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I realized after posting a reference to a spinoff of one of the YouTube Channels I subscribe to that political material is being censored here too. I recently removed an educational project from my collection of works because teaching a political position is contradictory. We can't teach an opinion, opinions are not taught; we can teach decision making and problem solving, but opinions are formed by individuals who can make decisions for themselves. Constitutional limitations apply equally to us all, regardless of political position, so those who banish opinions to use the term "antisocial" must also be responsible for the consequences that follow. Even following the instructions we've been given requires accountability, so I keep logs to illustrate the consequences of ambiguity and equivocation. Think as you like and speak as you are, but when if prayer, or tradition violates law by referring to someone as being spiritually sick without license to do so, or the value of a child's name is obscured because someone's been endangered, or the abuse of confidentiality is used to prosecute the healthcare system, which is more important to you.

B 58 Husler

While the performance of this plane exceeded that of the Vought F7U Cutlass, which my father flew in the Pacific theater, the costs were considered too high for practical use.

The First Motorcycle

Like the roots of Daimler and the shoeshine 'boy', I respect innovators capable of the humility required to manufacture a new product like a motorcycle. I myself spent many hours drafting the perfect shape for an airplanes nose cone and by the time I was done, the Convair B-58 Hustler had one that looked just like it fully developed.

The Opium Trade

When I visited England, some of my friends were still wondering where their sterling tea service went!

The Roth.childs

Here's an example of an industrious family collecting coins and using names cleverly.


I wouldn't lay claim to superpowers like Underdog's by any means, but I took pills like he did and because he checked his coins well, I collect them now too (I didn't have time to do so as a child).

Me at 10 mile lake with a marshmallowWorking together

Everything gets a name so we can find a location, or refer to someone we know, but those of us who also mark up the hazards we've encountered by using names chose to use hashtag (#) to keep the information we need from obscurity. We risk losing the opportunity to publish documents that describe a hazard, like fighting words, if it’s bandied about recklessly. And, because hashtag is being used as a placeholder in most templates, it's as innocuous as any character we might choose.

For example: my younger brother lost a flip flop when the undertow washed it out to sea. I had already been warned about the undertow and it was getting dark so I couldn't retrieve it, but because I refer to the undertow as a hazard when describing my sorrow about the loss, the place where we enjoyed warm swims and sunbathing in the sand now suffers with these charges, like the new world suffered with the foreign livestock that arrived with the settlers.

Global changes like these that we don't alway recognize as a hazard, are like many other features of our landscape that we don't always see, say, or remember right away and can be forgiven in an individual, but by working together, we can make better use of our own experience and how to present it.

Currently, we anchor warnings without obstructing the words or the document that's used to present them by a subtle change in the light that's used to describe it (like a color change, or text decoration). We need to define ambiguous terms more carefully, or provide hints like a confidential counsel. Because sharing information about a threat can be hazardous too (just like determining that there is one), we change the arrow of the mouse to display a finger pointer up (or forward), along with the document name and/or # tag that we'll be linking to - before we link.

It's not intuitive for everyone to use the horizontal motion of a mouse to make vertical display changes, but we're learning to build better interfaces for ourselves on mobile devices by working with the saliency of sight to loosen the framework within which we work.

Image of a castleThe power to create

The power to create is still preferable to the power to destroy, but while adapting to life online with complementary and alternative medicine, I alienated healthcare workers by calling out practices I didn't fully agree with and had to do without.

Those who rely upon reporting, and others obstructed by it, can and do force solutions that recently denied us the architecture we relied upon for the adaptations we considered to be normal. I didn't have to rely upon code to obscure what I knew to be true, even when called out for behavior some might consider objectionable, but I did use code to describe unsavory activity because I wasn't allowed to use dirty words to express myself.

