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The Ten Commandments

God is a True Source of Healing and Transformation

Aware of the suffering caused by fundamentalism and rigidity, I choose to be respectful of all compassionate faith and accept that there are many paths to enlightenment. I realize that what works for some may not work for all others, and that our way is only one of many ways. I choose to remain mindful of our limitations and regret that though we naturally have good intentions, we usually don't realize we've gone wrong until we do.

And, though we know You and You're love Lord,

We endeavor to heal those who've fallen due to unconsciousness slavery to the ever increasing number of things that seem to come before you, and to help those committed to a holy transformation further into a state of grace. As we continue to cite our history of terror and hatred, we must remain committed to healing, and relief of the suffering of each and every one.

Do not take the Lord's name in vain

Aware of the suffering caused by selfishness, I choose to align my will with our common good to share with others on life's journey, and to see my life as an evolution with others. To know our selves better, I choose to meditate on the reality of Presence, and my place within it.

Observe the sabbath

Aware of the separation and distraction caused by financial insecurity, I choose to work toward a day of rest, and pursue rest as an honorable goal. I will work within my community to accept the transformations to come as inevitable, and set aside time for prayer, contemplation, and acceptance.

Honor your mother and father

Aware of the suffering caused by aging, disease, and death, I choose to accept myself, and my parents. Aware that we all have faults, and sometimes make mistakes, I choose to forgive to focus on moments of nurturing and kindness so their leadership can play a larger role in my life.

Do not murder

Aware of the suffering caused by conflict, war, toxicity, and anger, I choose to recognize the sanctity of life, the need for privacy, tolerance and understanding and respect the right for each of us to have our own point of view.

Do not engage in sexual exploitation

Aware of the suffering caused when people break their commitments, and the suffering caused by sexual exploitation, I choose to keep my commitments, to be faithful in my relationships, and to do all I can to prevent the enslavement of vulnerable adults and children.

Do not steal

Aware of the suffering caused by inequity, I choose to share what I'm being given, and to be a good steward of what's left to tend. I continue to prioritize the experience of oneness in creation, and do what I can to aviod separation from it.

Do not lie

Aware of the suffering caused by careless speech and misunderstanding, I choose to provide language free from hate and contempt to teach peace in the world. I choose to limit the information I share to what I know, and will be generous with support and encouragement for others. By way of this commitment, my compositions will point to the power to intervene to do good.

Do not covet

Aware of the suffering caused by compulsive indulgence, I will choose to be well pleased with what I enjoy, rather than seeking to increase my joy, and to live a sustainable life governed by the certainty of our limited resources. I choose to see my basic needs as a sufficient, and to enjoy what I have rather than seeking more.

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