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Importing hyaluronic acid (or developing it from decoctions of circumcised foreskin) may not seem like a wise investment - as opposed to sanctioned product developed from Rooster Combs in the United States - for various reasons, but evaluation of deep injections to the scar tissue resulting from circumcision has been rewarding.


The gage of the delivery needle needed expanding - typical delivery of the product included only two, so we've modified the treatment strategy to include a box-full of wide-gauge needles for multiple application and easier handling.

The cause of the obstruction may be due to the unpredictable consequences of shipping liquid product by airmail and the unruly cabin pressures that result.


This is a high risk venture, much like other's we've already tackled, such as the lack of faith resulting from the use of Growth Hormone due to the risk of encountering (CJD) a potentially catastrophic illness with a very short fuse.

In this case, the delivery of our trial sample was accompanied by the presence of military personnel (and may not have arrived without it). And, during weeks of waiting (and enquiring about the airmail), the USPS requested that I contact the sender so they could begin an investigation.


I've challenged trauma resulting from procedures intended to control our coming and going for many years, perhaps as a result of exposure to mutagens, such as colchicine, capable of causing polyploidy.

Delivery by a seafaring vessel is slower, but bound to be much more reliable after administered by a letter of credit between the banks.

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