Incidents and Events during 2021

January 1st: I left my workstation to take a quick shower and my apartment started vibrating so loudly that I returned to see if I could capture the incident on my workstation (apparently, I turned it off without logging out).

January 3rd Went to get the second Covid shot at the pharmacy I was scheduled to see, and was followed in by a fellow who said he would wait until the cops came after checking in (It was a children's clinic, and I was scheduled to get my vaccinations there, but the Pharmacist had no record of my appointment and the guy behind me got upset).

January 20th Reported the theft of a shipment of medication that was sent from India, the second of three thefts in two years.

August 3rd: Numerous unidentified charges from my hosting company runs up many hundreds of dollars worth of overdrafts shortly after receiving a Co-vid Benefit (my reporting has been extremely difficult to maintain as we work to establish a boundary that not only keeps people safe, but also plainly states and illustrates the hazards that we face. In this case, the application of SSL (and removal of the same) has cost me countless hours of down time and rewriting.

November 5th: X-cel Energy Bill goes through the roof as a result of fans and a dehumidifier running night and day in my apartment.

September 1st At 5:45 PM an attempt to order shipping for an iPad resulted in 5 charges on my bank account, which resulted in the cancelation of my bankcard. Fortunately, I had the wise counsel of my banker who suggested that I decline contact with anyone who I did not initiate contact with. My 3G phone was being ruled out by the network which was upgrading to 4G by 1st of the year.

September 7th: Early morning disturbances (the sound of a child being offended below me. By 8:30 or 8:45 AM someone was sneaking out of an apartment down the hall from me. 10 or 15 minutes later maintenance showed up to inspect my apartment so I left to make my reports down at the bank. Upon my return, the resident manager asked if she could install a dehumidifier in my apartment and by 1:00PM, the manager of my apartment complex showed up to insist that they do so.

November 4th: Charges for the energy use in my apartment (a dehumidifier and 6 fans) became ridiculous after the use of a huge dehumidifier and 6 fans in my apartment.

December 9th: I received a 15 dollar off coupon when returning an Amazon purchase at a local vender, and decided to pick up some slippers. The slippers were too expensive, but I found a pair of Nike flip-flops for 20 dollars and figured I could afford 5, so I brought them up to the counter and this is how the clerk rang it up.