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The United States Flag and Article 1 of the Constitution

If we're not afforded the opportunity to confront those with a judgement that condemns, then the faculty we cultivate will prevent us from every court.

The Sacrifice of Others

When we can't rely upon the use of evidence needed to prove that a crime took place, I return to the one who by dangling from the passage we use to communicate with finally taught me the lesson I was supposed to teach.

Fear of judgement is human, and forgiveness - a lonely refuge, but when the limit of our constitutional freedom prevents us from the opportunity to prosecute a crime we hope to prevent, or when advocacy results in a lynching then we become subject to the same kind of disregard for the sanctity of life.

Teaching us our Folly

We don't know the contempt we face because we're unaware of the beliefs that led it, so the heart beats of its own accord, and breath is drawn without a thought or care. But to ignore the lesson it teaches would render us not only heartless, but gutless as well. We can't condemn life and the living or it's adaptations even if we're not welcome, so we learn to make way.

The hateful young man I discovered was revealed by my own demonstration, not to mock justice, but to determine what was missing. I couldn't approach an offender directly; it blacked me out, but by turning the lens upon a part I was led to play, I learned to recognize the threat and face the truth that was kept from me.

Beyond Words

Our sentences may be broken, but the truth runs clear - clean through back to itself. So the corruption of our documentation, the censorship of our publications and withholding of evidence by State Surgeons just serve as new reminders of the limits we've been shown. If what we were taught has failed, then what remains is to continue to log communications that remain and publish what hasn't been heard because we must.

This refuge we suffer won't alienate us from ourselves while we forgive potentials beyond our scope. Those who've gone missing still seem to reach us by mysterious means to make things right so what we've published during formative years of the Internet not only established a baseline of our limitations, it's also brought structure to those who've followed.

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