Because friends mocked the genetic modification of 'corn', which was the code word I used for marijuana at the time, I chose to use hypertext to clarify my meaning. Moldy dope, a term used to describe bag shake in a tin of water in the corner of a dark room, was distinguished from the use of Colchicine to induce polyploidy in marijuana by use of anchor text in hypertext documents to be clear about the meaning of a word like mold.

Like hashtag (#) today, which is also used to locate a sequence more carefully, and the 'a' link, which was useful to my coverage of a condition that occurred in my extended family, these tools have been getting compromised by what I believe is an attempt to obscure what I know to be true, just like edits to my prose.

It wasn't enough to take direction from others to speak in more general terms while referring to adultery by using a concepts like: "getting lost following a cat on the avenue" because my uncle was rounding up stray cats to do research at the University and be rid of the problem.

To suggest that I'm above the behavior is ludicrous. Children live what they learn, so I don't harbor any resentment in the matter. I only hope to share better alternatives I've learned since then for those who are similarly afflicted, or choose to follow.

examining a sand crabHow to describe our entity

The radical improvement of my website took place once I resolved a solution for an anonymous organization that required 3000 Bitcoins to lay off. The vulnerability we lived with was due to structures employed to provide easy access to our clients.

So web ready copy is generated by IMID, but it truly is the platform that describes our hand coding that way, so we must've had something to do with it.

Like the Trust, which was established in 2016 to support those who identify with the need to report, we work very carefully with the letters used to describe our entity.

Praying in post war GermanyBlood on the Streets in Frogtown

My girlfriend told me that there was blood on the streets in Frogtown.

And while examining the circumstance, I realized that there was an 'a' link on the site-map of my website that wasn't working and that even though there were no errors in the HTML and I was on my own server, it still didn't work. So I locked up the file and backed it up, like I normally do with oddities and anomalies to check the ramifications of the link. Here's what I found:

The link led to a template page that serves as an example of the template I built for others, which is normally in its own folder for you. And, because the directories I normally use are the same as the ones I provide on the template, the relative links were leading directly to my own subdirectory logs (I keep logs for each decade, and each year within each decade and so forth).

It is important for me to provide a sample of the license free website I offer to those who would like to try this kind of work out for themselves, but I had to use a hashtag for the links on that page instead of the directories that I normally use in my template and for myself in order to preserve the boundary between me and my directory and you and yours.

You see, I really have no choice but to think things over when something goes wrong and usually it doesn't become clear to me until it's online or under development. Thanks for your patience with my process.

On the way to the dollar storeConclusions from Investigations

After many years of persistent effort to report, I realize that writing is essential, but talking about it is not, even in places where we were once encouraged to do so. So I sit here and slog through revisions of my work that have clearly been left by others; either to find out what really happened, or to exonerate a suspect, while the reader must wonder what really happened and violence results all over the city from claims that aren't true, or representative of our work.

We used media primarily to be sure of ourselves, so we could defend ourselves when people who claim we're crazy to talk about an incident that offends us come to drug and restrain us (the effort to report while still traumatized may be obstructed to prevent people from doing further harm), but proof of the crime we experienced was replaced by proof of the hate crime that resulted and without the proof, the slander and defamation can continue.

If what we've been taught isn't working, we need to find a better way; while we've learned to be rid of the anger, fear and obsessions that cause the problems to begin with, the reporting we've been required to provide has become harmful, so we learn to do that work more carefully, to be rid of the poverty and contempt used to keep us out.

I recieved my Hyaluronic Acid at the end of December in black packaging from a Stateside locationShipping Agent

I realized while beta testing an import, that the shipping agent (which sent from a Stateside location and was previously shipped from the country of origin) may require payment arrangements too, because if they're acting under the direction of the foreign corporation that I ordered it from as a shipping company that's repackaging, I'm not fully in control of my product anymore (I have no idea who they are and can't vouch for the chain of custody).

And, because I turned down a lead from the same State who proposed I build a website for white-label models from the same region as my import (I had a bad rash at the time), that he may be giving credit to someone else for my own site's redesign (he wrote back later saying that his clientele would be building the sites themselves).

