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A Proposal for the Twin City Metro Area

Right to Confrontation

We need to be able to identify, and hold responsible those who use blame, slander and liable to defame, or discredit the opportunity to operate businesses to secure the healthcare we need to recover from the damage done. The commission of these crimes is frequently accomplished through our own public media, and may include the disclosure of sensitive information capable of compromising our banks (such as the disclosure of account usernames and passwords).

Unfortunately, the Anonymous community doesn't accept that kind of disclosure. But because we are required to provide names and the opportunity for a defense to those who suffer a claim these objections must be negotiated, even if it results in a commitment proceeding, we need to know who is making the claims for good reason. For example: the use of a label used to treat someone must be made by a licensed physician.

I’m not a police officer, though I serve to protect and defend the rights of patients who find it difficult to return to the communities they come from, so I'm well acquainted with the problem. I chose to work online to achieve my goals because I was trained to and advised to keep that focus; we’re not always welcome to return to our local assemblies after serving difficult people.

It is the healthcare system that typically corrects these problems by use of local rules we refer to as LPS commitments based upon the definitions for danger to self, danger to others, or gravely disabled, but danger to self is covered by the 5th Amendment, danger to others is frequently nothing but a device used to sequester the witness (our patients) from disclosing what might be dangerous to a suspect (which ought to be accomplished in a Court), and gravely disabled is what happens to us when we've been denied our opportunity to tell the truth by any means.

So to deny the opportunity to obtain our healthcare by legitimate means is likely to result in the heinous crime that requires it (as in State's requirement to report the crime that leads to injury - criminals wait for the return to injure the somnolent again and the doctors make more money).

It's clear that the motivation for the healthcare redirect to treat criminal activity is used to fund the healthcare system, though there are many ways for physicians to punish their patients in the Long Term Care facilities too.

Regarding Credentials for a Project

I'm currently serving with Gardaworld Event Staffing, and previously served as a Federally Mandated Healthcare Advocate serving patients committed to Long Term Care facilities for forensic healthcare treatment.

And, because I'm a respondent to an initiative that began in my hometown as healthcare reporting and is ending in the form of web development, I now teach Constitutional Limitations by cooperation with the Odin Project(s) after registering with the first of these which was formed by IARPA at the Department of Defense.

Our need for credentials is based upon the uncertainty of Identities that may be involved in the disruption of an International Investment opportunity which I've reported to the IC3, including the breach of an international bank account username and password and disruptions to my web publications presumably accomplished by similar means. Not to compromise 'a living thing', but to contain and control those who may be involved in fraudulent activity. Please see: Visual Badge

A New Seal

I believe the best way to represent this effort is by way of Odin himself, though he might not agree. Like the term L'etoile du Nord on the State Seal, I'm sure many of us unfamiliar with the French term assume it to mean: The Toil of Nords, and I realized that the use of Ebonics has in fact gained credibility. Many who take this position might also suggest in English: "Do you mean to define these terms with your use of our language, or mine?"

The State, and our City and metro area in particular are an extremely important feature of this project. Minneapolis is one of the most well developed technology centers in the United States due to our focus on biotechnology, so Odin and his Runes might be a good starting point. We just don't want to be stuck there. It is my hope to continue to work identities for the remainder of my conscious time; here and in the hereafter. I don't want to have to do work like that for myself again, but I can be useful to others hoping to achieve a competent migration to web presence online. To be true to myself, I worked with who I was, who I am and what I'm capable of for good and I can do the same for others.

In order to accomplish that goal, we need to have deep respect for their experience and goals if not reverence. Not everyone is capable of integrity to begin with, but I prefer plane speech to banishment and endless equivocation intended to avoid the truth. Our use of language, already prone to fragmentation, results in incidents based upon the mediums used to convey it to begin with, so pictures and diagrams are extremely important to this venture as well.

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