Incidents and Events during 2021

January 1st: I left my workstation to take a quick shower and my apartment started vibrating so loudly that I returned to see if I could capture the incident on my workstation (apparently, I turned it off without logging out).

January 20th Reported the theft of a shipment of medication that was sent from India, the second of three thefts in two years.

September 1st At 5:45 PM an attempt to order shipping for an iPad resulted in 5 charges on my bank account, which resulted in the cancelation of my bankcard. Fortunately, I had the wise counsel of my banker who suggested that I decline contact with anyone who I did not initiate contact with. My 3G phone was being ruled out by the network which was upgrading to 4G by 1st of the year.

September 7th: Early morning disturbances (the sound of a child being offended below me. By 8:30 or 8:45 AM someone was sneaking out of an apartment down the hall from me. 10 or 15 minutes later maintenance showed up to inspect my apartment so I left to make my reports down at the bank. Upon my return, the resident manager asked if she could install a dehumidifier in my apartment and by 1:00PM, the manager of my apartment complex showed up to insist that they do so.

November 4th: Charges for the use of energy in my apartment became ridiculous after the use of a huge dehumidifier and 6 fans to dry out the apartment below.

December 9th: I received a 15 dollar off coupon when returning an purchase at a local vender, and decided to pick up some slippers. The slippers were too expensive, but I found a pair of Nike flip-flops for 20 dollars and figured I could afford 5, so I brought them up to the counter and this is how the clerk rang it up.