I told him I have a free template they can use to help them with location changes, but he said that they won't be developing templates. The problem, from my point of view, is that tax law identifies these artifacts as gross rents, or illegal ownership and that criminals can exploit them for illegal trade.

Work at the Storage Unit Site with DickDeath, be not Proud

My buddy Dick, the carpenter, expressed frustration about the folks who celebrated death at a funeral he attended by saying: "They wanted to convince me of the fact that he's better off now; that his suffering has ended!" So, I reminded them of the fact that we use every scrap of lumber on our sites before we're finished.


When I named my company IMID Inc, I didn't associate it with another use of the acronym, IMID, which refers to the chemistry of Thalidomide. In our case, it simply means: Interactive Multimedia Information Dissemination, which serves as a Domestic Corporation in the State of Minnesota. The association was not apparent to me at the time, but the acronym stuck for simplicity's sake and became the assumed name for the entity that survives in Minneapolis.

Down by the River

My log seemed so lame, I added a large part of my history to document the movement we began in the 1990s while others were taking care of my daughters: Log 1990s

That we haven't yet fully realized our dream isn't necessary. We leave the results up to God. Just to see how the effort has changed the world is so telling, it needs no further explanation.

Shown here is one of my daughters with her surrogate parents and friends.

Carly in Marine-on-St. Croix with bikers
Carly with an icicle in her hand by her stepdad
Carly with a young man and his dog


My channel tends to get warnings when I post medical themed ASMR. There is one solution for that. A good rating. If I get a good rating the YouTube AI will accept my video. So please! Would you please help me with liking and commenting?

Baltic Shores

Granted, by that time we'd already been to several different countries, continents, and islands with Mom and Dad. It's pretty hard to say where the disconnect comes from, but we've been working on it. A shot of mom in a cabana by the Baltic seashore is a pretty good metaphor for me.

So cozy and tucked in she's hard to reach; to go beyond seems preposterous, but necessary.

Traveling to the islands required shorts, the likes of which I no longer have and I'm sure Frankfurt was full of more surprises than I'm prepared to investigate, so I put faith in Our Father, no matter how bad things seem to get.

Mom in the cabana and me in the sand by the Baltic Sea
Birthday Party
Easter Sunday in Frankfort
My first Christmas in Boston
The Blues Brothers

Coming Back from Red's Corner Store

Coming back from Reds, the local corner store on Johnson Street with Dave and his sister, everything seems right as rain!

And, after scanning a few more of my old photos, it seems like the claims made might've been intended to distract me from other circumstances I considered to be problematic.

I just didn't see any evidence of distance, or animosity between myself and my friend at all, though my appraisal of the situation hasn't always confirmed by good fortune.

Birthday Party
Gunny Sac Races
coming home from reds
My birtday party

The Web Could Divide Us

[The Web] is supposed to be a very transparent medium between the author and the reader, so if you find that life is complex on the web, you are reading a complicated part of it and if you....feel the web should be simple, you can go and write a very simple piece of web and if for some people found you want to use the web for fraud or or immoral purposes....then it's only answering to the world which it serves.

It isn't exactly as good as the world it is like the analogy was with paper; imagine trying to invent a sort of paper which can't be used for writing untruths, or can't be used for immoral purposes. It's inconceivable, or it would be a horrendously complicated piece of paper. Instead, what you say is:

"Look, the paper can be used to write whatever it is you want to express." and then, if you want laws or you want values applied, you do those in society.

Coming Back from Red's Corner Store

Coming back from Reds, the local corner store on Johnson Street with Dave and his sister, everything seems right as rain!

And, after scanning a few more of my old photos, it seems like the claims made might've been intended to distract me from other circumstances I considered to be problematic.

I just didn't see any evidence of distance, or animosity between myself and my friend at all, though my appraisal of the situation hasn't always confirmed by good fortune.

