Meditation and Delivery

Every instance of identity serves all the others

  • Take Orders

  • Apply Code

  • Test and Evaluate

  • Adapt Sequences

Time saver

Use your web template to provide your content online, and write out your Archetype from your details.


Call for a free One-hour Consultation to get help launching your first site. Write out your priorities focusing on the things you need help with.


Write a one-paragraph description of your own particular need, and agree to work with the Limitations of Service we've already set forth.


Research your market, or the peeple your trying to reach, and develop your Presence to create a harmonic within their environment.


Reach your audience directly, by using a web hosting service capable of meeting their expectations.


Coordinate third party vendors by providing safe and secure access to your merchant account.

And, feel free to write out a work order for any other service that you may need at any time.

Our Services


Consultation Fees

$ 30 per hour
Website Design Strategy
How to Development Content
Problem Solving
Bids (One-hour Free)
Market Research
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Our Featured Service

Junior Technician

$ 40 per hour
Template Design
Landing Page Composition
Restructuring HTML
Rewriting CSS
Loading JavaScript
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Senior Technician

$ 50 per hour
Writing JavaScript
Installing Websites
Assigning Domain Names
Tracking Specific Traffic
Establishing E-Commerce
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Network Architecture

$ 60 per hour
Writing Domain Zones
Installing Web Servers
Establishing International Presence
Domain Management and Name Servers
(Creating an Identity Online)
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