Events Log 2022

January 17th: Unusual traffic detected on my browser.

March 7th Let my banker know that I removed all third party attachments to my Checking Account in an effort to control collateral damage that has continued since the publication of my bank account Username and Password on a Social Network Business Page in 2014.

March Details

April 4th: Was determined to be a bad candidate for the Grad Prosthodontics Department after a prior intervention to remove cancer from my mouth.

May 12th: At about 10:55 my neighbor texted to let me know that there had been a fire in the hall. I took a look the next day and realized we had a very close call. The smells are familiar, and come with bitter memories of the damage to the Medical Arts Building downtown.

April Details

May 17th: Went to get my tetanus booster on the 12th after having difficulty with scheduling and walked home to find my security system unarmed. By the 17th, my left leg showed signs of serious compromises. I was bit on this leg by a pit bull during 2017 (8-28-17) while trying to visit my wife and left untreated.

July 8th: Returned to my log to add the receipt of a 10,000 dollar gift from my father's mother for the resale of her house in 2001, and an 8,000 dollar award that kept me alive after my Harley was obstructed on local streets.

July 8th Found entries with incorrect dates, and statements that invalidated themselves to make corrections based upon public records. I know these entries were hacked, because I removed them myself out of concern for the party involved.

August 5th: I found scruples in a thong that I didn’t put there myself. I have worried at times about thorns on the cliff that used to puncture my camo tarp, and tear my clothing on the way down, but how one ended up in my thong at a depth that was hard to notice until I took a step, I don't know. Fortunately, the glass shard was by the toe grip between my toes, so I wasn't cut while using them, but I've felt the aggravation for at least a week now and finally resolved to find out what it was while outside on a walk today.