Birthday Party
Gunny Sac Races
coming home from reds
My birtday party

Day Disguise

We may need to be more carefully guarded with our versions of the past. Many believe we learn everything we need to know for life during childhood, but I’ve also been required to provide solutions to problems I've never had, so I went through a box of photos to see if there was anything I had overlooked and found some prints that looked fake to me - like my brother's and me with big hair (haircuts more typical of rock stars that I'd never seen until the Internet allowed me the opportunity).

Like my old friend now, who took me to the horse races after he showed me his box full of pictures. It was all he had left after all those years - besides his pilot license. It was probably the last time I saw him, but poverty like his motivated me to do something about the stories we've been told. Has it been photographed, or videotaped to prove that it happened because they'll say you're crazy if you don't?

Even an Emperor, or Empress in a throne room might be subjected to that kind of scrutiny when they claim that the bad luck of the Empire is the fault of a bad ancestor. To be good, they not only have to prove it, they have to replace it.

Ponderosa at Audio dot com

When friends who have been helping with things like cancer, heart disease, or sickle cell anemia go missing and a brother dies as a result, we begin to work hard on long-term solutions, but it's not easy to disseminate the information we grew up with and those who've risked everything to establish new baselines are already painfully familiar with that problem.

So what if the publications that we draft become so corrupted that there's no one left to communicate with and access to the truth is denied? And what if everything we built is removed from us and our opportunity to provide?

It will still be there, but most of us won't even be able to see it. That's been a functional solution for quite a while! Internet archives still tend to what we provide, no worries.

I did not make you speak, no one did!

Jacques Lacan from Jacques Lacan Parle41 Minutes into this video, Jacques Lacan Parle answers the question: "What is the analyst's role? Should the analyst make the patient speak?" (Lacan was famous for taking hospitalized patients out into public to teach a more sincere appreciation of life; the more strenuous use of language.)

Lacan's response defined the problem as a duality. Perhaps one between nature and mind, where the patient may need to say something, but where the analyst cannot make him say it. To allow the patient this freedom exonerates the analyst from whatever the patient needs to express.

"You said it!", the analyst affirms (therefore I'm not implicated), or "I did not make you speak, no one did!"

The Frustration of Boys

The sod field by my placeThough I didn't intend to start a war, I did hear motions from at least two people in my circle during the last 20 years that suggested a need to vent. My family was recruited for reconstruction efforts in Germany and repairing divisions between North and South Korea seemed like a logical next step, but describing the violation of a Teddy Bear may not have been the best way to introduce the idea. After all, the Bear is a proud symbol of Russia and separating Russia from North Korea would be like separating 'US' from the South.

So I'm covering the hazards I've encountered while reporting with hypertext because it seems like the next best step. I cover a time that was a fairly natural result of behavior my mother didn't want me to discuss, so I had to rely upon a more toned down, general description of that activity, which was more naturally covered by film. And by now, even the most fundamental features of our experience may be threatened online by the manner of their use. It does seem fitting however, to cover how the new languages developed - along with the terms we use to describe them.

I didn't realize that the technological adaptations that were developing would actually help us to see better. I had only hoped to be able to keep up with the income my cousins were making while detasseling corn in Southern Minnesota so I could ride a motorcycles like the Norton Commando Evel Knievel made famous years before, but found myself involved in much more environmentally friendly activity, like using sewage sent from the city to replace the soil we depleted while cutting sod when I arrived and went to work there.

Art's Need Alone

Art's need alone gives law and measure, down to even the smallest detail. Everything, that breathes and moves upon the stage, thus breathes and moves alone from eloquent desire to impart, to be seen and heard within those walls which, however circumscribed their space, seem to the actor from his scenic standpoint to embrace the whole of humankind; whereas the public, that representative of daily life, forgets the confines of the auditorium, and lives and breathes now only in the artwork which seems to it as Life itself, and on the stage which seems the wide expanse of the whole World. Such marvels blossom from the fabric of the Architect, to such enchantments can he give a solid base, when he takes the purpose of the highest human artwork for his own.

