Events during 1990 prior to a Hate Crime in 1998

Events Prior

A Police Report dated 2-28-1990 describes behavior that isn't mine. I lived peacefully with my Grandmother for many years tending to her home while earning my degree at the University, and working nights on the local freight docs. By 1990, I was a year away from graduation and enjoying over 10 years of continuous sobriety so I had no need to steel money (I had my own checking account with a bank I've been a member of since 1976) and was doing well in school with a 3.3 GPA).

Events Following

2015: The term 'missing checks' may have referred to my failure to attend to my best friends injury in the 1960s; hit between our properties, on the border of my yard while I was practicing my swing - I didn't realize that the bat would strike anyone. And, I didn't check his condition well enough to be sure of what happened when it did. I also didn't know how to use the phone and couldn't call for an ambulance, so I simply told his mother that he fell down. Worse yet, there may be others who are still trying to find out how hard he was hit etc. I've also covered this topic at: Confessions, and in Articles.

Upon Reflection

2022: The problems we encountered in our shame based family were most likely the result of alcoholism, but because my mother was in the process of transferring my grandmother's home (my mother's mother) to her name. She was taking yearly gifts of $10,000.00 (as advised by an attorney) to obtain County Assistance for her long term housing and health care costs. The checks referred to in this statement may have been a diversion from that activity.