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What do you do when you go to the Doctor with your partner's complaint, and s/he tells you: "Its all in your head!" Go to a Psychiatrist?

L.A.M.P. Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHPIf you find your unable to get relief from your doctor, and you choose to markup your concerns on the Internet, you're likely to encounter disruption and interference - even censorship - leaving you with few options but to return to the system that invalidated you, and your partner to begin with.

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Defining the problem is only the beginning of what can become very challenging work to reach your goal. An unrelated opinion may only serve as a lucrative distraction to convince you of your need for medications - the real value of which is to delay the resolution of your problem - indefinitely.

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The Dragon with the Deep Red CoyWe're doing everything we can to assist populations who've been left behind by the revolutionary change of the World Wide Web.

If our efforts to defend ourselves, or work for change have become harmful, can we teach the value of Anonymity, or Ambiguity?

When living with hatred or resentment are there other ways to respond to the defamation or violence that results, such as developing alternatives to forced treatment and imprisonment by writing your own treatment plan to suit your needs?
Please see: Treatment Planning

This State provides complaint forms to challenge opinions that have been used against us. Please see: Complaint Form. IMID provides Conflict Resolution Tools with the purpose of redressing improper use of names and labels to make peace.

Supporting Documentation

We can't stop people from using technology to be harmful, but we've documented the obstructions we've encountered including Constitutional Limitations used to draft Terms of Agreement and interference to efforts made by many to provide evidence of the problem.

But the problems we've encountered are more often in the minds of the people who perceive them, than they are in the world.

And, we don't want to be motivated by fighting words, or forced by lawlessness to defy those who choose not to work with us, but we ought not endeavor radical action without them. Sometimes, what we want for ourselves is not what others would have us be, so we value of the diversity we've been afforded, and the potential of every dream to become a reality.

Until we've been proven wrong, we'll continue to seek alternatives to what we know does not work.

Survival in the Digital Age, and the companion piece Survival Ground, describe adaptations to the consequences of relying upon negativity, and judgmental thinking.

Some may point to these precedents, and cite the folly of putting faith in the Spiritual Practice of openness and honesty but we've yet to find a better example of Creation than the one we've been given, and cannot have contempt for the starting point of this departure.