Conclusions of Metropolis

This is a spoiler, so if you haven't seen the movie, navigate your browser to: Metropolis, a 1927 Film, now with color in English.

This movie is relevant to me even today because The Trusteeship (IMID) was accused of flooding a neighbor below, which, like the disaster that took place in Metropolis when the machines were shut down, has required a long and painful reconstruction.

Bobo the Clown and Beany

I was offered a 25 dollar gift card for accepting an in-home assessment which just arrived yesterday. So I activated the card and headed out to get groceries (where I'm considered to be a guest), but the card didn’t work and when I asked the clerk to check me out (I was in the self serve lane), he couldn’t get it to work either.

I thought to myself well, if I’m a guest at Target without groceries and a chump at home waiting for pay from an in-home healthcare worker, am I going to make the card pay for them? No, I thought to myself. That’s what was done in Sioux Falls and Little Falls during the 1970s by offering low interest loans on plastic.

So I said to the clerk: “See, there’s an assumption taking place here” waving the card in front of his face, “Namely, that this card is phony because it doesn’t have raised lettering, or an insignia with a hologram on it. And, because you think it is, you're going to make me pay for the groceries in your domain without paying for the healthcare provided on mine!

See, the Louisville Slugger I hit my friend with was made of Ash, or Hickory and my grandpa passed it around the living room for all my relatives to see. Some say we learn everything we need to know in life during our childhood, but I was expected to study for reasons I didn't understand. It's shocking how much I overlooked! The Beany pop-up, and Bobo the Clown had no significance for me though I do remember feeling sheepish about visiting my friend and walking past his yard.

So I studied Physiology at the University and wrote a thesis on Visual Image Formation and Information Processing of the Human Mind and left to study Website Design before returning to address this problem at home again. Please see also: Visual Comprehension

I remember pulling my Radio Flyer down to the end of the block before we left the neighborhood and I kept praying for the Red Balloon and my family members. And, it's much easier for me to see why I was expected to do something for my friend Dave now than it was when I was asked to do so a few years ago.

I'm also very glad that I worked with the guidance and suggestions I was afforded as a young man, which served as very good preparation for my duties today.

Someone Else's Memories
Beany pop-up balloon with propellor
Bobo the Clown
Running off the table

The Sleeper Must Awaken

My father nearly used the phrase, 'Fools Cross the Wake' for the title of his first book because to land on the runway of the Ticonderoga, an approach asymptote to the ship's course was safest. To cross the wake would force an angular approach to the runway in a plane without a tail and unpredictable landing gear.

From my point of view, as a heavy sleeper, I thought of it as an admonition not to bother my mother when she woke me for band practice during the wee hours of the morning. Because I also rebelled against bedtime while there was still light in the sky and friends at play, it wasn't fair of me to lay blame for doing so.

The Johnson Yard

The Johnson YardI did not remember seeing my next door neighbor injured, I knew something was wrong and it became clear that my community expected me to do more for my injured friend by the time I returned from my studies out west, but reports to my doctor about the discovery of scar tissue on my body made matters worse.

The healthcares practitioners I consulted with didn’t acknowledge any shame in the matter, so despite my effort to determine exactly what happened, I couldn’t expect them to do anything about my discovery - and being from the Johnson yard did not help.

Please see also: Space-Time Craft

The Death of Science

I haven't given up on neighbors and friends who wonder why the doctors are stitching an artery to a vein for dialysis, or how to heal an open wound that won't close, but I do believe the time we've been given is intended to allow for healing and that the failure to recover isn't always their fault.

You'll find that we do all we can when surrounded by the dead and dying. It's natural; like lobsters crawling out of a bucket, or ants climbing out of an antlion pit. Composition at our terminals makes way for the network and our servers, so we do so carefully.

