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How Reports Result from Logging

Flirting with Disaster

Working with the reports of others isn't as easy as working with our own. We don't know the details that led to the lives others lead, and when we're asked to help them, frequently they don't know why they've been compromised either - just like me. I believe most of us do our level best to find out what we've overlooked when bad luck strikes an otherwise good life, but sometimes we suffer the same afflictions that are used to teach compassion to those who don't have any.

I encountered this problem in the audio industry. Rather than spend a fortune on an audio system I can't afford, I try to strategize small purchases only to find that I really don't know how a well made audio system is built! To appeal to a chip manufacturer, who we contract for inexpensive labor is much the same. We can't demand that providers deliver the designs we need if they're losing their lives to cancer resulting from the manufacturing process.

So rather than continue to provide examples of the hardship I face while confronting my clients with the consequences of a failure to pay, I just remove my product from the opportunity to be used. Like community based treatment alternatives for individuals who continue to offend; the treatment, similar to the behavior that requires it, encourages a perpetrator (and those that allow them to offend) to become familiar with the crime from the victims point of view in order to be compassionate.

The Subject's Me

I work with various clients (and populations of clients) who make specific claims, or are dealing with common problems, but unless I can relate to the claim, I'm not likely to be very good at helping them. In this example, a woman named Shessa, who called herself Ms. Grief in documentation filed during May of 1996, became familiar to me by 1997, but it referred to problems resulting from the smoking habits of her neighbors.

At that time, I was a smoker and didn't consider the problem to be of crisis level proportions, but I was later to learn how serious a simple problem like that can become when we don't value basic needs, like clean air and water. I learned this lesson by suffering with a similar situation after I quit smoking, but because I believed I had a right to my sobriety and was required to go to any lengths to keep it, I became belligerent and aggressive in order to stop marijuana use in my headspace.

So after losing my damage deposit in one place and paying 3000 dollars for damages in another, the third location that suffered damages is preventing me from obtaining a new location with a report about my failure to pay. Exposure to the problem I began with has ended - and that's a start, but problems that result from the failure to pay are likely to continue until the alternatives we develop are actually funded.

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