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The Sacrifice of Others

When we can't rely upon the chain of custody for evidence needed to prove that a crime took place, I return to one, who dangling by the passages we use to communicate with, taught me that we'll die teaching the lesson we're meant to learn.

Our fear of judgement is human, and forgiveness - a lonely refuge, but limits to our constitutional freedom of expression prevent us from being able to prosecute the crime we intend to prevent. When advocacy for lawlessness results in a lynching, and nothing has been done about it, we commit the crime by pointing to the media used to incite it.

The tolerance we're afforded results from the efforts of those who precede us, and the skills we need are a faculty we cultivate. Duress, like hatred exists!

Teaching us our Folly

We don't know the depth of the contempt we face because we're incapable of bearing it, but the heart beats of its own accord, and breath is drawn without a thought or care. To ignore that fact is to deny others the lesson it teaches, and would render us not only heartless, but gutless as well. We can't condemn life and the living or it's adaptations, and if we're not welcome, we make way!

The hateful young man I encountered developed by way of a demonstration intended to mock injustice, so I put the focus back upon myself to determine what happened when I lost my way. The shock of exposure literally blacked me out. By turning the lens upon the reaction I couldn't remember, I gained insite into just exactly what happened, and how to apprehend the threat.

Getting the Word Out

A sentence can be broken, but the truth runs clean clear through to itself. Corruption of documentation, or evidence of violations, teaches us our limits all by itself. New examples are reminders of our failure to do so again. So when what we've been taught is failing, such as logging our communications, then keeping a log to support our conclusions will also continue to teach us not to be harmful.

And, if the One who created our refuge to begin with suffered alienation from Himself in order to forgive a potential beyond His scope, then our shared perception of creation gives us the power to make it right. Published during the formative years of the Internet 1997-2007, these documents helped define our limit to freedom of expression.

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