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On the Occasion of an Unidentified Spacecraft Found in a Vacant Lot

Old octopus furnace revealing the top which might've been misconstrued as a spaceship'

The top of an old octopus furnace

(which might've been misconstrued as a spaceship)

Octopus furnace ductwork.

Octopus furnace ductwork.

(My step father took the top off the old furnace to replace the ductwork before we left.)

Octopus furnace with the ductwork removed.

Octopus furnace

(with the ductwork off you can partially see the interior)

Because we enjoy peace, liberty and the freedom to compose, we share safer strategy for the cohabitation of space that's resulting online.

Leaving Home

Because the top of the furnace looked like perfect cover for the fort I was working on in the Vacant Lot (just a hole in the ground really), I dragged it to the spot under the window of the gas station garage, where it must've been mistaken for an alien craft (ours was silver and the holes were large enough slide into).

It would've been very easy to mistake the top of the furnace for an alien craft from a distance; it looked just like a flying saucer with port holes that I could slide into to get in the fort underneath. I'd like to add a little more credibility to this story (I have family that works for Fermilab) because the claims that children made then were considered to be incompetent and it isn't true; we just didn't have the resources, or opportunity that adults had.

"Even if we could get the film negatives to prove what we said was true, it was like reporting on pollution, when we started reporting on it, our tools, along with the evidence was taken away."


Though I was unable to get Davy to the Hospital by myself at the age of 7, the effort of others (sincere or otherwise) taught me how to get a boy onto a stretcher, or gurney and into an ambulance. The concern about his injury also led to a more sincere effort on my part to investigate the causes of injury and occurrence of scar tissue. Please see also: Sand Lake Drowning

Hennepin County

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