Entries during 2016 Following Hate Crimes in 1998

10-03-2016: A guy at my grocery store challenged me to protect his right to be at large in the community.

Someone may have used a photo to ID him. It was too dark to be recognizable, but enhancing the photo might get the job done. I don't know who the person is, or why he was pleading for relief, but it's an interesting problem. Do we really have a right to change someone's image in order to evaluate the merit of their plea?

Hacks to the text in my websites have broken our sentences and disparaged our work. And edits to our graphics and images might also be used to misrepresent us and our work. (Some people believe reframing, or recasting a person's image without their consent is a problem). free from restraints. The right to plan our own treatment is an option I've advocated for since my return to my home town as well: (Treatment Planning).