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The Broken Pitcher

When I was a boy, someone asked to use my goggles. Hearing the question without seeing him and wondering how to phrase the answer with proper English (in particular, whether to use lend or borrow), and now I digress to my own field of study to enquire of Ganglia what Photon's influence is upon Beta. At the age of a Cherubim it makes sense. Men are barred from the garden and innocence in general by the curse and what we cannot see is kept out by the Cherub!

Beta, reflecting on the uncertainty of it's position, called for a meeting between Cis and Trans to get their story straight, whereupon Ganglia in trying to determine the exact position of Beta found that the Trans position was heavily favored!

Our perspective is largely determined by the accumulation of signals at Ganglia, so our perception will also be influenced by a favored Trans position. Perhaps even by my son using Testosterone. Not just because I'm a biological parent, but also because I focus my work to assist them with the peculiarities of our heritage.

And, realizing that his former self (the sister of my other daughter), was negated by his disgust of the feminine within him by making claims that he killed his former self, I also know that it's quite likely that his sister's point of view is being opposed as well. So clearly the trans position has influenced my perceptions unduly.

Why? I wonder. What for? When we're shot through our eyes and ears it's hard to know who pulled the trigger. And how do I answer the gentleman's question after 60 years of reflection while he wore my goggles?

Was he really interested in my point of view, or my opinion of him? Am I to consider the trespass without influence, or only capable of The Father? And how do I answer someone who already shares my point of view?

Claims about our competency to respond may have been based upon her testimony about that crime. Testimony that is frequently impugned by accusations of insanity, or delusion. In order for Our Father to correct untimely deaths and injuries that result from these obfuscations we had to find another way to port. We weren't allowed to discuss these issues in Hospitals, and tolerant meeting places - including the Church - have become hard to find.

Teaching the proper use of a stretcher didn’t solve the problem of getting Davy to the hospital, though we did do so for our swimming students. And because I didn't remember trauma of any kind, it's quite likely that he didn't either, so we ought to be looking for new witnesses. A Pitcher perhaps, or an Ump, or Catcher. We couldn't be counted on to field the incident, it's just a mad dash to the east and any witness would do.

So we started to work on an electronic solution in earnest, approaching with this apology: “I’m sorry, I’m only male (x,y), limited to hexadecimal and ASCII text and suffering the only boundary left. It seems our champion (the one who spoke our world into being) may have been broken - and His Curse, along with Him! And given the difficulty we're having now, who - or what's likely to replace Him: The Broken Pitcher?)

Riding on an injured back

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