Like the Sonoran desert that was once a popular location for Cryo Therapy and may still be, copyright claims damaged one company's reputation so severely that links to their product line are gone. Sleeping, or dreaming during times like these might be disrupted, but agreeing to a treatment without reading the terms, or reading unreliable information might not be wise under the circumstances.

We can charge people, places and things all day long while others might do all they can to migrate populations, but the current ends up in the ground and this diaspora may not live to see any habitat at all.


A secret about a man must come out, so he speaks to God about the problem rather than surrender to the conclusion of others that he's been mad.

Here, Søren does 'the work' just as we do:

Original Draft: "What I really need is to get clear about what I must do, not what I must know, except insofar as knowledge must precede every act." (This is considered to be one of the earliest statements of existentialist thought.)

Later variant: "What I really lack is to be clear in my mind what I am to do, not what I am to know, except insofar as a certain knowledge must precede every action."

From Historical Treatments at The Trusteeship (and Wikipedia): (Please see also: Metropolis)

Wagner's Intention

Because Farrah provides a very good example of facing death by recording the circumstances thoroughly (even the visits to her doctor), as Wagner suggested in The Artwork of the Future, I donate to her foundation. I lost my cancer researcher to her concern about the use of monkeys in the lab (and my brother to cancer). She found it difficult to part with the subiects after the research was concluded.

Sustainable Energy Alternatives

Because fears are primarily what prevent us from taking advantage of Nuclear Energy, I hope ongoing memberships will continue to support the rigorous fact checking characteristic of this channel to be clear about our realistic alternatives. The cost of fossil fuel alternatives and making the transition is higher, but lowering the carbon emissions will help us achieve Net Zero by 2050. I firmly believe that web development is the best investment we can make to improve the odds of our survivability, and that it is a green industry for those of us who can easily live sustainable lives by these means, but even the net is populated with hazardous industries and features, so proceed with caution. For example: When I began writing papers and substantiating my claims with photographs of black smoke being emitted from my local High School, someone stole my camera, my microscope and I needed to get stitched up after being pushed down the stairs onto the cinders in the school yard.

Is Nuclear Energy Green?

Because fears are primarily what prevent us from taking advantage of Nuclear Energy, I hope ongoing memberships will continue to support the rigorous fact checking characteristic of Sabine Hossenfelder's Channel to be clear about realistic alternatives. Transitioning from fossil fuels alternatives costs more, but lowering the carbon emissions will help us achieve Net Zero by 2050.

I firmly believe that web development is the best investment we can make to improve the odds of our survivability. Nothing in the history of humanity has ever made vision more possible, or understanding more accessible than the Net, and it's a green industry for those of us who live sustainable lives by these means.

Radio Show

Recieving our acknowledgment after the skitAfter consulting with my teacher, co-founder and CEO of MacroMind, the company that became Macromedia, I took his suggestion to work on YouTube and keep up with the work I had planned to do. Another teacher told me that you may choose not to take your teacher's advise, but the halls of academia are strewn with the bones of those who choose not to, so I stuck with my teacher's advice.

(A business consultant told me to keep my focus on Website design, but can't make a living doing work that's freely available today.)

So, how shall this salutation be?

Hyper Tough Ratchet

Found a ratchet on CentralA Hyper Tough ratchet showed up on the avenue a couple years after I loaned one out to my friend Mikhail. He needed mine for spark plug changes and I didn't really miss it, but the one I received in return is better than the one I gave him! Like the launch of the World Wide Web, which became hazardous as soon as we were able to prove that a crime took place, the paint brush showed up on the avenue when I went to pay a debt. The fact that I grumbled a bit about working for a painter without pay probably didn't help, but I do find that I get what I need if I stay on the beam. The dollar bin at the apothecary probably ranks as the most valuable find in recent years as I'm still working on new products from that one find over a vear later.

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