report crimes in some cities). State sponsored services require reporting and reporting leads to more injuries needing States sponsored healthcare.

Commented on: Celebrity 'Courtcore': how and why celebs dress up for trial

Horst Rechelbacher who formed Aveda, one of our most haunting plant based beauty and healthcare products industries, studied Ayurvedic Medicine with a Guru in 1970.

Commented on: How philosophy got lost | Slavoj Žižek interview

Thank you Slavoj for sharing your definition of love. Yes, we are taught to pray for guidance to define our own ideals in sex relations, but the exercise is meant to define what it is we dream we can be, not the characteristics of a partner. It is with this aspect of our lives that we are free to seek guidance on our own. Human opinions run to extremes, so we can take comfort by working with the Creator on this problem by ourselves, but my concern has shifted to the study of working with identity on machines instead.

Commented on: Confessions of an FBI Agent

I heard the testimony of several patients who were seeing a psychiatrist in my home town and was unable to do anything about it. Fortunately, public scrutiny forced him to surrender his medical license after one of them died. I heard that another person died too, but I can still email him, so I haven’t given up on trying to find him. We don't want to reproduce a crime by reporting it, but if no one does anything about it, the crime continues just to prove that it happened. When we're accused of paranoia, or insanity to invalidate our testimony and denied the opportunity to use evidence, we need to know what we’ve done to cause the problem and performing examinations to find out why it happens is expected of us. Failing an honest inquiry into injury at a minimum, we would be considered to be monsters.

Commented on: I'm EXPOSING the whole damn thing.

It seems to me that the Internet has done pretty well with names. Our mistake is to fail to recognize how important our names really are! It may be the only fair play a computer or robot can make.

Commented on: Lloyd's Post

Thank you Lloyd! Wonderful presentation.

Commented on: Welcome Sign Stealth Camping

Here! Here! Three cheers for First Responders! Hip Hip Hooray! That camo works very well and doing a good turn for the DOT won't hurt!

Commented on: ASMR-Relaxing Grocery Store Role Play

Hi Lloyd! Thank you for covering this topic. Grocery store shopping is nearly the only thing I have left to do in the community and it's very important to me. Sometimes I'm outspoken, but usually it's just because I can't afford to pay for everything that's in my cart and it's embarrassing. I really should be more careful.

Commented on: The Cultural Inspirations in Raya and the Last Dragon

Thank you for this honest reflection, insight into the lore of this mythology and mastery of SouthEast Asian culture! I've really missed this point of view since the separation from my wife.

Commented on: Talking about life in Russia with Dasha and Natasha

What a lovely civilized conversation by such serious and well mannered young women. You both set such a good example of well mannered decency that coupled with an accurate apprehension of what's really going on in the world today, you're downright dangerous.

Commented on: Vaccine refusal, Doctor Suneel Dhand

Immunity comes from mother, not by unnecessary exposure to environmental hazards proximal to wounds we inflict upon ourselves that we’d like to be rid of.

Commented on: Can Korea Be United Again?

Our isolation is a direct result of the failure to mend this deep wound in our world today. The resolution of conflict must be accomplished by the parties in dispute.

Commented on: how to strengthen your arms fast , strengthen hands and fingers by short stick kung fu training

Yes! I taught front quadrant swimming by passing a batton from one outstretched arm to the other in front of the body keeping it long in the water and faster.

Commented on: Xurmo Darran

What beautiful colors! The colors of tradition.

Commented on: Two Ways To Fix A Broken Axe In The Forest - This Actually Works! Wilderness Survival @WildSiberian

Thank you Lars. I haven't been trusted to work with Axes yet. When I learned to brawl, my enthusiasm may have startled someone, but I don't mean anyone any harm anymore; I got that out of my system working with things.

Commented on: Two Ways To Fix A Broken Axe In The Forest - This Actually Works! Wilderness Survival @WildSiberian

Thank you Lars. I haven't been trusted to work with Axes yet. When I learned to brawl, my enthusiasm may have startled someone, but I don't mean anyone any harm anymore; I got that out of my system working with things.

Commented on: Plucking Negative Energy Invisible Triggers Scissors Sounds!

Thank you Masayoshi!

