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Forced Entry

The moment I arrived back home after using my brother Mark’s name I knew he would show up ready for action. I'm prepared to accept the fact that it’s a problem for many to be ‘ratted out’. But an actual implementation of IMID (I am ID) assumes that we have some familiarity with the questionable circumstances we've been writing about to resolve. If not, we wouldn't know the difference between wrong and right at all. We know something's wrong if we've had to suffer with the consequences of the behavior ourselves. We wouldn't even recognize it in others unless we'd seen it in ourselves, so at least we have some familiarity with a way out.

On the other hand, calling someone out because their name conjures up an unrelated meaning, like Mark, as in 'Target' would be ridiculous. Fortunately, I’ve studied problems like these for over 20 years (it's just one of the directions the Brand IMID took) and most recently, a forced entry was accomplished by complaining about water damage that resulted in an apartment below on Columbus Day (A recent name change to 'The Trusteeship' must've seemed fitting).

But the whole point of this exercise is to show that blame doesn’t work. I shamed myself for trying to size up the threat we faced as children because I couldn't apprehend it; I couldn't even fully remember what offended me. I knew the pressure we lived with was so painful that I banged my head on the floor and cried out for comfort until I ended up with a hot water bottle in my bed.

And I was able to drain the pus out of my ears when I grew up, but by then, they were transplanting the brains of monkeys, so I wondered if I had any left. Disorientation led to serious mistakes like an errant bat swing that hit my best friend Davy, and encounters with girls who thought we were too big to fit. So upon reflection, I realize that it may have been my failure to get him to the hospital that resulted in the need for all the demonstrations on how to properly use a stretcher, gurney, or ambulance.

Standing on the corner, suitcase in my hand.

Rumbling in our beds and vibrating rooms at all hours of the night results in exhaustion for most of us, even if it does arouse the feminine pleasure of some. We live in something like the Electric Football of the 1960s, only we're on the field now. So running the water until the manager shows up might work for some, but we've been getting up and running the plays for years now.

Like the hazards of describing the holocaust, proving that pedophelia, or psychosis really exists results in problems like floods on Columbus day and toxic emissions in our apartments. And the fact that microcircuits leak shouldn't surprise us! Without the unpredictable nature of web development and problems like ours, we'd have very few places left to go.

Some people believe it’s better to heal on our own than it is to go back to the guy who’s been cutting on us to get help. It was my father’s job to market Gas Stations in the 1960s and he took that kind of activity seriously. He wanted to make them friendly places where families could feel safe. And one of the first lessons I learned from the First Nation was to be respectful of people - even their image. Regardless of the trouble we have with a livelihood or way of life, it isn't our place to be judgemental about them; everyone has the right to control their own image.

I shared my concern about discoveries like these with doctors in the 1980’s and I believe they used my daughter to find out more about me. Even things I forgot about, like a colonic required by my brother. This is not about Mark, Tyson, or me: targets of the healthcare industry. We were children then, learning to respect the differences between us that can really become dangerous.

Scripts and commandments that were etched into wood pulp and stone are confusing and peculiar to those who move about more easily than wood and stone. Scripture needed to point to errors clearly enough to be recognized, but cleverly so we could stay put. And the creative freedom expressed by it prior to the digital age, created enough ambiguity about issues to evade them by use of equivocation.

However, in this new medium, we teach our limitations more clearly. We can be exacting about the meaning of our words with every placement, so what we copyright and distribute has become more like writing letters in the sand; ideal for me and my circumstances. That is after all what the Lord did about the adultery they lived with and so have we.

Ultimately, it is God’s power to disclose what really needs to be addressed. Not the powers of darkness, or destruction, but new light in the heavens. So let them be for all people; for signs and for seasons to separate the day from the night.

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