Commented on: Time Radio's Post

The dramatic Action is thus the bough from the Tree of Life which, sprung therefrom by an unconscious instinct, has blossomed and shed its fruit obediently to vital laws, and now, dissevered from the stem, is planted in the soil of Art; there, in new, more beautiful, eternal life, to grow into the spreading tree which resembles fully in its inner, necessary force and truth the parent tree of actual Life. (From the Artwork of the Future by Richard Wagner)

Commented on: The Relaxing Tea Shop (ASMR Role Play)

I'm a big fan of Sencha, but the real thing is hard to find. Guanyin too is remarkable, but only when obtained very carefully.

Commented on: 2023 Blessing of the Fleet

Thank you. God Bless America!

Commented on: Batumi, Georgia // City sights, history and Adjarian khachapuri

Wow! Good work! Good find! (Timestamp 11:20) Thank you. Yes, I would visit.

Commented on: Tesla Announces NEW Megafactory China!

Would you, could you, with a bear? I have a two square block area right by my house that would be perfect for one of your installations.

Commented on: My City Krefeld is Dying lots of stores are out of business part 2 it got worst

I realized that one of my friends, a Volk started showing up like a ghost. So I looked up her name and realized that the name Volk has been nearly completely replaced by the name Valk on my network. Even Van der Volk is gone; replaced by Van der Valk.

Commented on: Day in the Life of a Stay-at-Home Artist: 5AM Morning Start! Studio Vlog

I admire sailors who keep watch every 20 minutes throughout everynight of a solo Atlantic crossing. It seems nearly impossible, but with radar assists it can be done. Frequently I wake for specific reasons, but at other times, I can't really figure out why my appartment is rattling off the hook.

Commented on: Black Magic The Dark Side of Kabbalah

Thank you Rabbi. I'm glad you acknowledge the lessons of Dorian and Ecclesiastes in this message. Suffering with despair and dismay, it's easy to get carried away by dreams of grandeur on a flight of fancy, rather than focusing on the rebuild with our Creator’s direction.

Commented on: I Think Faster Than Light Travel is Possible. Here's Why.

If history is an angel blown back into the future because he's headed towards the past, then the past is still available and it can be repaired; like writing describing something spoken as a curse.

Commented on: This is a serious problem with my motorcycle

Thank you for braving this region! It's helpful for me to better see where my father was when he ejected from the Vought Cutlass over the Atlas Mountains. Admittedly, it's been quite a long time since then, but due to instabilities resulting from the aircraft design, they were unable to do carrier landings on the USS Ticonderoga. I don't know why he was deployed in the region, but it was during the Korean Conflict, and a battery blew in his plane preventing any further flight whatsoever. The cannon that he ejected with broke his back, but he clenched his fists during the descent crying "Holy Smoke! Holy Smoke! Holy Smoke!" to stay conscious and land safely.

Commented on: Just Call The ASMR OPERATOR

What a take! Wow, you've outdone yourself!

Commented on: Sunday Shoot-a-Round # 165

I've made progress by using a free fuse of my periphery by relaxing with a gaze to 'center' my focus. The fovea seems to be capable of getting off center, where one, or another or both eyes have a focal point off center. By relaxing, and fusing the periphery of the visual field we can reset our focus to aim directly at the fovea of each eye. Too much time at a monitor, where there's no real binocular disparity or Panum at a distance that does not change is a difficult adaptation to make - even with windows in my periphery.

Replied to a comment on: Eccentric Scientist Experiments On You

I’ve been the subject of clinical trials for quite a while now. I realized that we care much more about the results than those who suffer with standard practice.

Commented on: Reverse Feature Illusion

The translation of code can get murky without settling disputes, so we all appreciate the translation of characters to pinyin. Though many may resort to phonetic translations of cuneiform, which is popular today - like the evaluation of ones and zeros used to validate the merit of base ten, ebonic translations may confuse and escape those better acquainted with the standard definition of the term as illustrated by it's origin of use.

Commented on: Irma La Dulce ASMR's post

To a man who hasn't had a drink in over 18 years, you're both spellbinding. Does it show?

Commented on: How I click my self-portraits

I admire your independence and the breathtaking work that's resulted. Thank you for sharing! By doing this for yourself so very well, you've earned my respect.

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